Did ancient civilizations build pyramds on certain points for a specific reason? (1 Viewer)

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Nov 1, 2018
This is a collection of my notes on ancient pyramids around the world.
http://anomcr.tiddlyspot.com/#Pyramids main

Some highlights:
  1. Pyramids are located in many areas like Cambodia, Europe, Egypt, South America, Central America, etc.
  2. Pyramids are confirmed in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia: Angkor Wat, China: in Xi’an and Luoyang, Egypt in Giza:, Indonesia: Borobudur pyramid, Indonesia: Candi Sukuh, Italy, Rome: pyramid of Cestius, Java Island has one near Cicapar Sand Village., Mexico: Chichen Itza, Spain, Tenerife.
One of the more interesting pages is "Geological History Recorded By Missing Ancient Civilizations" at http://home.hiwaay.net/~jalison/CARRIE2.htm

It talks about how various ancient civs kept track of "ages", or epochs. This also talks a bit about different zodiac systems from the Egyptians and Mayans. Then they talk about how pyramid measurement ratios might also indicate different tidbits about time cycles.

Later on this page we get into Poleshifts with Charles Hapgood and the theory of ancient equators, and ancient buildings on that old equator. Then the page tries to add in info from the Bible and Book of Enoch, and attempts to explain the 7 seals (representing 7 ages).

There is more info on pole shifts here: http://anomcr.tiddlyspot.com/#Pole shift. And info on the magnetic north pole shifting, with a map.

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