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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Happy Lunar eclipse Geminis!
This is not a total eclipse and in fact you wont experience a total eclipse in this set that lasts until Dec 2021 as they are all for Sagitttarians, but you will still feel the Sag total eclipses strongly and especially with the total eclipse coming in your opposite sign mid month if you were born with your Sun near the 23 degree mark which is later in your sign.

This eclipse today is at 8 degrees 28, Gemini so anyone born earlier in the sign will feel this most, or with their Moon or Asc there or important angles in their birth charts.

Today is a turning point for Geminis and for Sagis too in areas of self and relationships, how you communicate with others, your goals for the future, matters relating to travel, education, law, the great outdoors, far off places, cities versus country and a lot of other Gemini /Sag areas.

This one could bring a few surprise events and unexpected news, not just for you but many of us depending on our own planetary positions and signs.

As this is a travel eclipse I do not advise travel by air at this time although for most it will be perfectly fine but there is the likelihood or lengthy delays due to weather and also storm skies in many parts of the world.

Extreme weather always happens around eclipses especially if near Apogee or Perigee as this one is and the next solar eclipses will be.

The health axis for this lunar event is chest , arms/shoulders, hands , fingers and related areas, also due to Sag being involved, hips, thighs and liver. I had my bout of sciatic pain over a week ago but did my yoga stretching diligently and managed to overcome it. I usually have twinges each year near Geminis and Sag lunations.

Eclipses can cause people to act out of character and accidents are possible, so take extra care out there on the roads and with those who want to confront others for their own ends, as frustrations do build up near full moons only with eclipses they can be a bit more extreme and unexpected.

The Sag/Gemini axis can be rather fiery and often this is when a lot comes to a head personally and also Globally, politically and in this case legally with the Sag total eclipse on its way now, as we will soon see.

In our collective favour today the aspects are mild but we are under the influence of the Sun/Uranus contact yesterday so this is a bit like the Tarot card the "Tower" so anything can happen and probably will.

Even tomorrow the aspects are mellow.

Today Mercury in Scorpio is sextile Pallas in Capricorn which is showing that although people are digging deep for information and having strong discussions, these aspects at present are fair and just, so things are fairly calm level at this stage even though the eclipse information is about to burst forth on an unsuspecting world.

Tomorrow Venus quintiles Neptune, Scorpio to Pisces which is empowering to us all spiritually and reassures us that spirit is watching on and helping us see things from a multidimensional perspective which is needed this month.

Mercury tomorrow will sextile Saturn in Capricorn showing that same stable, structured energy of anything legal or financial or pertaining to the material world and rules/laws etc is being done the exact right way to keep things on an even keel.

The following Day, (2 days time), Mercury will move into Sagittarius which will speed things up a LOT and this is when more information will circulate throughout the world and we will all get to see what Mercury and Venus were hiding in Scorpio for so long.

So apart from eclipse energy which is always extreme and is at present accompanied by quite large solar flares, Dec is getting under way in an orderly manner.

But we are also in the energy of the total eclipse so there is an air of great anticipation at this stage of proceedings. There is in fact an air of something missing that is about to come to light in a very big way.

Its important to remember that the light closes off at an eclipse so in this sense time does stand still .

And I do expect communication hiccups for the coming days which could come in any form as if information will come in fits and starts or there may be glitches in power systems as has happened with this solar flare earlier today as I believe there were black outs in radio over the South Atlantic and strange effects below 20 MHz.

For Gemini and Sag type people I do expect a LOT of increase in communication and information and it is not a good time to make important decisions until you have all the facts so go with the flow for now and bide your time. On the other hand everything could very well be taken out o
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