Disastrous Channeling and Responsible Information Management (1 Viewer)

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Disastrous Channeling and Responsible Information Management

Oftentimes we marvel at the diverse forms in which we have access to information during dream state, deep meditation, visualization, deep realizations or it just happens at any moment when closing our eyes and relaxing. Some pieces come as symbols. Other times it comes as a mixture of memories with certain archetypal elements to add meaning to what we are seeing.

These memories from long forgotten times, in other timelines and in other realities can also be perceived by our other senses as odors, sounds, dialogues, pleasant or unpleasant sensations. What happens though when your crown chakra opens up and you discover a new Universe? What if in this Universe uncountable beings reside, in perhaps uncountable partially known and understood realities or even unknown ones?

There is an...
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