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Jul 20, 2016
Towards the end of Trump's first term and just before he left the White House, he signed some Executive Orders and made some appointments that made my ears prick up. Do you know that feeling? You see or hear something, know it is different, but have no idea what it is. I mentioned this to a friend about a month ago, and he said I ought to look up Devolution. In my search I came across a post on Praying Medic's site that outlined it very well. In this post, I'll start with the summary.

Reading back over what I've written, I laughed to myself - either I'm raving nuts or I've managed to put enough pieces together to figure out something else is going on. As I've not been crazy at other points in my life, I'm going with figuring something out.

Someone going by the name, Patel Patriot published a series of articles on sub-stack outlining the indicators that in fact the current Resident is not actually in charge.

The word “devolution” as it is used in the context of government refers to the delegation of powers from a central government to regional or local entities. As it pertains to this discussion, it suggests that Trump and the military have established regional hubs of governmental authority and this fact is known only to those who are directly involved. A number of people have uncovered documents and pieced together key events supporting the idea that Trump put in place a mechanism by which he could remain Commander in Chief, even as Joe Biden appears to be President.

The obvious question is why would this happen if the November vote and subsequent Electoral College vote gave the presidency to Bidan. The answer is that the voting irregularities were monitored in real time, and the fraud / treason committed through the Dominion voting machines was documented. Now this is a whole other subject that I'll open up in another thread, so at this point please just go with it. There was proof that the election was rigged and steps had to be taken.

The premise that Trump could do this is based on the idea that America has been in an undeclared war with China since at least January of 2020. Trump has said on several occasions that when China allowed covid-19 to escape Wuhan, they committed an act of war. When the U.S. is at war—even when it is an undeclared war—the President has powers not available to him in peacetime. These powers do not require congressional approval and many times when they are exercised, the public is not aware. The President can, in wartime, take whatever steps are deemed necessary to save the Republic.
The devolution theory revolves around a number of presidential memoranda, executive orders, and odd personnel changes made in 2020 related to national security. The key players involved are Chris Miller, Kash Patel, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who held positions in the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center prior to, and after the election.
Central to the devolution theory is that Trump knew the election would be stolen by a foreign power, and he viewed this as an act of war. In response, he preemptively and covertly took steps to invalidate the outcome of the election. The measures he took are known only to a handful of people, but they effectively make him the true Commander in Chief. A decision was made to allow the public to believe Joe Biden is President, but at a later date, we will be informed of the truth.

The idea of a state of war, albeit not a fighting war, comes from the number of elected representatives and government officials with strong ties to China, as well as the introduction of the China virus and subsequent vaccines. With all the elements working together, the plan was to grind the economy of this country and the health of the population into the ground. An overt attack on this country would be tricky because of the physical size and attitudes of a large portion of the population. So, it had to be more stealthy. While I'm writing from the perspective of the USA, the same things are going on in other countries, as you all well know.

I'll be posting the Patel Patriot articles here, or you can find the links at the Praying Medic site if you want to jump ahead. You won't have to wait until next week for the next installment, but if you send in three boxtops, you can get a spiffy decoder ring.

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Aug 15, 2016
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I would like a decoder ring, but I would like a Husky Decode, specifically.
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