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Jul 20, 2016
Sometimes you read a news story, and then it goes away - no more mentions. If it is an interesting story and the Mockingbird Media does not cover it, then chances are it might be a good one. For me, my ears prick up when I hear this kind of story. I know there is something more but not sure what.

Patel starts with definitions of two government agencies - the CIA and the DIA. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) technically is tasked with collecting information from outside the USA - other governments and groups, their plans and actions, and sharing this information with the President and the Cabinet. The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) collects similar information but provides it to the military. Remember this difference.

Dong Jingwei was reported to have defected to the USA in February 2021.

Sources tell RedState the defector has been with the DIA for three months and that he has provided an extensive, technically detailed debrief to US officials. In DIA’s assessment, the information provided by the defector is legitimate. Sources say the level of confidence in the defector’s information is what has led to a sudden crisis of confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci, adding that U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) personnel detailed to DIA have corroborated very technical details of information provided by the defector.
Patel Patriot writes

Some of the information Dong reportedly brought with him was proof that Covid-19 was a bioweapon that was intentionally released. Think about the change in narrative that has occurred on Covid-19. Why isn’t our savior Dr. Fauci being rammed down our throats via the lame-stream media? He’s been virtually blacklisted and his ties to the Wuhan lab exposed. We weren’t allowed to discuss the possibility of a lab leak until recently. The FBI even received intelligence previously from Dr. Li-Meng Yan showing connections to the Wuhan Lab. She was ignored and the possibility of a lab leak decried as a conspiracy theory. Why would they now change their story?
Why on May 27th did Biden order the intelligence community to look into the origin of covid-19? As the article said, the Biden administration “this spring shut down a state department investigation into whether the virus could have leaked from a Wuhan lab, deeming the probe an ineffective use of resources.” Trump started the state department investigation. Biden terminated it. Now he backtracks and has the IC looking into the origin again?
It was as if somebody who knew the facts was pressuring them to correct the story—corroborating reports that the DIA has challenged the FBI and CIA with information received from Dong.

What is the next question - why the DIA? Patel cites evidence of compromise in other Federal Agencies. Another term you will hear in other articles and videos is captured. If we think of the long decline in aspects of our lives here - food, healthcare, education, then we realize that someone somewhere made decisions to adversely affect our lives. These agencies and companies have been captured, By whom - keep reading Patel Patriot's essays.

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