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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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Another of the measures put in place to minimize the effect that the manipulations of reality in the RIC plot has on human reality is the "decoupling" and "desynchronization" of the two evolutionary biorhythms that we have seen in the previous article, which are the ones that govern the movement and “carry” the individual realities of the people who are in one timeline or another.

Since the energetic “insulator” that is being created between the Asimoss reality and the human reality mainly separates the RIC plot of the plot that governs timeline 33, which is the one immediately above it, timeline 42 is somewhat more protected, and receives less influence from the swings and manipulations that the Asimoss may carry out against those who are on the line 42, unless they go directly into that line and are going to directly manipulate the realities of that approximately 6% of humanity. As we have said on other occasions, they have the capacity to do so and, when they consider it appropriate or necessary for their agendas, they do so, but they always prefer to act in a “macro” format and, therefore, prefer to shake or alter the foundations of human reality by manipulating their own, which acts as an "escalator" and "engine" for the evolution (or paralysis) of ours.

Thus, the Higher Selves and the forces that assist the planetary logos and are under its coordination, in addition to installing this "isolator" that we have explained previously, have begun to "uncouple" the biorhythms of both timelines, so that the ridges and valleys of line 42 do not coincide slightly with each other and the ridges and valleys of line 33. This separates, even more directly, the reality, the events, the situations and the experiences that people in the timeline 42 are going to live, or are living, from those that people in the timeline 33 experience and see manifested in their lives, not only because of the individual projection that each one makes from their own energy system of the "world in which one lives,” but because of the interferences and “intrusions” that the “reality bubbles” of each person have with the “reality bubbles” of all the others.

In this way, by changing the period and wavelength of the timeline 42 biorhythm, it is greatly minimized that what happens in the timeline 33 affects those who are already in this other timeline, seeking that, as we had commented a few weeks ago, within a few years there will be at least a hundred people on the entire planet who can start the process of evolutionary leap towards the nE.

How are these biorhythms separated? Who does it? Where is the "button" or "lever" that enables these changes?

Mainly, being mental and etheric biorhythms the "levers" of change or the "buttons" that regulate this flow of energy, which is what sustains the movement of human reality as we saw in the previous article, are in an area of the mental plane outside the range of the RIC. These currents are part of the planetary regulation mechanisms that the logos and those who assist it, manage for the correct functioning of the 49 timelines (and their almost infinite sub-lanes and fractals) that are in each of the 16 parallel realities of the Earth, as well as for the management of the realities of other types of life such as flora and fauna, forces, protectors and "guardians" of nature, etc., which also coexist with human beings and with the RIC on our planet.

So that the energy currents that advance the collective unconscious through the sacred web of humanity go faster or slower, have a shorter or longer wavelength (therefore have a higher or lower frequency), etc. the energy flows that reach the mental plane have to be modified and then, are divided into "channels" and branches, each one forming a timeline.

The energy to create the timelines is born from levels above the mental plane, and comes from "mental" solar currents. In other words, just as humanity moves along timelines on Earth, our planet moves along timelines within the solar system. So, the "highway" for human beings to advance through time and space is built on the track that the Earth has to advance on its own path through time and space, within the evolutionary tracks present in the solar system for it.

By changing and altering the input of energy flow from the mental plane of the solar system to the mental plane of the planet, you alter the rhythm, frequency and latency of the existing timelines in it and, from this, you can make the timeline 42, in this case, it lags behind the 33 and flows “slightly apart” from it, causing the influences of what human beings project and co-believe in the reality of the 33, to arrive with less intensity (or almost zero) to the human beings present co-creating their reality on the timeline 42.

Like the impact of waves in a pond

Let's say it is like being closer to the point where a stone falls when we throw it into a pond, generating concentric waves. If the point of origin of the concentric waves is the Asimoss reality that is on the plot of the Earth (which is the water of the pond), then the first waves, which are the ones with the most force, are the ones that affect the line 33, and all the people in it, receiving the impact of any manipulation of the RIC by energetic and vibrational “closeness”.

On the other hand, as those concentric waves are further and further away from the epicenter of the manipulation, they have less force and therefore the higher levels of the timeline 33 already receive “waves” with less power, and the levels of the timeline 42 receives waves that have almost no power anymore. Now, by separating and offsetting both timelines from each other, the waves of 33 that reach level 28 and "cross" up to level 1 of the timeline 42, will reach this line much weaker, since they will find crossing points "out of phase" with each other, analogously to trying to thread a needle having to enter the thread through its hole diagonally or laterally, instead of having the thread in a straight line with the needle hole.

If the thread is the energy of an event X generated in the timeline 33, when the manifestation of that event reaches the realities of those who are in the timeline 42, that thread almost cannot penetrate the timeline through the present access point, since the timelines 33-42 connections have become desynchronized with each other and out of phase, putting them "oblique" with each other and not in a "straight" line as they are now, causing the "wave" of the event and its manifestation to arrive with zero or very little force to those who are living and existing on the timeline 42.

The actual biorhythms of the two timelines are in phase and have the same duration, amplitude and wavelength.
Timeline 42
Timeline 33​

So, how is the world like for those who live in the timeline 42?

Somehow, those on the timeline 42 continue to see the world "out there" as the majority of humanity on the timeline 33 continue to co-create it, plus the manipulation and distortions introduced by the RIC and CS in it (using, for example, 1G to 5G mobile antennas for this), so you do not live "outside the world," but, as we have said on other occasions, in your reality, in your life, in your day to day, the effects of this vision of reality are minimal, they are very blurred, they do not have as much impact and you may notice that many things happen around you, in the lives of the people who are in the timeline 33 and with whom you can even interact to a certain point, but they do not affect you, or they do it in a very reduced way or in a very different way.

Since reality is holographic, and created at the monad level, and then at the quantum level, each person experiences a different version of events that is never identical to the version of events of other human beings. As the media amplify a certain version of reality as appropriate to the CS and RIC, we take as a reference that, if in all the news and social networks they say that “this is happening,” that single vision becomes the reference pillar to compare if it happens to me or not, and to what degree "that" affects me what "they say happens."

But it is not correct by far to interpret reality like this, because in the media and networks give only one version of the infinite versions that each event has, and that cannot be used as a reference for anything or anyone, because each person has his and his own manifestation of "it," and is just as valid and correct as the other versions. However, knowing the power of mental suggestion and thanks to the mental archetypes of "identification" that we all have, seeing that they tell us that in the world "this has happened" we all begin to "identify" with it, we introduce the variables of "that particular vision" in our co-creation processes and, then, billions of people adjust their reality bubble to the reality bubble given by CS through media and manipulation of the collective unconscious.

In this way, as the common reality is constructed by the sum of the billions of individual realities, all different from each other, it is possible to manifest macro and global events that have the same reference parameters: those that the media and propaganda systems and the RIC manipulation emit continuously, so that we all “adjust” to a single “reality bubble” of the infinite ones that exist.

This creates a global vision for humanity that affects all those who anchor and identify with it and, as they are the majority throughout the globe, even if you, individually, do not watch television, since there are dozens of people around you who have their reality bubbles tuned to the reality bubble "of the version of the event given by the CS, " you end up, due to the influence of the environment, and subconsciously, partially adapting your reality to the reality of your environment (family, friends, work , neighborhood, city, etc.) and, then, accepting a part of the reality " of reference promulgated by the CS" as your own.

Unconscious mechanisms of adaptation to reality

This is not done consciously, the mental mechanisms and programs that govern the creation of reality, the adaptation to it, the projection and the decoding of the holographic patterns that form it are found in the subconscious mental sphere and in the preconscious mental sphere, mainly, because of what the personality, which works from the surface of the sphere of consciousness connected to the Ego program, never receives the parameters of how its bubble of reality is being created, its vision of it and its perception of what it is it is "real" to me or it is not. None of us, while reading this article, taking a walk or making food, are aware of how we are creating our reality bubble and what we are emitting right now from our pineal gland. These emissions are the ones that will be part of the parameters of your reality (superimposing them on the parameters projected yesterday or a month ago and all simultaneous and in millions of possible variations) and that you will see manifested in half an hour, or in three weeks , to say the least, without knowing their cause, since the mechanisms and programs for this do not depend on the “conscious” personality, unless it is involved in the process on purpose (something for which we are not designed or programmed by default).

For this reason, all these mechanisms are exploited by the CS through the manipulation of the collective consciousness at all levels (local, regional, national, continental, global, etc.) to continue consolidating one of the almost infinite versions of reality, the one that they want as the "reality of reference" and constantly seeking that everyone take the "reality of reference" chosen by them as the reality "of truth," activating the archetypes of "identification" and, then "making it our own," "internalizing" the parameters of that "bubble" that contains a certain vision of the facts that is only one of the millions of visions and versions of that reality that co-exist on the planet.

Decoupling the realities of the timelines 33 and 42

Therefore, to decouple the reality of the people in the timeline 42 and facilitate their way to the next evolutionary level, without preventing that they can continue to go smoothly from the timeline 33 to the timeline 42, the "adjustment" and decoupling of the evolutionary biorhythms of both timelines is starting. In this way, as the “reference realities” that the RIC and CS always try to fix are at the lower levels of the timeline 33 so that everyone will tune in to the most negative version of the facts possible, whoever is on the timeline 42 will be further away from that “CS reference” reality and you will notice its effects diminish, even more if possible, in your life, in your day-to-day life and in your reality.

The evolutionary biorhythms of both timelines are being separated and put out of phase, so that they do not intersect with each other.
Timeline 42
Timeline 33​

Collateral effect of the separation

This, on the other hand, will bring more separation between people on both timelines, because the lives of those in the timeline 42 will no longer be (so) synchronized or aligned with the lives of those in the timeline 33. Again, it’s something that has always happened and that everyone considers natural, because one day you realize that you no longer "resonate" with such a person or with such a friend, that you no longer resonate with such a place, with such an activity, with such a place, etc. In general, no one has problems of any kind in their life because they realize that, now, with such a thing, person or place, they no longer “fit,” they no longer feel comfortable, they no longer “vibrate on the same wavelength”. It has always happened like this and it will always happen, as it is part of the laws of attraction and repulsion by energetic resonance. Now, with this change, this effect is increased and it will be more noticeable, making that whoever is at high levels of the timeline 42 no longer "resonates," and does not "vibrate," being with others at lower levels of their line or of line 33, and whoever is in levels of the timeline 33 in the last "steps" will not be comfortable with who is in lower levels or with those who are in 42 either, because they will not be "in tune" with one or the other.

This change will be gradual and begins with the descending-ascending inflection point that will take place at the beginning of February, with the new moon that marks the beginning of the Chinese lunisolar calendar, which we already explained in the previous article, which is the one that better monitors and is governed by the evolutionary biorhythm of humanity. Now, as the timeline 42 will have another different biorhythm, with another duration, another length and another wave amplitude (the peaks and valleys will also change to smooth the drop points and the rise points and make them more balanced), we will explain later on, how can we monitor when in our "calendar" we will be at a rising or falling point for the timeline 42.

Timeline 42
Timeline 33
The duration, amplitude, etc., of the biorhythm of timeline 42 will change and "stretch," decreasing also in the wave amplitude (difference between crest and valley), making the growth and decrease periods much "smoother" in this timeline​

Thus, the biorhythm of the timeline 33 remains the same, marked, as we said, by the inflection point that each Chinese New Year gives us to understand the dynamics of growth or decrease that the humanity of the timeline 33 will suffer in that period. We are already approaching the inflection point to resume the ascending curve and we continue to monitor the attempts of the CS and RIC to block, alter or delay this beginning of the "global recovery," at the energetic level, since they do not stop trying to detonate, with political, economic and geopolitical events and with all the means at their fingertips, distortions in the reality of the 33 to turn it a little more "upside down," if possible, more it has already been crawling throughout this last year and descending cycle that is ending.


David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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