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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
A couple of articles ago we mentioned that, after beginning to imbue the "BEING of Life" in us, we would work to eradicate the "BEING of disease,” which is its opposite and antagonistic. This, perhaps, is counterintuitive, since we would all say that the opposite of the "BEING of Life" would be the "BEING of Death,” which also exists, is a "living" being (paradoxically) and is, of course, self-aware. But the "BEING of Death,” as we conceptualize it, is not the opposite of life, because nothing dies, since the particles that form everything that exists (BEING of existence) once "thrown" into the "Creation" are eternal and immortal, therefore, nothing ever disappears, but simply and continuously, it transforms and changes.


The BEING of Death is the BEING that works and is hierarchically under the BEING of Change and the BEING of Transformation, which I diagrammed for you earlier, since death, or what we call death in our society, is the transformation of a form of life through the dissolution of the bonds that join its monads to free them and, with it, allows other forms of life to form with those same atoms and particles. Therefore, "death," on the physical plane, works with the BEING of entropy, which we saw when we explained number one, which comes to tell us that since everything is in permanent change and transformation, the known physical process by us as "death" is only the process by which the particles that form the physical, etheric, emotional and mental body dissolve, and are used again to later form other avatars, other etheric, emotional or mental bodies or any other energetic form that is necessary in any other place.

"Death-Transformation" for the lower bodies, "eternity" for the higher structures

Like the "local" soul, when it leaves the avatar and the subtle bodies, it "dissolves" again into the super-soul; the latter does not "die" either, but instead becomes part of the energy-consciousness that we are at the level of the super-souls, and there, we are "eternal," going from "evolutionary course" to "evolutionary course," from degree to degree, from humans of the current Earth to Humans of the Earth 15.6Hz, always ascending, in an evolutionary spiral that it never ends, as there are always higher degrees, and the only thing that "dies" (it dissolves into its smallest components that are transformed into another form to be "animated" by LIFE again) is the vehicle we use, but not what we are at the soul level and above, which doos not fall within the strata and processes governed by the BEING of Death. For this reason, from the point of view of the personality, the super-soul, the supra-spirit and the Higher Self are "eternal," since there is no "dissolution" of the monads that form them when the baton of the "BEING of Death” intervenes in our lower structures, so that they "transform" into something else at the end of their "life cycles".

Thus, as on some occasion we have explained, and you have detailed in the Dynamics of the Invisible books, the "local" spirit and soul vehicles are reintegrated after each "individual" life in their superior structures, the personality and all the components of each life, mental, emotional and etheric are dissolved. With this, the monads that form them are allowed to be free to group into other structures and elements, which can be used to start a "life cycle" of something else for another evolutionary experience. From the point of view of the BEING of Death, the BEING of Change and the BEING of Transformation, it is like assembling a lego that represents a human avatar, living in it for about 90 years, disassembling it, and, with the same "pieces" (monads, particles, atoms) assemble an avatar of an animal, a plant or another human being, "live" that life, and then at its end, disassemble it, and, with the same pieces, create another avatar of any other way of life and continue the cycle eternally and indefinitely.

As you can also suppose, these concepts are very distorted in our belief systems, because the Asimoss changed all these processes when they programmed the lhumanu psyche, and "bridged" as "opposites" the archetype of LIFE against the archetype of DEATH, connecting the latter to the FEAR program, so that, in our belief system, there would be “fear of death,” since fear is the fuel of human programming, and the energy that maintains the functioning of all our systems and routines, as well as the "ego" program.

Having "fear of death," our programming and behavioral "automaton" systems always have a power source to be able to function on their own without depending on the soul, the spirit or the Higher Self.

The BEING of Disease

Therefore, the opposite of the BEING of Life is the BEING of Disease, whose function we are going to explain, and against which we are going to work to eradicate it from our energy system, sacred fabric and structure of our individual reality.

Does the BEING of Disease exist on a “cosmic” level as the BEING of Life exists and works? No. The BEING of Disease exists only in the first three planes of the structure of the galaxy, the solar system, or any planet. This means that no being existing above the mental plane knows, lives or experiences the concept of disease, and only those races, species or groups like us, and many others, who live and possess a physical and material structure, an etheric structure and a mental structure, we are subject to this type of dissonant, discordant energies that oppose the forces of LIFE in these first three levels of the structure of galaxies, solar systems and planets.

What does the BEING of Disease do? What is its function? Why does it exist? Who created it? Originally, and at the “macro-conceptual” level, the BEING of Disease has a different connotation and function from the one we give it on a physical level and we see it manifested in our bodies.

Initially, the BEING of Disease had the function of slowing down the entry of LIFE into an avatar and adapting the rhythm and process of “imbueing” LIFE according to the characteristics that each avatar had. In other words, the BEING of the concept that we call "disease," "was born" and was created by the BEING of LIFE to "govern the speed" at which LIFE develops, acting as a brake, regulator and limiter so as not to infuse "too much" power in avatars that could not bear it, or regulate the energy levels that each race, group, species or entity needed to "live," which is different for some than for others. Therefore, although the concept of "disease" in our life system is far from having that role, and now we will see why, the BEING of "disease" is, in other planetary systems and originally, the "BEING regulator of LIFE” which is a much more appropriate term for this BEING, since that is really its function.

The Asimoss experiments with the homos models


However, it was not going to be so easy for our species, because the Asimoss completely changed the functions of this BEING of Disease in our plane from the first transformations of the manu into lhulu, lhumanu and all the different models of "homo” that were later created up to the current sapiens sapiens.

Since the Asimoss were testing which physical, etheric, emotional and mental configuration was the most suitable for their interests of each era, when creating a type of "homo," like an australopithecus, they imbued several characteristics that would facilitate its disappearance when they wanted to replace it with a more "advanced" model, let's say an irdiphitecus. Then, when they wanted to make the old model disappear and "produce" a new one, let's say a homo erectus, a habilis, a Denisovan, a Neanderthal, etc., etc., so that all the avatars of the "obsolete" models would die as quickly as possible and with the least work for them, they decided to "accelerate" the processes of "transformation" and "change" of the "BEING of Death" acting with the "BEING of Disease" so that, this way, the BEING of Disease was not a regulator of the power of LIFE in the avatar, but the "extractor" and "dissipater" of the same FORCE of LIFE in the avatar. In other words, for our planet, the Asimoss changed the "life regulation energies" and turned them into "subtraction energies" of LIFE, giving rise to the concept of disease that we currently experience today, and for millions of years, in our species.

It goes without saying that the “true” BEING of Disease no longer “works” on our planet, as it was replaced by a huge energy “macro-field,” an “artificial BEING,” I think it will be understood better the concept of “subtraction of LIFE,” saying that, every time someone gets sick, literally a little bit of LIFE is gone, because if LIFE is MOVEMENT, ENJOYMENT, JOY, FUN, HAPPINESS, etc., the “artificial BEING of Disease” represents quite the contrary, and that is what we are going to work to eradicate with the request that I will put at the end of the article.

Nurturing the BEING of Disease

Since to "feed" the artificial BEING of Disease it was necessary to provide it with sources of energy, initially this artificial BEING kept nourishing itself with the "elimination" of each model of homo that was produced every few thousand years. With the stabilization of the final sapiens model that we now use, it was necessary to continue nurturing this BEING, which in Irdin receives the name "Nurdal" (it was the name that the Asimoss gave it), and hence the Asimoss were creating diseases regularly for Nurdal to have two things: "anchor points" on the planet through the avatars that were "sick" and then sources of power through the same energy of discomfort, pain, and all kinds of these related energies that we give off when we feel bad.

Since it was also necessary to keep humanity in a permanent "precarious" state of health, and since we have already discussed the issue of vaccines and why nanoids were created, what is their function and how they manufactured dozens of unnatural diseases not initially present on our planet, you can already see that everything in the end led to the appearance of a tremendous cluster and very difficult structure to dismantle that has led us to be a race and species always very besieged by diseases, pests, health problems, etc.

Thus, if we compare the "real" theoretical situation of our genetic and energy structure with the true one, and as I had mentioned in previous articles, we have to:
  • The human avatar can live for thousands of years if it were in perfect health, as we have the Asimoss genes for longevity and many other races.
  • Our immune system is prepared to face and deal with all the possible variations of viruses and natural pathogens that exist on Earth, as we inherit it from the troodon, which was adapted to the natural ecosystem of our planet.
  • Our metabolic pattern, one of the organism's programming "bases" in the mind, contains dozens of sub-functions that heal, clean, eliminate and burn everything that is toxic and harmful to the body, when they are active and functional.

To counteract all the above the Asimoss:
  • Infused codes and parameters of programmed obsolescence in the cells, programs, DNA and systems of our avatar, so that we could not live more than a certain time on average.
  • Created "unnatural" viruses, pathogens and diseases (that our immune system does not have tools to deal with them "by default")
  • Created new diseases to continue nurturing the Nurdal
  • They inhibited, blocked and programmed the metabolic pattern to function under minimums, keeping the avatar “alive” but without imbuing or being able to express everything that LIFE can really bring us.
The global health system, under the Nurdal's control

With each new virus that the RIC and CS release on the planet they infuse the Nurdal a little more in all our avatars and energy systems. The Nurdal is also connected to all medications, so if you hold even a packet of aspirin in your hands, and you do an energetic cleanse by imbuing energy from your Higher Self into it, you will see that a "black smoke" comes out of it, which is the Nurdal's energy imbued in it (it doesn't matter whether they are aspirin, a syrup or some pills for something, by default, Nurdal's egregor is coupled to all the medicine’s production processes of all pharmaceutical companies, and therefore, it is imbued in everything they produce). Furthermore, all the energy structures of the drug manufacturing companies are under the Nurdal's direct mental level control, facilitating their entry into them and, through these, into all human beings when we medicate ourselves.

This is part of a modus operandi that has been in operation for centuries, if not millennia. Even when there were no drugs the Nurdal continued to connect to human avatars through the plagues and diseases created by the Asimoss that humanity has suffered since it was created, now, in the "present age," there are simply other more "modern" methods of to introduce the BEING of Disease into our body, through the very medicines that we take, paradoxically, to “heal” ourselves. As you can see, the RIC and CS do not let loose, or, at least, so far they have not done so in this regard.

Thus, to begin to eradicate the Nurdal not only from our body but from the entire planet, we will have to put our Higher Selves and the forces of nature back to counter this "artificial BEING". As I said before, if you have to take any type of medication, take it in your hands first, ask your Higher Self to eliminate all negative and harmful energy from it, and then, after a few minutes, you can take it and the principles active substances and chemicals that it carries do the function they have to do, without the negative energy charge or the anchoring points that the energy of disease imbued in each medicine inserts into our vital system (that these medicines at a purely chemical level are more or less effective, with more or less side effects or not is another matter).

Work petition

The petition, therefore, is the following, and we will encode it as petition number 11.

I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to extract, eliminate and dissolve in my energy system, in the structures and components of my avatar, in my sacred fabric and in all levels of my reality and my life, the energy of disease, its codes, parameters and instructions imbued and present in me.​
I request from my Higher Self and I give permanent permission to execute the same to be carried out in my collective family unconscious, and in the dual collective unconscious that I have with my family and friends.​
I request from my Higher Self and I give permanent permission for the same to be executed in all the levels of collective unconscious present on Earth, in the sacred fabric of humanity, and in all the levels of the sacred fabric that are based on it.​
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to assist the forces of nature, beings, groups and hierarchies that work under the coordination of the planetary logos to eliminate, extract and dissolve the BEING known in Irdin as Nurdal, the "BEING of Disease” created by the Asimoss and located at the physical, astral, etheric and mental substratum in the structures of the Earth. I request that all anchors, snags, threads, filaments, and "pegs" that the Nurdal possesses with the structure of the planet at all these levels be cut, and that it be completely dissolved and disintegrated in the "landfill" of the solar system.​
I request from my Higher Self and I give permanent permission so that wherever the Nurdal energy, its codes, its connections, its anchors, etc. are eliminated, LIFE energy is inserted, with the parameters, power and codes necessary to occupy the space energy and reverse the processes of "disease" caused by the codes imbued by the Nurdal, Asimoss and those who assist them, in the different diseases that are present in the human life system, in the medicines we manufacture and in the structures of the systems of "health" of our society.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to send this request to all the "local" souls and super-souls of all human beings, creating a "loop" that gives the soul the information, explanation and knowledge necessary for it to understand what is being offered and with the aim of helping the personality and the avatar to obtain what they need to get ahead and be able to grow, advance and evolve according to the evolutionary plan of each human being. I request that a coordination mechanism be installed in the common field of information shared by all Higher Selves so that they extend this mechanism of request for help and that it can be sent in a cyclical and recurring way to all the souls that request it.​
I request that this petition be encoded as petition 11​
I request that requests from 1 to 11 be executed. Thank you.​

Remember that for the previous requests to work, you have had to code them as we have explained in the previous articles.

With this process that we are starting today, we begin the work of eradicating this “BEING” from ourselves and from the planet, while we infuse LIFE everywhere to accelerate the recovery of our physical and energy systems. Think that the media will continue to say that the cases of the virus that is currently active among the population continue to rise, since we have already commented that (almost) all tests give false positives, because they are designed that way and that, in addition, this virus "looks for" what is latent and "wrong" in us to amplify it and bring it to light, manifesting it, so that many of the pathologies that are now being treated as caused by this "coronavirus," are problems and dysfunctions that they were already present in us, but latent, inhibited and blocked and perhaps without the possibility that they ever manifest themselves.

In any case, eradicate the BEING of disease in you, cleanse those medications that you have to take and let us help get the Nurdal out of the entire planet, countering the plans of the RIC and CS to continue with this situation and assisting in the disappearance of it as soon as possible.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Aug 29, 2017
ok question here

there is the talk of medications, but are the things included that make us sick such as processed sugar that can bring us to diabetis in a few years, decades of life

if i got it right that feeds it also as it is pro illness


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Nov 1, 2018
The title alone really spoke to me so I'll comment on that. I'm in the process of changing to better habits. Now I don't get entangled in the negative emotions of a situation. I let all the negative go and I'm a dispassionate observer of events. Sometimes I "go on vacation" from all the news and just meditate daily to recharge/rebalance. This is what is working for me.

If you knew me, you would know I rarely use the word "amazing", I think it is over used. But some pretty amazing things have happened to me over the past 2 years and I'm feeling better than ever.
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Jul 30, 2016
The title alone really spoke to me so I'll comment on that. I'm in the process of changing to better habits. Now I don't get entangled in the negative emotions of a situation. I let all the negative go and I'm a dispassionate observer of events. Sometimes I "go on vacation" from all the news and just meditate daily to recharge/rebalance. This is what is working for me.

If you knew me, you would know I rarely use the word "amazing", I think it is over used. But some pretty amazing things have happened to me over the past 2 years and I'm feeling better than ever.
“Amazing” is never used where i am isn’t that so funny - i Think people here forget how Amazing it is when genuinely amazed

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