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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
With the archetypes of non-evolution and the archetypes of cyclic growth in the process of being deprogrammed and eliminated, the third and final component that we are going to erase from our mental spheres, so that resistance to “positive” change, to individual progress and to opportunities to move forward faster than the CS (control system) and RIC (races in control) allow us to be is minimized completely, is the "archetype of evolutionary control."

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Frequency, key concept

Before that, it may also be important to explain what we mean by "moving forward," "growing," or "evolving." They are terms and phrases so generic and in some way abstract that, for each person, they can mean something different and, therefore, by reading the articles and decoding them according to the programming and belief system of each one, what we retain and understand of what we are trying to convey can vary greatly in interpretation, from the most “generic” and global (“I will learn things and grow as a person”), to the most technical (“I will expand my sphere of consciousness by 5% and dismantle 20 levels of my belief system in the preconscious layer of the mental body”). Both concepts are correct, but they can move away from the attempts of our Higher Selves to send us a series of concepts so that, more or less, we all apply them equally.

Thus, in the sense that we give in the blog to the terms advancing, growing, evolving and progressing, and all the synonyms that occur to you, the key concept is: frequency. Why? Because the only thing that determines your level of reality is the frequency at which your mental body is. It depends on whether you are on line 33 or line 42. It depends on that you have a more fluid and harmonious life or more dense and complicated. But, for the mental body to have a high frequency of vibration, all other bodies must accompany it in that energetic state and be on a similar level, as a “clean” mental body but with a “dense” emotional body ballast the first, and a physical or etheric body in poor conditions do the same. Therefore, each archetype, block, program or restriction that we remove has the objective that we advance in frequency; that we raise the vibration of each particle that forms us, so that everything else that depends on it produces by itself other changes that go concatenated.

Cascading processes

By raising the frequency of the mental body and all its components and content, the pineal gland as a projector of reality in the form of holoquantic waves can generate, from the information present in it, another type of “scenario” for our day to day. If the mental body and the mental spheres generate other types of content and have fewer programs that distort or limit that creation of our own reality, consciousness expands, because the sphere of consciousness (located one meter from our physical head in the upper part of the mental body) uses the energy of greater vibration of the mind to expand.

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English translation:
Sphere of consciousness​
Its expansion depends on the expansion of the mental spheres​
Mental spheres​
Neural work generates and provides an energy current to the mental spheres that gradually produces its expansion to be able to cover more processing capacity​

If the sphere of consciousness expands, the person comprehends more, understands and perceives his physical and non-physical environment better. If the person understands and comprehends better because he decodes higher levels of content and information, the Higher Self can activate and work every time at higher levels of connection through the soul and can imbue more energy and “data packets” of greater complexity and content towards the mind with less distortion. And, thus, in chain, always having an impact on the whole human being is transformed into a more “advanced” version of himself by tuning in with the higher frequency bands of both timelines 33 and 42.

Therefore, by continuing to remove certain very important programs of the mind and mental body that control a large part of the energy functions of the entire avatar, we can raise frequency and, thus, launch many other changes almost automatically. This archetype of evolutionary control (AEC) is one of the "forbidden" by the system. This means that it is one of those that they do not want to be "touch" in any way, along with the religious or scientific archetype, for example, that are other archetypes that strongly mark how we think things are and how we decode the reality of the world "out there."

Reviewing the archetypes

Remember that an archetype is a program inserted by default (at birth) in the mind and in the mental body that performs several functions, for example, archiving and managing all the data and knowledge of a particular topic, but also deciding what data remains registered in us and we become aware of them, because they have the property of blocking the content of the visual, auditory or energetic packages that we may be receiving with external information or from our Higher Self, if this content is not in accordance with what we are allowed "file."

To put it with an example, if they gave us a book with all the secrets of the universe, someone will explain them to us or our Higher Self will dictate them to us, this archetype automatically analyzes everything that enters through the physical or extra physical senses (since the data goes from the senses to the brain, from the brain it passes to the preconscious mind, from there it is filtered and compared with the paradigm, and from there it is filtered again and compared with the archetype corresponding to the subject of the content of that data packet).

Then, the archetype blocks what is not according to the information allowed, and literally, even if we have heard or read something or received something, in a few minutes it has been forgotten, it has not been understood, or simply those packages are deleted from the mind, or they are diluted so much that the final understanding and decoding of the person is so harmless that it no longer represents any danger to the RIC or CS that "it" has been received. It is something that, perhaps, to many, happens to us reading these articles, because the programs of the psyche only let part of the content of them pass for their understanding, according to the deprogramming that each one has managed to do, and from there occur the different interpretations for each person according to the content of the belief system through which these information packages that we publish on the blog or receive from any other source of information are “sifted.”

Some important archetypes

The religious archetype, for example, manages and defines the belief systems that the person has acquired throughout his life about religion or related subjects (not believing in any religion or ideology is also a subprogram of the religious archetype) and has the components that induce to "look for answers outside" and "ask for everything outside" to receive help, hiding the reality that everything works backwards, that is, that help is requested "inwards," towards the Higher Self, which is a part of ourselves, and is the one who always looks for ways to assist the personality in the avatar.

Similarly, the scientific archetype decides, blocks and prevents us from learning more about the scientific and technological basis of the laws and forces that mark the reality of the planet, space-time, universal forces, etc., since it blocks the entrance of data not authorized by the Asimoss (by standard programming for all human beings) about what they want us to know or stop knowing at a scientific-technical level.

It is one of the reasons, for example, why it is so difficult to move forward on issues such as reconciliation between different gravitational forces, electromagnetic forces, strong and weak nuclear forces, general relativity, the points of union that exist between the quantum mechanics of the infinitely small and Newton's laws of the movement of the infinitely large, etc. The search for the “unified theory of the whole” eludes us because we are not allowed to access this knowledge yet, being formulas that exist and are present in the “knowledge” of all the other races that manage the life system in Earth and, of course, our own Higher Selves.

A mental guardian to prevent data entry

These archetypes, along with many more, are marked as "level 3 archetypes." This means that there are several levels of programming of the mental spheres and some of the most important are placed in lower levels covered with many other programs and protections on top, so that they cannot be easily accessed or deprogrammed by the psychological or energetic techniques that we know or we use, so that, only knowing that they exist and at what level they are (because we obtained that information from our Higher Self), we can request that they be eliminated from the Higher Self's own connection with the mental spheres and the mental body through the golden cord, the lower spiritual center and the higher spiritual center (the level 3 archetypes are related to the basic, quantum and general reality, those of level 2 with the limited and relative reality we perceive and the level 1 archetypes with the subjective reality which is what we decode to make sense of the world (you can see it in the conference on structure of the psyche in the blog’s download page)).

Therefore, what this archetype of evolutionary control does is to stop the incorporation of unauthorized data even before it reaches the individual archetypes of the subject in question that has to handle it, literally preventing it from even being processed by the mental programs of decoding and interpretation of the psyche. To make an analogy, it is the security guard at the door of the bar that decides who enters or not. And this guardian has really an iron programming so that nothing that is not allowed by the laws and limits installed by the Asimoss in the human psyche can sneak into the party.

Almost all data is harmless

As you can intuit, 99% of the data goes smoothly inside the mental spheres, because in the daily life of all humanity, what we see, hear, capture and perceive of the environment, the media, the channels whereby we receive information from abroad, contain absolutely nothing that is contrary to the RIC or CS or that endangers a bit the management system of humanity. So this AEC archetype does not have, in general, major problems to do its job (it is a program, so it does not "think," just as Windows does what it does because it is programmed to do so and not otherwise).

But, if from time to time some data packet arrives “contrary” to the RIC or CS, in general, this AEC is responsible for blocking it, limiting it, deleting it or making it impossible to decode correctly, its meaning is distorted, it is removed from the mind soon after, etc. Therefore, anything that is wanted to reach and that is maintained as “permanent” knowledge that allows us to move forward and understand better does not have in general too many opportunities for it for most of us.

Therefore, what we are going to do is eliminate this program in its entirety, as always, through our Higher Self, with the following request, several times until you have confirmation that it has been 100% deprogrammed.

I request my Higher Self and give it permanent permission to eliminate the so-called archetype of evolutionary control present in my mental spheres, in my mental body and in the rest of the components of my psyche and energy structure. I request that all protections that prevent access to this archetype and its operating programs and data be cleared, deprogrammed and removed, cleaning the channel of information transfer from the senses and the brain to the mind and mental decoding processes before they can be blocked, altered, stopped or limited by the “mental guard” processes that this archetype and its programs carry out to prevent the entry of “unauthorized” knowledge by the standard programming imposed on the human being through the control system. I request and give permanent permission for all the data and particles, mental forms and information that this archetype uses for its operation to be erased, deleted and also deprogrammed in its entirety. Thank you."​

With these last three articles, then, we will have already eliminated, once the deprogramming processes are complete, three important blocks that hamper the growth of the human being, and we will be able to start delivering material of greater complexity and “danger” that, hopefully, will not be rejected or blocked by any part of our psyche, and can be retained, however much the RIC and CS continue trying to prevent it, as part of the knowledge of how the life system works on our planet and many issues that elude us in this regard.

Remember that you can always check all this information for yourself through your Higher Self.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,



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Nov 1, 2018
I request my Higher Self and give it permanent permission to eliminate the so-called archetype of evolutionary control present in
Wow, I was getting some interference when I tried to make this request. I got interference when I tried to read some of other David's requests too.
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