Feeling More Whole, Trusting Yourself | Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot, Nov. 29 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
Maryann submitted a new article.
Summary: Finally, you're getting the feel of yourself in a whole new way, feeling more whole, and more magical in your presence. Integration is doing a great job on you. Now that some threads of awareness have come together, turn on the inner light and let it guide you to that open gateway just ahead. You've come a long way on a hard road. The goal is in sight. Staying on track now means silencing any external voice that, well-meaning though it may be, will only pull you...
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Oct 9, 2018
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“Led thus by intuition, you too can come to rely on your now-sense and be rid of any need for external guidance laid out for you by any cartographer. Generally speaking, it is your natural navigational system which guides you as directed by your soul. Any other source of control or shepherding of your soul’s path is what you would call interference and should be avoided at all costs.”
I find this statement fascinating. It seems to me that I must learn to overcome the fear response that my emotional intelligence has learned and habituated over the course of my incarnation on this planet. The deeply buried shadow material that cultural conditioning has contaminated my evolving intelligence system with has always affected my ability to trust my spiritual sense system; but that is changing as I learn how to detect and integrate these shadow elements and I must say that these messages help tremendously as I attempt to purify my instrument in readiness for my higher self to activate fully in mortal form. Thank you for the insights.
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