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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
While perusing a number of websites and blogs today, I "stumbled" across (OK, really, my Higher Self or Spirit somehow "nudged" it in place for me to notice) an article about false channels, mind control, and geo-engineering. The referrer made a passing comment about Free Will that somehow jogged something in my mind.

For some reason, I suddenly realized that Free Will is our literal ticket to spiritual freedom! Yes, I know that's a pretty "Well, Duh?" statement, but I had never truly understood its full parameters in quite the same way.

When we suddenly discover our own Free Will and Power as Sovereign, Divine Beings, we begin taking responsibility for ourselves and our own creations. We start to see how we've been tricked into giving so many others that power. We've given it to our parents, our teachers, our government, our corporations, and our religions. We've given it to gurus, prophets, spirit guides, and "saviors". We've given it to just about anyone but ourselves...and therein lies the challenge.

Until we recognize our own True "Being-ness" as an equal aspect of "Source" (or All That Is) we're doomed to experience and help create only that which someone else wishes to have us experience or create.

When we start claiming our own Sovereignty and taking direct Responsibility for ourselves, that's precisely when we begin aligning ourselves with what we wish to create or experience. The funny thing is, I think the process is really easy. We merely have to focus on the things that most strongly resonate with us. We use and view every "choice point" as an opportunity to shift ourselves toward a particular goal. And we're given scores of such choice points every day!

When we're cut off in traffic and we choose to forgive and bless the offender instead of getting angry, we shift.

When we see a situation on the news where people are suffering and we offer them our love and compassionate energy, we shift.

When we watch what seems to be a world coming apart at the seams and we can see it as a catalyst for positive change, trusting in Ourselves as Source/Universe to manifest the Perfect Solutions, we shift.

The more we realize that WE EACH HAVE THE POWER OF CHOICE IN EVERY SITUATION, the faster we shift ourselves into an energetic environment where these choices will manifest in the physical!

If you want to experience, create, or merely "shift" yourself to a particular expression of life, then:








And make your choice known and very clear in every NOW moment of every day.

You have more Power than you know...so get out there and start using it how YOU want to use it!



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Dec 31, 2016
Northern California
Until we recognize our own True "Being-ness" as an equal aspect of "Source" (or All That Is) we're doomed to experience and help create only that which someone else wishes to have us experience or create.
Yes. Yes. Thank you for pointing this out. And the strength of hearing and feeling solid in our being-ness has become double-fold along with the increase in light and vibration on this realm. Being who I really am was more difficult just a few short years ago. Hell, I had to move to California just so I could talk about astrology without having to first deal with people that wanted to be "convinced" that it is "real". Could we just talk about an Aquarian being a progressive trendsetter without me having to go into a long explanation about how humans are mostly water and we just "proved" less than 100 years ago that the moon affects the tide?? Mother of god, so glad that's over...and now I am able to speak freely, act freely, and truly live my being-ness.

We have come a long way....and things are really getting going now. This is going to be a lot of fun!

Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Moonseal, sounds like you are now resonating with those who resonate with you! If that would occur not just on the forum, but in my daily living that would be the accomplishment of one of my life's goals!


Excellent post my friend!!! This is somewhat akin to the following things I was given by spirit as three different sides to the concept of willpower and choice:

-Free will of the fragmented mind: all decisions and actions that stem from the consciousness of the fragmented individual self in each incarnation.

-Free will of the soul: the highest possible decisions and actions taken from the integrated soul based on its core codes which are the chosen and assigned codes for the individuated higher mind and higher heart of the soul at the highest dimensional level in tune with God/Goddess.

-Will of God/Goddess: the highest level of surrender in which we can be fully guided and moved by this pure and perfect loving Divine Cosmic Will and by which everything moves in perfect harmony. We are apparently disconnected by this Will through the perception of the fragmented self and we move freely without awareness of the Divine Will of Cosmos during the long cycles of disconnection.

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