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Jul 19, 2016
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There’s a bit of activity in our world lately. For us to help others, one of the best intentions we can have is to take care of ourselves first, which can be done in a variety of ways, such as getting a regular energy healing which is what we do each week for each other in our group.

I know many are passionate about helping others, just be mindful of karma and the natural cycle we are progressing through with the shift on consciousness with mother Earth raising up a level during her own ascension process. We are all where we are meant to be, and things are planned to occur for good reason. There are exceptions when manmade events occur, which could be false flags, weather manipulation and so on; we have the choice to check in to see if such interferences needs to be combatted.

For me, it’s really important to express how crucial it is to work on ourselves first, as then we can be more in tune to what is appropriate, and what isn’t, for the greater good.

Anyway, let’s join together to send healing to each other as our main priority, but what’s also important to me is what’s important to you so if you want to have a secondary focus on anything, just put it out there in the group below and those who wish to interact with that request can do so.

Remember, if you have something you need some extra focus on, a health issue, a hard time emotionally, etc., just say, and we will look after you.

Thanks for being there everyone.

The usual introduction is below for our healing sessions

For those new to these sessions, or if you simply want to me reminded on how to connect in and what methods you could use to send healing, see this article hereon transients.info.

The purpose of these 30 minute weekly sessions is to send healing to each participant, which can be accomplished by focusing on individuals or the group, deepening on what methods you chose to use. You are always free to set secondary intentions around focusing on world events that may need some helping energy — on other levels our group also works in a multi-dimensional sense. Sometimes we get healing requests within the replies here, so do check back here just before the sessions begins.

Let us know if you are joining by responding here or contacting me from the Contact Us form on transients.info. The session is only 20 minutes and you can send, and or receive healing; it is up to you. Anyone can heal, no training is required to participate.

Please provide any feedback on here if you receive any and feel comfortable sharing.

The setting we have chosen to visualize when first connecting in, and to anchor that connection, is a forest clearing. Think of a opening inside a forest where there is a large crystal in the center that we gather around. The ground could have moss or grass, perhaps even dirt or another surface that appears to you. There may be the sound of a waterfall nearby which could result in a river that you could see, or not. You could start off here and then go off to another place of your choosing to send and/or receive healing. Some people find themselves being taken on a journey where they are shown other things during a session, but we all experience this in our own unique ways.

You can find further information about these sessions through the link, Weekend Healing, on transients.info.

Current Timing

The time for the session is the same each week, based around Laron's time to make things easier, which is 1 PM on a Saturday in Texas, USA (CDT). All the other times reflect this time, but this time is worked out to accommodate the greater number of people based on their geographical location.

USA: Saturday: 2 pm EDT, 12 PM MDT, 1 pm CDT, 11 am PDT
Europe: France (Paris), Switzerland, Sweden, Saturday: 8 pm
UK: England (London), Ireland (Dublin), Saturday: 7 pm
Russia: (Moscow), Saturday: 9 pm
South Africa: (Johannesburg), Saturday: 8 pm
Australia: (Sydney, AEST) Sunday: 4 am, (Perth) Sunday, 2 am
New Zealand: (Auckland) Sunday: 6 am

To understand about joining outside of the set time, which you are free to do so and the hosts do this sometimes because of other commitments, just check out the instructions on how to send healing here, which I linked to above as well.


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Jul 28, 2016
Ah, perfect timing.
I will be there and request healing help for a(nother!) big, really widespread rash; particularly around my eyes.
With thanks in advance<3

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