Donald Trump As President-elect & The Science Of Ascension | QHHT Session Info By Suzanne Spooner (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2016
Meanwhile, despite the serious business of being a US president and discussions about it, let's have a little laugh in-between, okay?


Kevin C

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Jul 27, 2016
Forgot there is a lot of TDS on this thread. :ROFL:

Let's put Trump next to Bill Gates, who wants to essentially depopulate Earth through forced vaccination and sterilization (in the case of Africa).
Why is it that Bill Gates, an American, is still standing by the WHO, who lied to the entire world for two months
resulting in the current debacle and economic depression, not to mention most Americans killed since WW2?
He wants to control the world with digital ID certificates, which he is essentially piggybacking on the "CoViD passport" initiative.

How about Hillary. She wanted to go to war with Russia, Iran and NK if she became president.
She publicly announced that during one of the debates.

And she and the Democrats are cozy with China's CCP. If she were president, not only would we be at war with literally half the world (don't forget ongoing Iraq/Syria plus Russia with NATO), we'd be swimming in millions of Wuhan coronavirus cases by now, [as a current parallel of the EU-CCP lackey, Italy, and Iran.]

I can attest to this because pre-2016, there were at least 10,000 mainland Chinese tourists daily just in Los Angeles alone. Tour buses were everywhere. After 2016, they disappeared, and a lot of subpar Chinese restaurants closed due to the lost tourist business.
If Southern California had this going still through Nov 2019 till Jan 2020, as mentioned above, there would be at least 1 million of Wuhan coronavirus cases in Los Angeles alone, instead of the current ~14,000, ~12,000 for Los Angeles.
I thank the stars for this one, since I live in SoCal.

For those of you who think Trump is unpolished and boorish. You are aware that the Democrats, Obama and Clintons prepare their pressers and conferences by conspiring with the media people (every single one - CNN, AP, Reuters, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Gartner, Guardian, etc.) and literally prepare
and drop questions/answers before the events? That is why these crazy people (Biden included) look so "dignified" and "polished" every time they
have a press conference - they put on a show. Especially Obama. He divided the country and illegally sent billions in cash on a pallet to Iran without congressional approval.

Let me add: I voted for Obama for his first term. After seeing through his facade, I voted for Romney in the second. Too bad, he still won a second term.

BTW - for all Americans: he and the Democrats are the ones who depleted the national stockpiles of ventilators and N95 masks, not to mention allowing outsourcing of all industries under their watch. So they are directly responsible for the current debacle in national stockpiles.
Also, what were the Democrats doing in November-Jan while the Wuhan coronavirus was beginning to spread rapidly? Impeachment.
They do not represent the interests of the American people - they hide behind political correctness and irrelevant sexist/race politics to divide the population.

Dianne Feinstein had a personal driver (fired after being outed) who was a spy for the Chinese Communist Party. For 30+ years.
Note that means this guy had access to the most sensitive info in the American government since Feinstein was a big player in the congressional committees and is one of the main players of the Democrat party.
The media in California literally hid this explosive info in the back of news sections in small print, then never mentioned it again.
Why do you think she still got re-elected? This woman is a traitor to the USA, and yet the MSM brushed it off as a minor issue.

Let me put it this way - try conducting a public press conference or a college lecture/talk with questions. Let's see how many people can do one completely polished, without spending time to ponder, without stumbling for answers, without saying "let me think about it", etc.
I definitely can't. :ROFL:

Anyways, I do believe Trump is slowly taking down the deep state while being bombarded with all kinds of vitriol, vileness and underhanded smear tactics. He fired 1/3 of the State Department since they are useless paper pushers (most of the federal government is).
Not to mention he went against Pompeo, Bolton and Haspel who were itching to go full-on war in Syria, Iran and North Korea. Not to mention the entire Democrat party. And yet they are scared that he has the nuclear football.
Who's the warmonger here?

This is part of the "ascension" process, to rid the world of darkness by taking apart their institutions. The MSM (self-imploding with fake news), the deep state (being dismantled within, albeit slowly and against fierce resistance from Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Manchin, etc.), the world is being re-oriented and new world order dismantled (through de-globalization as countries are waking up to the extreme risk of essential supplies being manufactured in others), countries are starting to look inwards toward improving citizen's lives - slowly.
This will take time (not easy to turn the Titanic, and Rome wasn't built in a day cliches).


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Jul 19, 2016
Thanks for alerting me to this one Laron. Strange that is two posts from 2016 that are suddenly very relevant today.
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Aug 29, 2017
inner guidance of laron no doubt about it :)

and to complete the good long post they don t miss an occasion to discreditate trump with dark innovation
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