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Exercises for eye health


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Yesterday I asked for some relief for my eyes, and this morning I got a notice from Donna Eden about a 31-day eye health program - free on You tube.

I like her and have found many of her exercises and movements quite helpful. The first session is with her daughter, Dondi, who shared an interesting observation from her mom (Donna Eden). Her mom says when she observes healthy people, she sees little shining figure 8s around their bodies.

Here is the link to the videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/inners...5dc4f7f9e085a8ba422be2fb0bb5e16cf38e3221a2066


Realized Sentience
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I've always wondered if you could exercise your inner sight too.

I sometimes do something like this behind closed lids... move my sight around from quadrant to quadrant, noticing where I can see clearly and where there is an impediment.

Fun things to do while looked at one's eyelids, lol:-)) It's certainly more amusing than feeling like my wait at an office, for example, is interminable;)
I had heard about some eye exercises by playing around with your focus and eye direction. Rolling them around, looking through to the different sections of it, focusing close then far away. Is that what he explains to do? (the link went to her whole selections of videos).

When I was in 5th grade, we had to do eye tests and when I did mine, the other student i was with, and the nurse both looked at me in awe and asked if I had memorized it. I got every one right.
I know I still have pretty good eye sight. Hopefully that keeps up. I think most in my family has to get glasses (if even just for reading.)

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