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Jul 20, 2016
The idea that something is fundamentally wrong in this country is not new to me. Some 40 years ago, my Dad explained what he saw happening and encouraged me to be in control of my money. He was right in that people would spend way beyond their means and becomes slaves to the dollar.

The next thing I noticed was our culture and the effects on children. I had to work hard to find clothes that were not slutty for my daughter. I mean really - do 5-year-olds need to look like Madonna, but that is what was for sale. I won't even get into TV and movies. Then came my awareness of our food quality. For many years it was feasible to buy organic foods at co-ops and Whole Foods (before it became Whole Paycheck). I had to travel outside my neighborhood to get wholesome food though. These examples are from 30-40 years ago. The onslaught has been ramping up for a long time.

It is clear to me, and many others, that we are in a war now. Bombs are not dropping and tanks are not rolling through many cities, but it is war, nonetheless. This is the point that Clif High makes in this video. We need to understand what kind of war we are in and what our roles are.
Sorry, this is not going to be one of the videos that is easily outlined. It is well-worth your time to watch it because there are interesting ideas about the asymmetry of the energy surrounding out lives. Also, he suggests that people watch his Wooble videos that speak about the little bloop (as opposed to the Big Bang), that drives our existence. It is my opinion from personal experience that this idea explains a lot about our world.

Clif starts off explaining the idea of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW), which is what we are in now. In general, the lines between military and civilians are unclear. One side includes some military, governments, multi-national corporations, medical, and media. Some of the combatants are obvious, such as world leaders and "experts". However, many are oblivious to their positions, such as local governments (mayors, police), Antifa and the sheeple, who are manipulated into doing the bidding of the DS.

Where do people like us fit? The DS projected that the majority of the population would succumb to the fear program and fall in line with vaccines and loss of liberties that would kill all independent thought and action. Yet, a large number of people did not follow along and have organized loosely on sites like this one. We share information and ideas. We believe in the peace and well-being of all people, as well as standing up for our rights. Through the internet and social media in particular, we've come together in groups.

Clif illustrates these ideas of 4GW in a chart that I recreated below.

woo table.png

Earlier warfare worked at the physical and mental levels in tactical, operational, and strategic elements. Fourth generation warfare adds the moral component, as in who has the moral high-ground. While governments say they are working for the greater good of their people, we have only to look around and see the videos from Australia, for example, to know that is not the case. For those of us aware of the Woo, we may choose to step into the moral category to speak, but we need to take great care with our actions. Are we unknowingly falling into a trap, such as the proposed rally on September 18th in DC. My favorite comment from Clif is not to go out and win stupid prizes.

Elites, CCP, governments, DS, etc. depend on the sheep to fight their battles; however, their tactics (vaccine) are diminishing the numbers of sheep. The people who've not taken the vaccine by now are not going to take it.

Big Pharma will be gone in two years. Western medical model will change from focus on illness to that of health.

Social Security will collapse from lack of people paying in through not working or death.

People like us participate in the war by coming into the moral level and sharing information. Consider sharing from the perspective of pro natural immunity rather than anti-vax.

All wars go through stages - 1-2 years of moving troops around - then major battles happen. DS warfare is failing because they have no moral high-ground and neither understand the commitment nor the numbers of people who oppose them.

Bug - The presence of entities that have been around for 6,000 or more years may be revealed as the hidden forces behind the ongoing horrible behavior of the DS. Most people will find this impossible to understand and will not be able to cope with the information.

The Bug and DS did not plan for anything beyond Alex Jones type info - they do not understand 4GW. They don't understand that millions are occupying the moral high-ground and outnumber government, judiciary, law enforcement, etc., who will have to relinquish control or be run out of town.

Find your place in the Woo - gifts and abilities - translate them to the moral high-ground - share your Woo knowledge. We are shifting from just information to emphasis on moral and Woo aspects. DS still in physical and mental arenas.

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