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Fall of the kazarian mafia


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Benjamin Fulford has hits and misses, but for some reason, I continue like him.

This whole behind the scenes, bloodline family, financial, government machinations is something to behold. I've not made a great study of it, other than to know they are there, but this does seem to be an interesting bit of news, even if it is transferring power from one branch of the family tree to another.

It does bear watching, and at the very least, is an astounding story going back centuries.


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When Hillary is taken away in cuffs, let me know. Until then I can revel in the fact that G H W Bush has finally kicked the bucket. Welcome to Hell, you SOB.


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thinking only a bit how long a person can hide where they see below the flesh with their satalites, i suppose this to be the case wihout proof

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