Finnegan's Wake - a Poem by Anon (1 Viewer)

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Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Here's a choice offering for those who may have been extravagant with their Christmas tipples:-


Tim Finnegan liv'd in Walkin Street
A gentleman Irish mighty odd.
He had a tongue both rich and sweet,
An' to rise in the world he carried a hod.
Now Tim had a sort of a tipplin' way
With the love of the liquor he was born,
An' to help him on with his work each day,
He'd a drop of the craythur ev'ry morn.

Whack folthedah, dance to your partner
Welt the flure yer trotters shake,
Wasn't it the truth I told you,
Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake.

One morning Tim was rather full,
His head felt heavy which made him shake,
He fell from the ladder and broke his skull,
So they carried him home his corpse to wake.
They rolled him up in a nice clean sheet,
And laid him out upon the bed,
With a gallon of whiskey at his feet,
And a barrel of porter at his head.

His friends assembled at the wake,
And Mrs Finnegan called for lunch,
First they brought in tay and cake,
Then pipes, tobacco and whiskey punch.
Miss Biddy O'Brien began to cry,
"Such a neat clean corpse, did you ever see,
Arrah, Tim avourneen, why did you die?"
"Ah, hould your gab", said Paddy McGee.

Then Biddy O'Connor took up the job,
"Biddy", says she, "you're wrong, I'm sure",
But Biddy gave her a belt in the gob,
And left her sprawling on the floor;
Oh, then the war did so on enrage;
'Twas woman to woman and man to man,
Shillelagh law did all engage,
And a row and a ruction soon began.

Then Micky Maloney raised his head,
When a noggin of whiskey flew at him,
It missed and falling on the bed,
The liquor scattered over Tim;
Bedad he revives, see how he rises,
And Timothy rising from the bed,
Says, "Whirl your liquor round like blazes,
Thanam o'n dhoul, do you think I'm dead?"

(Note to the readers: And when you are reading this out loud, don't forget to say the Chorus in between each verse. Makes it go rollickin!)

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Jul 20, 2016
I just realized, as I read it, I had an Irish accent in my head.
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