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May 3, 2019
Hello togehter!

I always dream of a future of big love. Not for a person, especially for the world.My love is contained in containers. I had a dream, how the love increases in every human being,.
Love is the healer. So we can heal us from our old musters and recognizes that hindered us on our way into the new future. I almost feel, that we people dont need the shit of anxiety and hate. SO lets free from shit and become a hit, wenn eveybodys clapping with their hands on the beach looking out for fun.

The rising and incresaing love thats an unstoppable process for the humanity to clean her from old pains and sorrows indeed. The love is able , to see the new psychology more pictureful and heals by imagination of picture imagination. Where the peolpe imaginate their illness as an thinking construct and they can solve it closer for the futere. Illness is not a stadium for forever. So we can change our life instincts por more emotional things in our life.

So we can change the positon in our life from our catched system style into an more freely positon.and leave the ilnesses end dramatically. A little show in our live is needed to have some great fun. So my dream goes on, that im the rationalized love man. Who makes love feelable for every down rationalized people in the world. The one who need feelable love should come to me.

I feel that the change will be instrumentalized very quickly because we have to destroy all those warful wishes from the elites. We have to think in positiv love applications, that can heal many of ill people. Because illness is a stadium that moves further away. So people can smile in natural ways to each other because there is no more need to feel like sorrowed.

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