Facebook Removes Collective Evolution's Admin Access (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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I'm a bit late as this occurred 5 days ago, but Joe Martino just posted a video saying both him and Arjun Walia have lost admin access (they are the only admins) at the same time, to their Facebook business page for Collective Evolution, which has over five million followers/likes. They also had both of their accounts deleted.

I recently mentioned former RT global moderator, and one of the worlds top QHHT practitioners, Lorna Wilson's personal account was permanently banned — I stepped in and took over admin of her Facebook groups until she sorts out what she wants done with them.

So Joe goes on to say that they did not get a warning, but that both of them broke community standards, yet Joe said over the past 6 months he hasn't really posted anything too controversial. He also says that this is known to happen before a page is deleted, and is wondering if that is about to happen to their CE page.

Anyway, things are getting much worse with all the censorship! This is another great example as the shift in consciousness continues on for all of us! I stopped posting on transients' Facebook page about a week back, because the reach was only about 2% from the total likes because of the censorship, and Facebook had blocked my ability to pay to boost posts, which I do on rare occasion for important things (means I also can't advertise on there).
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Jul 28, 2016
Yeah I'm pretty done with Facebook. It's crazy terrible with the censorship.
I've already moved all my photos and videos off to my own safe place (i didn't want to lose pictures or videos of my son). And now I just peek on there, though feel pretty quickly that it isn't worth my time.
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Jul 20, 2016
Paypal discontinued services for bitchute and others. Wimkin suffered catastrophic failure, which they figured out was from internal sabotage. FB, well we all know what is happening there.

Edit - Paypal terminated account of Internet hosting company Epik - the web host of Gab, bitchute and others.

Good idea, Angela, to move your photos and videos off.
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Aug 12, 2016
It will be hard to break all these monopolies of Social Media or other internet "(dis)info" giants, be it Twitter, Facebook, Google(search), YouTube, Wikipedia and some more.

But it needs to be done. It needs to. If not we're all f***ed.

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