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Jul 21, 2016
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Clif released the February 2017 Webbot (aka, ALTA) report on Feb 1. There is so much info in his reports it makes it challenging to summarize and no way can I touch on all the topics he addresses. I do encourage you to acquire his monthly reports from HalfPastHuman.com if you can afford it ($15USD). If you can't do it every month at least get one occasionally as it helps better understand the context of what he discusses. His report is much richer than what I can summarize.

Note that Clif acknowledges that his reports seem to lean towards the "scarier" potential aspects that may occur. He is not a fear-monger. He simply reports the data he sees and because new/different/unusual events typically carry a higher emotional value in the way his analytics work it tends to skew his reports towards inclusion of events that could be perceived as negatives (earth changes, unusual weather, financial turmoil, etc). The you read his full reports the context is easier to grok.

Here is a brief summary of some of the topics addressed:
  • Opening phrase: Your planet changes faster...
  • Continuing growth in the data in regards to 'sun disease' affecting humanity. Causes 'brain fog' as well as skin affects. People traveling by air will be at much higher risk. Starts becoming a visible item in late 2017.
  • Winter is coming. Cold weather will last longer into Spring than normal in 2017, more so in 2018. These are early signs of a mini-ice age that the world is shifting into. It will have a major effect on humanity including as a driver for relocation of many to southern climates.
    • Includes high winds with cold weather that sweeps across many Pacific islands
  • Earthquakes that occur in Antarctica cause a major freak out of the elites as information is revealed they wanted to keep hidden.
  • Data is showing that the mental image of the 'old planet' will be ending and humanity will start adopting a view of the 'new normal' that includes changes in climate and increasing weather extremes. This will carry forward for a couple of decades.
    • Political repression that has kept the 'warmest' view front and center as a driver to support greater centralized control globally are removed and information starts flowing that brings the reality of what is going on with climate/weather to the forefront.
  • Over one third of the 'old planet' mentality leaves (dies off)
  • Earth expansion and glaciers will steadily and relentlessly push populations around over the next 10 years
  • Many of the evil ruling elites start dying off in 2017. To the point they start complaining there is some kind of global conspiracy against them.
  • China provides a slap in the face to humanity with releases of true information about science and climate changes that has been withheld. Expected to occur Feb-May, 2017. Along with secrets revealed coming from Antarctica this causes an uprooting of basic assumptions about human history physics, and related field. It leads to a complete do over of the education system as people realize much of what they have been taught is just plain wrong.
    • This also helps launch an innovation wave globally that brings forward many new technologies and ways of doing things. This is a major theme that will continue for many years.
  • Economic turmoil coupled with colder weather for longer result in a bigger push into greater local growing of crops (some repurposing abandoned malls and other inside locations emptied by the economic turmoil)
  • Real estate value reductions of 50% are widespread
  • The pedophile issue gets fully exposed and, along with a rewriting of history, dramatically undermines existing religious institutions. Likely USA where much of the initial revelations and action occurs. Further undermines the elites.
  • Increasing language around the breakup of the EU but a reduction in prior language indicating there may be a breakup of the US.
  • A growing increase (by an order of magnitude since the last report) of the breakdown of the globalist agenda for a new world order run by the elites. As suppression is removed there is an explosion of innovation and creativity.
  • The warring between different factions of the elites becomes more visible, including visible high altitude fights between craft resulting in debris raining down that is captured on video (goes viral) and physically before authories can quarantine it.
  • Explosive new of 'Australia pyramids' comes out in late 2017 into the first half of 2018.
    • Includes info that Egyptian pharos had traveled to AUS in search of ancient technology from those pyramids
  • India becomes one of the leading centers for the innovation wave. Simultaneously it is the leading center for starvation and deprivation caused by changing and extreme weather
    • The USA becomes a leading backup source of the Indian ayurvedic medicine industry. The date indicates this appears to be within a few month of starting to manifest.
  • In the US there is a huge and growing backlash towards the exploitation of children in Hollywood and in advertising. There are cases where the backlash is utilized to accuse those who are actually innocent.
  • The 'ice age' impacts are going to be particularly hard felt in Europe and Eurasia, more so than North America(but it is definitely impacted). Weather induced relocations en mass start for USA and Canada in 2019.
  • As the old crony Western healthcare system dies there are many few deaths among the population.
  • Mainstream media goes after Trump in a big way in Feb and March. But this fails (as secrets revealed info from Antarctica and elsewhere comes out) and the blowback by the US population that goes global. This continues throughout 2017 and foments the biggest social movement since since the 1960s.
  • Financial turmoil starts to bud March-May 2017 and is global from mid-year on.
  • The innovation wave has big impacts on the global oil industry when the disruptive energy technologies begin being adopted. The oil industry will dwindle rapidly while 'new electrics' technologies and supporting industries will grow quickly.
  • Data is suggesting that a capping/dampening of the mental/emotional field connecting us has been removed. The ongoing awakening of humanity has overwhelmed this dampening field and it has been shutdown very recently.
    • A 'sound revolution' is a side effect of 'The Discovery' in Antarctica. Initially believed to be a cache of sound recordings of ancient monks, it is later understood to be over 10 million specific healing sounds that is instantly superior to existing medical procedures/drugs for correcting and maintain body health.
"Conclusion: Narrative War!
No sets with our processing over these last few years have had the emotional intensity or duration values that we have now from the 'narrative wars' sets. These new data elements are highlighting the importance of the 'control of the global narrative' as THE critical part of the 'agenda of the power elites'. These sets have 'narrative control' being the 'goal' and not merely a tool to be used.

Modelspace is supporting the idea of 'narrative wars' breaking out into the open in 2017 in a very visible and public way over the Summer in USAPop. The developing memes describe a period of chaos we have simultaneously the 'destruction of the old', and the 'creation of the new'. These sets have emotional sums within USAPop sets that are at extreme levels not before encountered within our work.

There are sets going to the 'spooky', and 'weird' within the 'narrative wars' that are forecasting the emergence of some very very strange stuff from which we will all define woo-woo for the next decade. There are hints of things coming out that will take 100 years to integrate and understand. There are forecasts of mind shocks so deep and troubling that we will have to 'formalize' in order to cope with our emotional reactions.

It promises to be a deeply disturbing year.

The central meme forecast for this year is our 'narrative war'. As the year progresses, the data sets are showing that the only way to regain control of our personal narrative is to burn out the offending implanted control stories placed there over a lifetime's exposure to mind control.

As we all know from experience, once the fire is lit, you have to stoke it!"
A final note. This summary does not even begin to cover all that is in this months report. There is much more in there so if you can, please support Clif's work by purchasing a full report at HalfPastHuman.com (PayPal..or Bitcoin). (And for the record I do not receive any financial renumeration if you do so...I just believe in appropriate energy exchanges for value given/received)

All that change we've all talked about wanting - yeah, it's here!
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Jan 8, 2017
Something did strike me with the statement:"Real estate value reductions of 50% are widespread"

Considering the entire scope of Clif's release, while residential/commercial real estate values could plummet in the cities, farm land could experience the opposite since people will really need crops going. Survivalists may have got something right -even the part about people in farm lands needing weapons to defend their properties against the city folks looking for food and shelter.


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Jul 28, 2016
"As the old crony Western healthcare system dies there are many few deaths among the population."

What does "many few" mean?
I think the writer may have meant "many fewer"?
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Jul 25, 2016
We watched jsnip4's presentation of his summary of this ALTA report last night, and I must say I've never been actually excited about these before. Curious, intrigued, but between what Bill has written here and this video, this one has me literally excited!



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Jul 28, 2016
We watched jsnip4's presentation of his summary of this ALTA report last night, and I must say I've never been actually excited about these before. Curious, intrigued, but between what Bill has written here and this video, this one has me literally excited!

WOW!!! This possible/probable (or even certain, as I see it) "apocalyptic" release of Truth is REALLY starting to shine beautifully and brilliantly, isn't it?


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