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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

I think it will be a good idea, now that the CS has made organizational changes in its structure, to explain from time to time the reasons and causes why, from level 6 of its power, they are behind what we see that it happens in the world. That is, if you have ever wondered what they want to do now with this conflict? Why have they caused this situation here or there? What will they look for with such an event or another? So, we are going to try to answer these questions always from the point of view of those who plan all this at the sixth level of the structure that you already know.

Why from level 6 and not from level one or two?

The macro level plans that the Asimoss, Amoss and other races have in place we explained in the last part of our story about the evolutionary path of humanity. The main plan of the Asimoss is to stay with the "Earth 7.8Hz" when humanity has gone to the "nE" and to create a "hybrid-humanity" from Uyghur genetics and the psyche of the Han Chinese ethnic group, to replace the mass of resources and energy that we represent for them. Therefore, everything that the RIC "orders,” towards the lower levels, is related roughly to this macro plan, including taking us to the Moon and Mars in order to grow the "human" colony without interference from forces and groups who assist Kumar, delay without fixing a day the evolutionary level rise, obtain all the data they can on humanity to model the future psyche and "hybrid-human" reality, and so on.

These orders are issued towards level 3, which coordinates with level 4 and, through level 5, and the national committees and supra committees that we already know of the sixth circle, organize the details of "how it is going to be carried out" this or that objective. Therefore, to understand the conflict, crisis, situation or such event at an “earthly” level, we have to see what “plan” has been issued by those CS members who are at this level of power and that, remember, are the ones who have obtained a hierarchical degree that is between 272º to 360º, within the best known initiatory "secret" societies on the planet, from where the "future" members of the management and control system of our society are "recruited".

Therefore, when we see that such a situation is because, from level 6, they want to achieve such a thing, that does not mean that there are not a hundred other reasons that, from other levels, or from the pure origen and action-reaction of the rest of people involved in the issue are also not valid. If there are two companies that fight over something, two opposing groups create a problem in that place or a conflict is triggered in that area, there are many versions of the “why” that happens and, at each level of the management structure of our society that version is or may be correct, so, to have a point of reference, we will focus on explaining the "order" sent from level 6 to levels 7 to 10 to be executed and then the "details" of how it is executed, where, when and why, correspond to those other 100 reasons for which you will have dozens of sources of information in the media and disinformation of the planet.

Let's see then the most important issues to highlight what has been happening in recent weeks

Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh


As we said in the last article, the Turkish C11 is now the "second in command" in the Central Asian area under the leadership of the Russian C11, and directly responsible for the entire Caucasus area. Thanks to this “position,” the Turkish C11 will have control over the oil and natural gas resources of Azerbaijan, through a corridor that will provide the Turkish CS companies, and CS members in this country, “easy” access to these natural resources. To achieve this, since the Azerbaijani supply line cannot reach Turkey directly without crossing Armenian or Georgian territory, the CS ordered Azerbaijan to reconquer the southern part of Nagorno-Karabakh in order to have a corridor that will link in the future with Turkey, through which to create a supply pipeline, leaving the Lachín corridor under Russian control to be able to cross the section that Armenia has to cross on the road and the area that, although part of Armenia, may be under Turkish and Russian military control to ensure the connection. Turkey and Azerbaijan are countries that share roots and cultural similarities, being "cut off" by Armenia, which shares part of its identity with Russia. This conflict, then, has been a readjustment of the territory to reflect the change in the geopolitical position of the region and ensure the Turkish supply of raw materials so that the country grows in economic potential due to the new "hierarchical" position of its C11 within the CS.

Conflict in the Tigray region, northern Ethiopia


As we mentioned in the article on “copying and pasting” mental scenarios so that “things” are manifested in one part of the planet that have been designed in another, the conflict in Tigray is born from the application of the same template of “ethnic confrontations” that the CS and the Asimoss have created for centuries in our collective unconscious and that they use regularly wherever they have wanted to activate problems like this at some point. Therefore, the same "template" used in Nagorno-Karabakh, is the one that has been installed in the Ethiopian collective unconscious almost a year ago to be able to "lower" to a "material" level the catalyst of the near-civil war that it is being created in the Tigray region since the last month. The reason for this conflict comes from afar, since decades ago the country was divided into ethnic regions according to the majority of the population present in each area, in addition to the fact that, in Ethiopia's war with Eritrea, a part of the territory of Tigray was under Eritrean control but has never been recognized by Ethiopia as such. Taking advantage of the latent tension and empowering the internal groups in Tigray that seek the creation of an independent republic, the CS has given its approval to this creation of a new country, activating the mechanisms for Tigray to separate from Ethiopia through an armed conflict, in the style of the dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia.

It has been a "prize" for the CS members of level 8 for "internal merits" (not a good thing for humanity when they reward each other this way) who wanted to form their own C11 in Tigray independent of the Ethiopian C11. It is not clear that they are going to achieve it, because for this they must create a long conflict that, in the end, will result in international recognition of the situation and the creation of the new republic, so it will be a question of seeing how much is intervened in favor or against it by other stakeholders interested in the issue, or by those who are against this resolution.

Situation of the confrontation with Iran

The Israeli Mossad assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh a few days ago, the Iranian scientist "father" of this country's nuclear program. Also months ago, in January, they assassinated Qasem Soleimani, the most powerful military man that Iran had then. For years, the CS wants “by any means” a conflict in the area of Iran to be able to enter the country with "western" armies. The Iranian C11 is helping, as they owe loyalty to the CS and not to the government or country to which they belong, and it is they who give the locations of people that are likely to be used as triggers to explode the conflict (if Iran decides to counterattack). The modus operandi is the same that they have always used to start a large-scale regional conflict: they have killed someone important in a country so that that country can “respond” and, thus, the action-reaction scenarios that they have prepared can be activated.

The reason why the CS is "desperate" to enter Iran is because the country has hidden in its mountainous regions (possibly not even its rulers know), certain "things" that the CS wants to get hold of. These are ancient technologies on ancient bases known to the RIC and to the higher levels of the CS from when the Earth was terraformed, at its densest level, by “the gardeners,” whom we had referred to in our history of humanity. The only way they can enter to "dig" in Iran is by doing the same thing they did in Iraq, a conflict on such a scale that allows a global invasion and, within the stormtroopers, bring in those CS members who know where they are to look for what the Asimoss have been told is buried there. None of the RIC members want to densify to get there on their own, so it has to be drawn from the human level of “material solidity”.

Then, at other lower levels, there are other reasons for the conflict: fighting for the natural resources of the area, controlling access to the Strait of Hormuz, etc., so as long as levels 3 to 6 get what they want (access to what is buried there), they have no problem with the rest of the CS members of lower levels dispute about resources, geopolitical position of the place, etc., and use any excuse to enter the region, if that is what they achieve.

Normalization of Israel's relations with Arab countries

Four countries (Sudan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Morocco) have signed, to date, agreements with Israel for the normalization of diplomatic and economic relations, something that the majority of Arab states did not have, due to the support (public) to the Palestinian cause. The American C11 has been the one that has been working for the US government to force, in exchange for economic or political concessions of one kind or another, that these countries, and others that will come, re-establish relations with the Hebrew state.

The order that has come from the supra-committee of Israel is to facilitate that all its members who are part of the country's diplomatic corps can move freely through all countries, without the restrictions they now have to meet with their counterparts from the CS of states with which, publicly and officially, Israel had no relations. This way, now a member of the CS who is part of the Israeli foreign ministry can meet "publicly" with a member of the CS who is part of this or that ministry or agency from Morocco, Sudan or the rest of the countries that normalize diplomatic relations between them. The other minor reasons are already better known: economic and commercial reasons, expansion of Israel's influence and support for its "cause" against Iran, and so on.

As we receive information on the CS movements, we will make these summaries from time to time and, at least, we will be able to see how the agenda they have in place evolves and the reasons why they are causing this or that situation in our society.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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