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Jul 19, 2016
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Here's something I wrote up for social media based on the below meme.

Just like with any illness, it's still the same with C — our emotions are at its foundation which leads to the manifestation of disease affecting our health. But in terms of a few layers up, as there’s many layers to our health, all we need is a high and healthy level of vitamin D. Of course, it's important to also get regular exercise and have a diet that matches our energetic makeup which includes minerals and vitamins.

And it's also important to keep on building up our immune system. This is done through natural exposure to the world and is especially important when growing up. When we start changing that cycle and becoming too clean, we increase the chances of getting sick when returning back to how things were, or through skipping part of the new cleanliness routine to be so pristine.

With regards to the meme, for those who haven't done the research, there is no need for any of this, as there are worse flu strains. The numbers have been massively inflated and many have passed on from other causes, yet been marked down as having C. There’s evidence from doctors and scientists to support all of this which is being censored by big tech and the media, and ignored by many we should be trusting, because their agendas are being manipulated and controlled.

Back to the emotional link: while C is said to spread faster than the regular flu, it's quite similar. The emotional events that cause our mind to get into an unhealthy state with repeated thought patterns about said events, relate to:

Vulnerable, tired, fail. Overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds you. Feeling like you have to carry heavy burdens that you can’t handle. Feeling invalidated. Confusion and chaos inside you. In need of a ‘time-out’. This is from Inna Segal’s book, The Secret Language of Your Body, which is a classic and great resource for anyone working in holistic and alternative health, much better than Louise Hays’, You Can Heal Your Life, in my opinion.

In today’s world, as you can imagine, society tends to force the average person into a state where they feel a lot of those emotions, especially in the West.

As a past life hypnotherapist, I have helped many people heal themselves, overcoming a range of disease. The reason is always the same; an initial event that was the cause of thoughts that they couldn’t let go of which created energetic blocks and then illness. If it’s a major disease, there’s always answers around why that was chosen by the soul to occur, as the experience was required for spiritual growth.

Find that balance with your exposure to bacteria and keep that immune system healthy, which should include meditation and at least one form of somatics.
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Jun 17, 2019
Yes thats how I grew up and built my immune system, played in rivers and ran barefoot in mud and never got sick.. germs are good for you, told my kids that. Also no disinfectant in my home.
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Aug 15, 2016
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Laron, you mean fun keeps you safe?
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