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Jul 25, 2016
Maryann submitted a new article.
Summary: Don't be alarmed if you feel the need to withdraw from that beautiful reality that's wrapped itself around you. Higher voices are trying to reach you with a message. Get in alignment with your own being now, listen within and let the arguments that remain in your head settle and dissipate. Change is looming, as the light of consciousness organizes and gains intensity and power. Prepare for its inevitable appearance by anchoring within the flow of awareness.
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Jul 20, 2016
Preparation is the best option when change is inevitable, and change is most certainly on the horizon. Soon, you’ll see the light of a thousand suns fusing into a force knocking the control rods to the ground. How can you prepare for the absence of the bricklayers of acceptability? Monitor your upgrades. Get in alignment with your own being’s core stability and access the knowing of your own power. This way, when the moment of change tears through the darkness, you’ll be solid and sure in the energetic discharge that follows. Critical mass in 3… 2…

Yes! You've summed up my torus energy field and pink light experiences. Thanks for putting them into a clear description.

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