Do You Believe In The Reality Of Time Travel? Well, Watch This Reportage (1 Viewer)

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Apr 25, 2019
Northern CA
A rather fascinating discussion on topic involving a fellow who was involved in the (alleged) CIA project. What is concerning is that he sounds quite authentic, intelligent and, for better or worse, believable...



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Aug 12, 2016
It has to be taken with a grain of salt or more than one. ;)

Basagio is not a new player 'on the scene'. He has done this for years. Yes, he is an intelligent speaker which makes it all certainly intriguing.

He and his likes have been discussed here on the forum before.

The problem with these people: All words and just witness testimony (or not?) and NEVER any proof.

He is a bit like Corey Goode and his Blue Space Chicken cult who did the same but are now largely debunked and disbelieved by many.

I like the skeptical investigations into these people by R. Dolan or "Dark Journalist". Here is one discussion between these fractions, Basagio, Goode and Dolan on one panel (well, at least they talk with each other somewhat):


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