Emotional Aura — A Detailed Look Into Our Aura System (1 Viewer)

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Oct 18, 2016
transients.info submitted a new article.

Emotional Aura — A Detailed Look Into Our Aura System
By Rogue Watcher, one of transients' Roundtable Forum members: The Emotional Aura, in my view, is probably the most telling signature of the soul. Now that I think about it, the most mathematical. Imagine a straight line traveling across the X-axis of a Cartesian plane (horizontal on a sheet of graph paper). Now set this horizontal line so that it crosses zero on the Y-Axis (it has zero elevation). This will represent the default of a given aura's field line. Now take this two-dimensional line and wrap it evenly around a person's body. It will be laid out in a grid-like shell that fits over the body. Now make this field line...
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