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Jul 21, 2016
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A few days ago Clif released the December 2016 Webbot (aka ALTA) report. The theme is Divergence and there is a lot of it going on in our world as things shift quickly and dramatically. Some highlights below - but note the full report is 30+ pages so these are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • many things will be changing in our world, and quickly. The next four months will seem like a "string of firecrackers" going off. Many changes and secrets revealed will be coming at us fast with no let up.
  • earth changes are certainly part of things. Antartica figures into thing with continent-changing earthquakes to reshape Antartica likely in the next couple of month. Antartica also has a significant "secrets revealed" aspect that will hugely alter humanity's understanding of true history
  • a "corporate bond debacle" and "globalism crash" is going to severely impact job growth in the western world
  • chaos comes to the "establishment" and their "captive media" but not to the general population. This is more impactful in the western world, especially the USA, than in the east. The dissolution of the EU is very likely over 2017-2018.
  • the "crash of the left" is felt globally. There is a breakdown of the "established history" as written by the western ruling elites over 2017
  • Around December 12th there is a large "belief shattering obstacle" revealed by the "sudden lack of money" in someones hands.
  • 2017 sees much disclosure occurring that reveals that humanity is "far older" and "far more complicated" than had been imagined
  • Some of the info disclosed shows the manipulation and horrid behavior by organize religion over the years. Seems to be especially relevant to churches in southern Europe to the point that priest need to disguise themselves for protection.
  • the House of Saud falls over 2017/2018 with clear signs showing in early 2017
  • in the USA there is large amount of "economic confusion" that begins on Dec 5th and accelerates on Dec 12th. This effects the value of the dollar as well as mortgage interest rates. There is a major and broad real estate crash of over 10% in progress by Spring 2017. Around Dec 29th there is an event that results in a "removal of restraints" on business models that had been in place as a result of the banking system.
  • The "death of the establishment media" is well underway. They move into "desparate survival mode." Whistleblowers begin emerging from media explaining the manipulation that has been ongoing for a long time.
  • the #pizzagate "pedophilia ring exposure" is going to be quite impactful in exposing standing religious figures and in changing humanity's perception of organized religion
  • there will be a meltdown of the US Federal Reserve Note over the coming month. The US will make 2-3 attempts to save it, but to no avail. The value of precious metals and Bitcoin will rise significantly and they will become the preferred means of value capture/transfer globally.
    • Antartica stays in the fore front with implications of UFO reverse engineering, and with the involvement of the elites/deep state in keeping information from the general populace.
Conclusion: The Discovery

Our data has brought up a picture of ourselves, at a crossroads of discovery of ourselves, as a pan global civilization. Curiously, within the data we also find that just as we are going to run into ourselves in this new image of humanity, we are also going to run into the remnants of a previous pan global civilization. The data has the joining of these two memes over these next few years into a very powerful planetary force as it will guide and inform humanity for a number of decades.

In 1947, according to rumor, and conspiracy theory, and evidence, while testing some very high range, analog radar improvements, the military here in USAPop shot down a couple of UFO's.

From that moment, humanity's path into the future changed.

Instantly gone were the days of vacuum tubes as we bravely marched into the digital age on the foundation of what we discovered in those space ships. From that moment on, millions of people, and trillions of dollars, have been poured into the effort to understand, and control that technology in the largest 'open' secret program our planet has ever seen. Arguably it has led humanity to build the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN, the largest and most expensive machine (in known) existence.

Humans don't put vast amounts of money into 'theoretical' anything, including theoretical quantum physics. The LHC machine is a device intended to do something. Judging by past performances, the people, that is to say, officialdom, ThePowersThatBe, are not putting all the money and resources into the LHC for the benefit of greater humanity. They plan on getting some form of return on investment. Just the way these people behave. No evidence to view CERN and the LHC in any other light.

Which is why the data coming out of all the entities around Antarctica is so fascinating. Not only are there manifesting events in Antarctica with the very high level visits by actual 'popes', and 'potentates' (i.e. J. Kerry Sec. Of State for Obama), but there are also the strange placement of provocative photos of Antarctica within the Wikileaks 'emails releases'. Recent media revelations of pyramids discovered in Antarctica are bolstering the pointed focus that our data sets have had for over 20/twenty years.

In our very first data run in 1997, the two key elements that stood out were the focus on the 'sun' and 'antarctica'. Both of which were NOT within any expectation for our results.

Over the years of this work we have developed a few meta level postulates that help in the interpretation. One of these is that the longer a forecast has been in the data sets, the more important the meme at the time of its appearance. Given this postulate, the Antarctica memes are very important. As the control structures continue to break up over these next few years, the data hints that we will be treated to the details out of Antarctica. We get hints that the importance is such that perhaps we will begin referring to it as “The Discovery”.


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Jul 28, 2016
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