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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Happy full moon Taureans. And Scorpios too.

A day to celebrate the beauty of the earth and all that it provides for us, even though in some parts of the world there is tragedy and sorrow through natures ability to transform a landscape in a matter of hours.

The tremendous force of the elements, be it earth, air, water or in this case fire is beyond belief.
(Devastating bush fires in Aust at present)

The transformation is the Scorpio side of the full moon in this case, and Pluto although still being debated as to whether he is a planet or not has had his say.

Death and rebirth is always part of this full moons energies even though it is essentially about the earth itself and all that it represents in our lives. Our security- our groundedness and what we value most in life.

We need to work with the elements as much as we can to survive this life while we are still being astounded by the beauty and the power of this land and nature around us, and all that we depend on for sustenance and comforts…

Such is life on this planet….


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