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Giving Your Power Away

Hailstones Melt

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I am reposting this interesting transcribed article from a Radio National (ABC - Australia) radio programme which is a regular feature, called the Law Report. It caught my eye, because the content is pointing to an ominous future for all of us if we just lie back and give our power away by possessing these Internet of Things items.

Article starts here:
Your Google Home or Fitbit could be used against you in court
By Erica Vowles and Jeremy Story Carter for The Law Report
Updated Fri at 8:25amFri 9 Mar 2018, 8:25am

Photo: Google Home devices rely on voice activation, which means they're always listening. (Flickr: Park Van Ness)
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If that smart new home device in your bedroom is voice activated, then it's always listening.

That also means it's probably often recording, and sending information to the cloud.

So what happens when a judge or prosecutor thinks some of those recordings might be pertinent to a case?

Or perhaps they want to check information from your Fitbit to see if you were near a crime scene?

It might sound dramatic, but experts believe data collected from our devices will increasingly find its way into Australian courts.

Out of the cloud and into the courts

{(Laron) To continue to the full article, click here. I've removed the rest of the article for copyright reasons.}
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There are the cases that we hear about where the data is accessed and then taken to court.
The part that really makes me wonder are cases where we don't know that the data is being accessed, but it is.
If you think about it, all those ads that pop up on your screen about things related to your latest searches, or your latest conversations, might show you that this is already routine.


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Toll tags showing where cars were - on board car navigation systems and satellite radio showing the same.
Cell phones tracked.
DNA collection via Ancestory.com and others.
Fitbits showing locations of "hidden" military forces.

Our family has an ongoing joke when we hear clicks on a phone line - we say hello to the NSA and ask them how their day is going.

Most ancient means, though, is a mother's intuition that knows what her kids are up to.

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