Experiments Under Pine Gap: Including Aboriginals (The Lost Generation) (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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This intuitive shares a vision/message about what’s going on under Pine Gap in Australia. She mentions a few things including:
  • some kind of chimera creature being experimented on (very similar tom material I’ve come across about Atlantis)
  • the lost generation Aboriginals being experimented on in pretty horrific ways. This includes the purpose of harvesting their.. power.
She was told it’s time for this information to be shared and for this to be stopped. This makes sense in terms of the timing as many secrets are revealed in the world, including plandemic, what David Topi has shared about COVID, and so much more.

There’s two factions (military based) — the darker one’s who have been here for hundreds of years trying to destroy the earth connection, the divine feminine. Then there's an alliance trying to stop this. Then suddenly she says this is no longer going on at Pine Gap, that it’s done (bit confusing as up until this point it sounded like it was happening right now).

She mentions Trump withdrawing funding to the US base at Pine Gap and how that makes sense that it’s no longer occurring. (So all this has something to do with the alliance, the good ones)



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Oct 3, 2019
The A B originals. It is true that this was done to these amazing peoples. Thank you for helping to bring this into the light.
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Aug 15, 2016
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I've just watched her in this vid from another source. Very powerful, intelligent, and clear message. Thank you for posting here, Laron.


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Jul 28, 2016
They've been doing this to natives all over the world. It started with the Romans destroying Celtic/aborigional culture in Europe, then spread all around the world. You should know the true story of "St. Patrick" in Ireland. truely horrific.

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