Entering the Wave of Light — The Wave of Renaissance | January 7, 2018 (1 Viewer)

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Henda submitted a new article.

Entering the Wave of Light — The Wave of Renaissance | January 7, 2018
The Event

Last night I closed my eyes and saw many stars. I was transported to another dimension and felt myself flying, being taken away from my bed. Then all was white.

It was so white that I could barely see anything. Then I fell in a deep out of body experience that I could not know where I was. It was as if I was completely disconnected from my higher self and all my bodies. It was very unusual. I was taken away at a soul level.

When I was sent back slowly in my physical I began noticing the energy that was running in me.

I began feeling that energy shift in me few days ago coming in little amounts and waves.

From time to time it was intense but not like this morning.

So this morning it was a rush of a burning crystalline energy in my whole...
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