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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I had a dream last night and woke up remembering that there was an analogy to a computer screen. There were multiple items up on the 'main screen'. These were all ongoing scenarios that I no longer recall. On one of the ongoing scenarios of the main screen there were multiple tabs. I could tab from one to the next, just as one does on the computer, by thinking about a particular tab. It even appeared just like a 'tab' on a computer screen with a little x in the corner of each tab and a + mark available for adding more tabs. I guess one can make analogies of just about anything familar:ROFL:!

I no longer recall the dream scenarios themselves but found the idea of multiple items on the main screen and also the idea of the multiple tabs fascinating. It made me think of reports of multiple simultaneous lives which I believe would correlate to the main screen scenarios. And also of the ability to 'flip' through past and future lives on the 'tabs'. It was quite an exciting thought:cool:

I would love to hear of anybody's else thoughts or experiences that may relate to this<3

Tom Campbell does love the analogy of the 'really big computer'. It seems some part of me does too, at least in this way (though not in the half-human, half-machine way that's been posted elsewhere). It's been a few months since I'd read his material...


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Aug 12, 2016
I sometimes see scenarios on screens. It's not like tabs in a browser but rather like different windows open on a desktop computer.


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Jul 20, 2016
This is a wonderful way to see other lives - cool dream. I've popped into a few of mine - actress and radio DJ were interesting. I wonder if me from the other lives pops into this one.

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