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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
Another of the "tools" and "techniques" that the RIC and CS use to implement their plans, agendas and actions is to "copy and paste" scenarios already created at a mental and etheric level from one place to another, so that later they manifest with different actors, and in different ways, in different physical locations. It is like first creating a template for a false flag attack on the mental plane, then design it energetically at the etheric level, and then inserting it in the collective unconscious of the cities or areas where you want the event to take place, to make simpler its trigger and manifestation at a “solid” level in the reality of that area.


This technique is used very often, as it is simpler for them to create a situation energetically, mentally and etherically, and then technologically copy it in the collective unconscious where they want to see it materialize, than to start from scratch and create everything every time they want to alter something in some aspect of our life somewhere in the world.

Perhaps it is not something that surprises you, if you examine the modus operandi of most events that have led to conflicts, attacks, crises and other problems in the world; they have a strange similarity when it comes to manifesting, even if one happens in France, like the beheading of a professor a week ago, another in the United States, another in the Philippines, in New Zealand, or in any other part of the globe. Having the ability and knowledge to replicate reality from one point to another, it is a matter of creating "something" in one place, and then "filing it” in areas of the mental plane controlled by the Asimoss, leaving those "templates" ready to be used so that they can simply be "copied and pasted" wherever they are interested in replicating a similar situation again.

This is, to a large extent, what they are also doing now with this system of confinements and restrictions due to this supposed “pandemic”. If you remember, in a previous article, I mentioned that Spain, like some other countries, are "test points" where certain scenarios are created, which are then "exported" to other sites:
As a note, it should be noted that Spain is one of the countries where certain models are tested before "exporting" them, mainly to Latin America, and that is the reason that it has been one of the countries with more "positive cases" (many false positives, thousands of them, and all the statistics continuously inflated, because the tests used are modified so that they give "positive" with the minimum of viral substances detected in the person's body, something of which we all have something, even if it is latent of any badly cured cold, or anything we've had before).​

From Spain, for example, restrictions, social behaviors of the population and norms are created and modeled that later will end up in Latin American countries, with their different nuances when it comes to being inserted in their national and local collective unconscious, but with the same macro-level structure in its mental and etheric counterpart. In Asia, for example, Thailand is the country where they test and model certain behaviors, events and situations that can then be replicated in countries in the area, just as they do in Hong Kong, which is also another test area. In Africa, they use Uganda at the micro level as one of the places where they create “templates” of “things” that they then want to happen elsewhere, and they “copy” them in the collective unconscious of the areas where they want to see “that” implemented. There are many other countries where they do the same on a smaller scale, but these serve as an example to understand this modus operandi.

The energetic connections that circulate around the planet

There are thousands, if not millions, of energetic and etheric channels that run throughout the Earth. They are and form the equivalent of the system of channels, meridians and nadis of our subtle anatomy, and they facilitate the "prana" that keeps the structure of the planet "alive" and all of us who live in it, reach the last physical, etheric, mental particles, and higher planes of the planet. These canals, which many of us know as Ley lines, Hartmann lines, etc., have arteries and millions of minor branches. In addition, there are three especially important channels, which are the equivalent of Ida, Sushuma and Píngala in the human being, that bypass and allow energy currents to flow from one point to another on the globe.


Since Spain, Thailand and Uganda, as well as other geographical areas, have important connection points at the etheric and mental level with these channels, if you create and design a scenario on the mental plane of the Spanish, Thai or Ugandan collective unconscious, for example, it is "easier" then to "transport" it to other parts of the planet through these three global macro channels so that it replicates, adjusting it to the local status quo of the area.

This is not designed that way by the RIC or CS, but rather that the geographical area we call Thailand, the area we call Spain or the area we call Uganda, before these countries existed as a political structure or whatever, they were already traversed by the energetic and etheric network of channels of the Earth, therefore, knowing and having mapped their path in detail, the Asimoss know at which points there is more possibility of working energetically on something to obtain greater results, and at which points not.

Channels, tantiens and accumulators everywhere

This type of energy structure is not exclusive to certain countries, since the planetary meridian network covers all corners of the Earth, but it is easier to put a boat to sail in a river with enormous flow than in a small stream with little water. Somehow, if you create a certain situation in Spain, fix it, structure it and anchor it to the national collective unconscious, then the Asimoss technology copies that mental and etheric structure, creates a “clone” of it, imbues it in the main energy transport channels that pass through the country, and "reaches" the other places that this channel crosses. In the case of Uganda, there are several African countries south of the Sahara, in the case of Spain it is practically all Latin America, in the case of Thailand it is almost all Southeast Asia, etc. This mental and etheric “scenario,” when it is then inserted into the collective unconscious of the countries where it has arrived “navigating” through the planet's network of channels, is coupled to the national collective unconscious and adapts to the reality of the nation or country where it then manifests through the "natural" mechanisms of creation of reality that we already know.

The fact that the CS uses all this knowledge to accumulate more power is no surprise either. If you remember the article on the CS bases and operations centers around the world, it will sound like we said that, in England, in London, there is one of them very important, and if anyone remembers this other article on crop-circles a couple of years ago, I told you that they were using the accumulation of a repository in the area to supply energy to this same base of operations. As you will also remember from articles from recent years, we have talked about how the Asimoss, and RIC in general, connect to the etheric core of the planet to use its energy, how they use economic energy for their cities, how they have used humanity like stacks to generate heaps of events, etc. As you can guess, the energy domain that the RIC and CS have over all the sources of the planet is enormous in many aspects.

Filtering scenarios’ “navigation” and “transmission” channels

Since these "terrestrial" channels and meridians are global and necessary for the functioning of life on Earth, we cannot cut or eliminate them, but we can put "filters" so that, through them, only prana and the vital force that they are designed to transport circulate without letting the "boats" that the Asimoss put in the energy currents with the content of what they want to send to other parts of our geography. Therefore, and at the initiative of the hierarchies and forces of nature, who have requested help from all the Higher Selves whose personalities want to collaborate, what we will do is prepare a petition for the installation of "membranes" that filter, in the three main channels, and in a dozen secondary channels, everything that is not the vital flow of chi that has to circulate through them, blocking any attempt to "copy" and replicate in the rest of the globe, what they "assemble" first in three or four places so that it is easier for them to manifest it worldwide.

This is how it has been possible to replicate a scenario of a global "pandemic" so fast, so direct, incisive and restrictive, since first the large-scale copy of the "draconian" restrictions (Dracos = Amoss), which were implemented in China, was made and, quickly, that mental scenario was hastily copied in all national collective unconscious, which the psyche of each country then adapts, dilutes and adjusts to its status and situation, but which served so that there was no country in the world where there was no kind of confinement with a greater or lesser degree of intensity, depending on how much the "original" could be imbued in the rest, and how much resistance there was on the part of the population, its leaders and the collective psyche, to unconsciously embrace or reject that "inserted" scenario.

Preparing the collective substrate to insert external scenarios

This is also important, since part of the "success" for something to be infused into a collective unconscious and end up manifesting at a physical level depends on the resonance that the "exported" scenario has with the local collective unconscious where it is wanted "imported". Thus, in countries where the common psyche was more prone to react negatively to any type of restriction or confinement, we have had to apply “preparatory” measures first, amplifying the fear of the virus, artificially increasing statistics, inserting anxiety, stress, etc., through the use of the media and mobile technology, as we saw at the time. This way, the psyche of a place is more "prepared" and in resonance coupled to the imported scene from another place, initially China in this case, but in any other event replicated throughout the history of humanity the process has been the same.

Once the local, regional or national collective unconscious is more in tune with what is to be inserted into it, it is a matter of literally “sticking” all the mental and etheric components on the mental and etheric structure of the country, community or region, and then allow, little by little, with the help of the CS members in positions of power within the civil service and ministerial and business positions of each country, to apply and those restrictions, situations, events and processes take shape.

Nipping in the bud the “copy and paste” of events related to this situation

So, as you can already intuit, they continue to strengthen all over the world, except in China, which as it is intended to be the country that emerges as a world power little by little, it will no longer suffer any other relapse or new wave, that this situation continues to block the economies, freedoms and psyche of almost the entire human population, and this is another of the things against which we are going to intervene, to limit and destroy all the capacities to "copy and paste" and "move" something prepared in one place to be replicated in many others.

Job petition

Thus, the request that our Higher Selves propose to us is the following, and that we will code as “petition 12”:
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to assist the "forces of nature," the groups, beings and hierarchies that, under the coordination of the planetary logos, work to maintain the balance, stability and development of the entire life on Earth.​
I request and give permanent permission to install, create and build membranes and "filters" that block the passage of all kinds of mental, etheric, and physical-energy components that are not approved by the planetary regulation systems that govern the vital flow and "prana" that runs through the system of channels, meridians and "nadis" of the Earth.​
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to block, dissolve and eliminate all the "energetic packages" with scenarios, events, situations and processes inserted in these communication channels and planetary energy transmission, not approved by the "guardians" and forces that govern and guard these mechanisms of energy flow that sustain life on the planet.​
I request from my Higher Self and I give permanent permission to block the "copy" and insertion into the collective unconscious of the Earth of the content "sent" through these energetic circuits, as well as to destroy the technology and systems of mental replication and etheric present in these planes for it.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to send this request to all the "local" souls and super-souls of all human beings, creating a "loop" that gives the soul the information, explanation and knowledge necessary for it to understand what that is being offered and with the aim of helping the personality and the avatar to obtain what they need to get ahead and be able to grow, advance and evolve according to the evolutionary plan of each human being. I request that a coordination mechanism be installed in the common field of information shared by all the Higher Selves so that they extend this mechanism of request for help and that it can be sent cyclically and recurrently to all the souls that request it.​
I request that this petition be encoded as petition 12​
I request that petitions from 1 to 12 be executed. Thank you.​

Remember that for the previous requests to work, you have had to code them as we have explained in the previous articles.

With this we will block the expansion and replication to various areas of the globe of what they now assemble and "create" in specific points, since they do not have as much capacity or operability to do it "manually" and locally in each country, so they use these mechanisms that we have explained to create something "once" and then replicate it dozens of times, adapting it to the situation and state of the places where they want to see them imbued. Likewise, we continue with the work started in all the previous petitions which I hope you are positively noticing its effects both in your energy system and in your realities.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

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Jul 30, 2016
2 things :
I Think a lot if corona cases where i am came from 2019 family vacationers in Thailand - arrived in December - because when it officially hit - Many of us remember Already haven been lung sick by then. And believe you me we Pro know our colds and flu’s.
So Maybe it was the test version we got.

Another thing - Can we go beyond the filter installing and actually use those test sites for collective healing to influence the copy pasting or recode and influence the test results?

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