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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I had an interesting experience last night, rather coincidentally after posting something that could be viewed as being a bit critical of "The Dark" (https://www.transients.info/roundtable/threads/conspiracy.612/#post-4415).

After making the post, I went to bed and entered my usual pre-sleep meditative state (during which I fill myself with infinitely expanding white light, declare my intentions through a series of "I Am" affirmations, and offer gratitude for my many blessings). At that time, I noticed a very subtle and unusual vibration on a spot in the palm of my left hand. I was laying on my side with my head laying on my left arm, left hand resting against the wall above my head. It almost felt like a tiny, micro-sized phone had been placed in my palm and was vibrating. The sensation was limited to one very small spot and it continued even when I pulled my hand away from the wall. It wasn't like my arm was asleep or anything either. In any case, I'm including the sensation in this account because I felt it was strange enough to mention.

So I fell asleep and woke up several hours later (1:06 am). I had just had a quite unpleasant dream where I was fighting 3 or 4 dark entities on the ground in an alleyway. They had been reaching into my mouth and I had been trying to bite off their fingers...eeeewwww! It isn't unusual for me to have "fighting" dreams--although it has been quite some time (perhaps a year or so) that I last remember having one. This one was definitely different though, with the whole "finger-biting" thing.

When I awakened, it almost felt as if I had to spit out "entity appendages"! LOL! I immediately released any stress from the dream and the thought that this had been some kind of "psychic attack" popped into my head. Figuring the best defense is a good offense, I immediately offered white, loving and healing light to the entities involved (if in fact there had been any). I went back to sleep with no further difficulties, but felt as if something significant had just happened.

Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, or similar experiences?
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Jul 28, 2016
I had a dream a few weeks ago where I saw a being in my hallway. I woke up right after. It looked like this. I felt like it might have been a dark entity, but I just said a greeting to it before waking up.
hqdefault.jpg O.O

A few years ago, I had a month of sleep paralysis nights where it felt like there was an entity that I was wrestling. It all stopped basically right after I was shown this vision. :-D

Also some nights...I seem to have what would be like nightmares where I would just normally go about the dream. Like last night I was in this odd haunted house sort of environment. Yet, no fear just a bit peculiar as I have those sort of dreams at times. o_O
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