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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Happy Full Moon Capricorns, and Happy relationship Full Moon Cancerians.!
This is a real turning point for you and for many of us in the areas that these signs rule in our birth charts.

This sign rules age, so many of us may be having an age crisis of acceptance, or have parents or grandparents that are reaching a ripe old age and thinking of what comes next, whether to stay in their homes or move into a retirement village.

This could be a turning point for that for many people at this time as Saturn is very strong in his new sign of Aquarius, being a ruler of that sign too in traditional astrology.

Aquarius is all about community so this Full Moon may mean we want to be more a part of that community as this one is highly karmic in that sense.(Saturn has been squaring Uranus all year).

Lilith is with The North node today so for many it’s a kind of crunch time with all the shadow stuff we have been holding back on. It’s a real rebirth Full Moon in fact and also highly empowering, especially for our inner feminine power.

This aspect falls at 10 degrees Gemini (exactly opposite to my Moon in Sag).

This is a time of fulfilment of karma so we can put so much behind us. Its a completion of some sort which could be ancestral for many.

This is especially so for people with Sun or Moon or other important planets or points in this degree or near it as well as near the Full moon degree of 3 27 Cap or Cancer.

There could be a sense of loss for many at this Full Moon as it passes, and I do feel that myself as an older family member reaches the age of 95 today, and as he will celebrate his life with some of our large family, I celebrate the same in my mind and remember and honour what a huge part he has played in all our large families lives . He has been a real linch pin in fact in many ways.

And speaking of rebirth, with the Lilith intensity of feeling as the feminine power rises from within, if you are born around the 13th to 16th January, Pluto will be near your Sun all year until at least Oct so you are going through a rebirth energy this year, and the same for Cancerians born around the 15th to the 19th July.

This Full Moon brings a turning point for that too and that same intensity of feeling from deep inside where so much can be triggered and healed.

Tomorrow Neptune will station before going backwards at 23 degrees Pisces(my IC) so this turning point extends to Pisceans too especially if they have strong aspects of Neptune by transit at this time.

Tomorrow is a time of re-assessing ones spiritual path and tuning into spirit for answers, as believe me spirit will be close in these few days.

For Virgos it’s a turning point for relationships so they get to experience this turning point in a different way to usual as Neptune opens up vistas of multidimensional revelations about self , others too. This will affect all of us in fact.

To top this off, the Sun opposes Pholus and Quaoar in Capricorn 4 degrees, bringing the element of the unexpected to both signs , Capricorn and Cancer, but also to all of us as we clear past karma and let go of ego attachment so as not to keep repeating the same patterns from the past.

When we attune ourselves to Cosmic Intention and our own particular soul's purpose or mission in life ,then inspirational future manifestations for ourselves and the planet can be created.

This is a time where we can step fully into life and be carried along with the flow even when it involves sudden events that can change our lives and even shock us.
This is a time of acceptance of “all that is” and being one with it all.
This is a time when all build up of pressures and stresses can be released.

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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
This fits many things I am currently seeing; much change ongoing...
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Hailstones Melt

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Aug 15, 2016
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Some people have had a lot of fun with their art and the constellations. What I love in this illustration are the faces connected in with the goat's chest. This is pareidolia - but perfectly valid, in my book.

This picture below was captured by Hubble of the constellation Eta Carinae, in ultraviolet light. I have it on my wall calendar this month. Looking at it from the corner of my eye the other day, I suddenly saw minimum of 2 faces within.

Hubble_Eta-Carinae_ultraviolet light.jpg

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