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Jul 19, 2016
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A friend on Facebook just got banned for 3 days because she shared a Facebook post that contained this text.

I searched around and found it on a Forum, but based on the double lined and the double quotation at the end, it's probably not the original source.

Anyway, this info is pretty accurate. There's a few numbers which are not correct as the mortality rate is a lot lower than that.

"But I encourage you to try debunking the following statement, you'll be hard-pressed to do so.​
Considering the shot, review these facts first.​
For anyone who still hasn't made up their mind whether or not to do the correct thing and take the covid vaccine, I'd like to offer my encouragement.​
You can be reassured by the knowledge that you are being injected with an experimental mixture of chemicals and uncontrollable genetically modified spike proteins. Once injected, the changes made to your immune system are irreversible.​
You can be reassured by the fact that by now there is an 85% chance that you already have antibodies in your system to fight covid but this vaccine may interrupt your body's natural ability to fight infection.​
You can be reassured that this type of "vaccine" has NEVER been used on a live mass human vaccination programme before.​
You can be absolutely assured that no mid to long term safety data whatsoever exists regarding the possibility of side effects, adverse reactions or other negative health impacts.​
You can be reassured that no studies have been done regarding the possibility of reproductive issues in later life.​
You can be reassured that no studies have been carried out in order to ascertain how these vaccines interact with ANY of the thousands of other medications prescribed by Doctors.​
You can be reassured that you REALLY need this vaccine as the survival rate for covid is 99.8%.​
You can be reassured that by taking this vaccine you will definitely not be protecting yourself from either catching the virus or passing it on.​
You can also be reassured that you will definitely not be protecting others due to the fact that, whether or not they have been vaccinated, you can still transmit the virus to them.​
You can be reassured that, despite only a tiny proportion of the general public and health professionals being aware of the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting System, there have still been nearly a million instances of adverse reactions reported, including over 1,200 deaths.​
You can be reassured that in the USA the Swine Flu vaccine was taken off the market after 47 deaths were reported. The number of deaths so far linked to the covid vaccines in the USA exceeds 10,000.​
You can be reassured that several countries now consider the risks associated with taking the vaccine in certain age groups far exceeds the risk of actually becoming ill from the virus.​
You can take comfort in the fact that alternative treatments have always been available but these were withheld from you whilst the huge pharma corporations were given billions of dollars to develop expensive, less effective and more dangerous alternatives.​
You can be assured that none of these vaccines has gained full regulatory approval in any country. They have all been given temporary emergency licences in order for the authorities to hastily inject as many people as possible for as long as the "Emergency" can be stretched out.​
You can take comfort in the fact that all the vaccine manufacturers were given immunity from prosecution if their vaccines were discovered to have caused any damage to the recipients.​
You may also take further comfort in the knowledge that none of the vaccine manufacturers would supply their vaccines until such time as they were absolutely sure that all responsibility for injuries caused by their products was transferred to any government purchasing them.​
You can take comfort in knowing that the Worldwide covid vaccination programme is in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code AND global human rights legislation.​
I hope this helps. ”​

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