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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
We continue with some of the most interesting questions I have on the list, hoping that they will serve to answer doubts for as many people as possible. Remember that here you have all the other articles of questions and answers already published to date.


173. Hi David, thanks for everything, a question: What are the most important points that the human race should work on or change in order to move forward more quickly despite the resistance and interference of the RIC (races in control) and CS (control system)?

Mainly helping others, mutual assistance despite everything and cooperation between people, groups, societies and cultures. The most effective way through which you can maintain control over humanity is fear of each other, you just have to see the daily scenes of people facing each other for any nonsense that are subconsciously detonated by fear of something in that other person, situation, etc. Only by uniting people, knocking down everything that separates them or tries to separate them, at a political, social, cultural, educational level, etc., is how you can “defeat” or minimize the impact of the RIC and CS on our society. As this is what worries them most, because at other levels of consciousness we are all interested in helping everyone (the soul is always ready to assist other souls and beings), it is intended that the inner force of "lending a hand" is diluted through fear in the personality and all the necessary elements for conflict, dispute and separation are created: between genders, between cultures, between cities, between regions, between religions, between clubs, between groups, etc.

The difficult thing is to listen to yourself "internally" and not react "externally" to the fear catalysts that are everywhere, something really difficult to achieve at the moment but always feasible if you try to self-observe and be aware of when they are activated or they try to activate all these behaviors and reactions.

174. Many times I feel apprehension at the magnitude of everything that happens around us. How do we protect ourselves against so much energy chaos and so much mental and social manipulation? Is it enough to disconnect from the collective unconscious as you have already put in some previous article?

Disconnecting from all the collective unconscious except the family (if you want to keep it, if not also) helps to stay calm, since the mental manipulation that begins in the global collective unconscious of the timeline 33 for all humanity is replicated and amplified in the continental, national, regional, local, city collective unconscious, etc. That on one hand. On the other hand, raising the levels of reality to higher levels of the timeline 33 and the timeline 42, since particles of fear, stress, saturation, chaos, etc., cannot "float" so high (figuratively speaking) so that situations and more negative energy condensations are concentrated in the lower vibrations of the timeline 33, reaching or affecting with less intensity the higher the level of reality in which we find ourselves. The way to do it has already been explained in dozens of articles since the end of 2017 in the archives blog.

On the other hand, to stay focused and calm, it is always important that you make your own sui generis requests to your Higher Self following the models and structure of the dozens that we have published, so that you request what you need appropriate to the personal situation or familiar that you have, and you are doing it so that things at home are calm on an energetic level, so that there is calm, so that mental and emotional forms of fear or anxiety dissipate in all the members of the family, etc.

175. David, for those of us who are somewhat more incredulous or need more time to accept much of what you explain. How can we be sure that at some point those of us who are on 33 we will be able to go ahead and move to line 42 and from there go to that nE (new Earth) that seems so distant and abstract?

Little by little. When one has so much serial programming in the psyche, as we all have by default from our birth, you cannot accelerate or try to disassemble everything at once, as this would cause us a lot of instability in our vision of things and can give us small existential crises if we suddenly try to assimilate topics like those that we have spent years explaining in the blog starting from almost "zero".

The incredulity, the doubt and the rejection of everything that does not come programmed by the Asimoss in our collective unconscious are programs that we bring by default in the mental body and in the mental spheres, and that are activated when data packets arrive that "collide" against the pre-established in the belief system present in the mental body. For some people, other programs and the Higher Self, for example, fight against these “rejection” activations and it is easier for them to become aware that the world is different from what we have been programmed to believe. The way to accept everything that can go against our current belief system is to check the information for ourselves, with the different mechanisms that we have explained previously (synchronicities and signals, pendulum, "automatic" writing, meditation, etc..). By having micro-confirmations of small things, "trust" programs are activated that tend to be stronger than "rejection" programs. These micro-confirmations serve to support the idea that "what I have read may be correct" and give you a little support to continue reading or trying something else. By proving that thing, removing some other program and having a mini-confirmation again, the “certainty” program is reinforced, which facilitates the solidification of internal confidence in what you are perceiving and checking.

Over time, and by removing more and more programs from the psyche, you begin to see reality for yourself in a much less distorted and manipulated way, so you can clearly perceive certain things in the world "that we do not see" that we did not see before ( you can remember this article on the symbolic “veils” of the psyche that are a good analogy of the subject).

Then, as you are working to get out of the timeline 33 and, if you observe your reality, you will realize that when you make requests and deprogramming your environment gradually changes for the better, and the acceptance that there is a "new Earth" now is not perhaps so important because we are far from being ready for it, but if we at least put ourselves at the corresponding level so that it begins to be an evidence to the senses that there is a new 15.6Hz reality coupled to 7.8Hz a reality. Once it is perceived by your own eyes, there is no way to doubt it, even if we have not yet thought or planned anything about how, when, in what way or if we are going to want to pass or leave here when the time comes. But that topic, as I say, is still far away in time because the important thing now is to move the maximum number of people in the entire planet from timeline 33 to timeline 42, then make them go up to level 21 of this line and then we can start talking in detail about the nE and the “new Humanity” that now, as you say, is simply something distant and abstract and sounds like fiction to many.

176. A question, if right now only a few thousand people who can follow your articles and others make the requests, do they really have a global effect when the other Higher Selves of the rest of the planet do not intervene in the requests we make?

It is correct that they have a limited effect, but we try to expand by including in some requests, as you have seen, that it is the soul of the person or even the supra soul that gives the Higher Self permission to intervene, so in some requests, we have arrived to “activate” several million Higher Selves even though about 10,000 people may only receive each sending that I make. But even so, although several million Higher Selves may seem "few" compared to the total of humanity, what they do it does have repercussion and power because we are helped by those who assist us, who we call them generically "the forces of nature” and others, and there are thousands of groups and beings and hierarchies that try to keep the planet in one piece and all its functional structure as best as possible. Thus, when something has to be dismantled, in general, it is enough that we start up our Higher Selves and these planetary forces for it. It would be great if billions of Higher Selves were involved, but that already requires that billions of souls and personalities also be aware of everything that happens on Earth with the RIC and CS, something that, for the moment, it is far from what we can achieve, but a lot of work is being done and we are progressing despite everything. The mere fact that the CS is "nervous" (in their terms) from what we have been achieving is a great sign and indication that we are on the right track, even if we do not completely perceive it because there are still no changes in the physical plane that reflect the mental and etheric advances that are being achieved and we are seeing, on the other hand, the enormous power of manipulation of reality and society that they have, especially these days with this new “offensive” that they have launched with the coronavirus theme. But it is going to go wrong for them, or rather, they are going to get out of this badly, but I still cannot explain why so that they cannot take countermeasures. I only know and perceive that this situation will be taken advantage of by the planetary forces to use it against the CS members who have participated in its implementation, and they will not like a bit what will come to come in retaliation and "karmic" consequence for it.

A hug,

David Topí

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