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Jul 19, 2016
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For all those people that followed the information from the webbot and Clif High, many years ago now, and who may not be keeping up to date with his updates, I’m touching on what the Global Costal Event (GCE) was all about in the end, as it is real and is happening right now.

global coastal event.jpg

Originally Clif said May 2013 was the date it would occur, and it did kick off quite strongly with a number of predictions occurring from the data, including the world’s deepest earthquake around the exact date he saw it beginning. Over the rest of that year we saw an increase in mud/land slides, rivers from the sky, solar activity, volcanic eruptions, and basically earth change related events. This has continued on each year since, especially in the months the webbot saw certain events would occur.

What I worked out is that the webbot would often get the month spot on, in relation to the GCE, but also other webbot datasets such as what was included in the IDIRs, however the year not so much. And we can safely say now that the specific year is what Clif has had trouble narrowing down. I’d say that over 75% of what the GCE showed, has already occurred.

This year I wrote an article showing that a lot of the language coming from the datasets pertaining to the GCE was interpreted wrongly by Clif. When I used dream symbolism to interpret the GCE, I worked out it had a strong link into COVID-19 and the impact that has had on the world, specifically around our emotions and how the decisions of Government have impacted us. I hadn’t checked in with what Clif was sharing at the time, as I stopped following him years ago, but since then what he has said has validated this.

Clif recently put out a series of YouTube videos titled “Immigrants Guide to SciFi World…”. These videos are actually Clif explaining the Global Coastal Event based on his new understandings. They are really helpful in seeing what the future holds, as Clif has adjusted to the fact it was the virus that created a lot of the events the webbot saw over a decade ago.

I’ve embedded all these videos below. I’m not sure if he’s putting out more, so contact me if he does and I’ll update this article.

I trust this information is helpful for those who wanted an update on what was going on with the webbot predictions. The webbot remains to be one of the most accurate future forecasting sources I’ve come across and it’s sad to see Clif is unable to continue running it.

Sources / References
My original detailed summary of the Global Coastal Event
Dream Interpretation of the GCE
Clif High's website
Clif HIgh on Twitter
Clif High's YouTube channel

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Laron G. S. is an energy healer, past life therapist (QHHT), out of body explorer and teacher, Shaman and consciousness guide from New Zealand. With a background in supporting people in IT, including technical writing, Laron is also an author, poet and editor. With a passion for seeing people grow, he’s currently putting together a series of self-paced online courses on focused around spiritual development and astral projection.
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Jul 25, 2016
It was that original series on the GCE that led me to meet you, Laron, so yes I'm going to dig into this data again. Thank you for posting it!
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Jul 21, 2016
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Nice post Laron! I mildly follow Clif these days. My understanding on why he stopped doing webbot updates a few years ago is he felt the data had become so polluted and manipulated it could no longer produce a viable forecast. He attributed much of the data pollution to Corey Goode and the associated blue avians theme and is currently embroiled in litigation with CG.


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Jul 20, 2016
Love all the side stories - Ancient Egyptians sailed to the Americas. In looking for more info, I found a study of the hair of some recently found mummies - cocaine, tobacco, cannabis - all from the new world. Those Egyptians were lit - who knew.
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Jan 10, 2019
Love all the side stories - Ancient Egyptians sailed to the Americas. In looking for more info, I found a study of the hair of some recently found mummies - cocaine, tobacco, cannabis - all from the new world. Those Egyptians were lit - who knew.
the cocaine etc was attributed to contamination due to unpacking parties of the mummies so there is some doubt around that evidence but there is evidence enough of a global culture and exchange via the sea. the egyptions certainly went to the "new" world ;-).
a nice story is the presence of egyption cave in the grand canyon but also no hard evidence.

and after the egyptions the phoenicians were there. The figurines found in south america clearly depict them.
also evidence of the Vikings and knights templar in the USA.

Fun stuff :cool:

As for the GCE: we live in very turbulent times with lots happening. We will see what we believe and nothing is set in stone. a doomsday prophecy that doesn't happen could be successfull as the people changed their ways and thus avoided it.... maybe the webbots are obsolete at this point as too much has changed???


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Aug 29, 2017
do the own farming, that can become a bit tricky
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