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Jul 19, 2016
Christchurch, New Zealand
While basking in the energy of the twenties, I unmask my message — somewhat cleverly. On Facebook and around the world, the words “Happy New Year” are frequently heard.

Will this roaring age also be strange, you wonder, with climate extremes continuing to bring change and more thunder?

By the end of the decade, you will see, after much turmoil there will be shade.

Behind bleak brows beauty bites, waiting for release, as folk continue to explore their inner child to find peace.

I say the golden age is near, closer than ever, as further shadows appear that will eventually clear.

The time is now to wake up and grow; after activating, you will know what direction to head, as you unravel the thread of consciousness sitting inside, which can no longer hide from the mask you wear. It is time to bare who you really are, so open your eyes and seek that dog star.

Leaving the physical is where I will be, soon, as I teach others to join in with me. They’ll be ready to tap into the force, and with some effort, they will be guided back to their source.

Luminous blessings from me to you during this difficult journey — you’re a brave soul to be in this tourney, repeating life after life for most — keep on with it, you’re getting close. The shift in consciousness manifests, all that is needed are a few more tests.

You can bask too, if you focus on the positive, just be open minded as you explore the woo woo.



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Apr 28, 2017
Sounds great, can hardly wait! This is the second if not third confirmation I've had on this topic today. Meaning that many are also experiencing the same or similar things. Until school begins all the ground work is being layed out and I'm investing more and more time and energy into chakra activations.
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