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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
[Laron: A special thanks to Carl for the translation, as this is a huge one!]

I return to the question and answer articles that I paused before the "break" last year. Now I can't open the form again so you can send me new ones because there are hundreds of queued questions that will take time to be answered at the rate by which I can output them, so I will select the most interesting among them and here you have a new installment of the first ones that I hope you find useful. It is a bit long but you have reading for several days.

165. Hi David, could you explain from an energetic point of view what the REM phase of sleep is for?

Some months ago we gave some guidelines on the processes of sleep that are governed by programs in the subconscious mental sphere and, within those processes, you all know the so-called REM phase, in which there is a rapid movement of the eyes and we find ourselves in the deepest part of our night rest. The fact that it is necessary, or it was necessary to program the dream in several phases of different intensity or depth, because in the end it is a program that “turns off” the avatar gradually so it starts the recovery and self-regeneration functions was the result of the combination of the genes and DNA of the different species that granted part of it for our creation, when the Asimoss took the manu and turned it into the lhulu and then the lhumanu was created and further “refined.” Since different races, the Asimoss between them have different ways of “sleeping” or do something similar to sleeping to recharge, by inserting part of their psyche and genetics into the lhumanu they endowed us with a sleep cycle in which we are mainly superficial enough to be alert if something happens and we have to wake up quickly. This comes from the influence the Asimoss have because other enemies they have (although it seems a lie, they have equally powerful races on other sides that are predatory to them) thus in their beginnings as a species they developed the ability to rest while remaining half alert. We have that characteristic within the first guidelines of the dream that they did not want to remove because they liked that the lhumanus could also be alert in their beginnings to any danger and get up quickly if necessary. Then, however, a very deep phase is needed where the brain has to execute a series of energetic functions towards the upper bodies, so the body could not be kept only in a light sleep because many brain-mind systems had to be put to work in processes of storage and cognitive processing, data management and other systems that we put into operation in the minutes that the REM phase lasts, taking advantage of to do an intense work of mental work, turning off many brain systems for it and allowing the mind to clean data, store and order others, pass a "cleaner" through the mental body, etc. Thus the need for a REM phase at the energy level in sleep while the rest of the lighter phases serve to recharge batteries, restore physical and etheric damage, etc.

166. In a previous article you commented that dinosaurs did not die from a meteorite but from the increase in the gravity of the planet that was manipulated by the Asimoss, but we have information, news, studies, etc., that there was a meteorite that fell in the Yucatan area causing huge damage at that time. So, was there a meteorite or not and is it related to what finished the dinosaurs or is it all misinformation? Thank you.

It is correct, there was a meteorite, and the sequence of events was more or less as follows. After the Asimoss’ arrival to the planet and the beginning of the explorations to extract the minerals and resources they needed, they realized that they were not the only “outside” species that was interested in the Earth, being the Amoss also interested in everything that happened to the manu, as we had explained in the monograph about the creation of the human being. To be able to "work" with peace of mind, and since the Asimoss have a higher density than the Amoss and therefore can "go down" much closer to the more material and earthly plane (the one we see as the "solid" plane) and can inhabit it manipulating the energy configuration of its particles and cells, they decided to increase the gravity of the planet to make it even more dense, so that they were still "comfortable," but the rest of races of somewhat higher frequency levels within the "materiality" were not so much. So, by manipulating the Earth's core, and with available technology, they increased the Earth's gravity, which literally "anchored" millions of animal species to the ground that, due to their weight and size, did not have sufficient driving force to move, dying in a short time the vast majority of them being literally crushed by the weight of gravity and glued to the ground simultaneously throughout the planet. The great saurians then, all brought by the Amoss, perished quickly and thus died out about 70-80 million years ago.

Then, in order to accommodate the new planetary gravity and the ground forces to their needs, it became necessary to “tilt” minimally the axis of the planet, divert it to a trajectory a few thousandths of a degree from what it had and readjust “its weight” or say, the Earth’s total mass of the to the calculations that had been made to make it a planet adapted to Asimoss life in its natural configuration. For this, they needed an external impact that modified that trajectory a bit and that “broke” a part of the structure, “dent it” at specific points for it, for what, the impact of a deviated meteorite was made on purpose to hit the Yucatan area, where, according to their calculations, the impact would bring the desired consequences. It is like hitting a billiard ball against another so that it moves along a certain path. In this case, the meteorite used did the work of the "white ball" and the Earth was the "deflected" ball. Once the caused dust, chaos and destruction had settled, the Asimoss finished the terraforming of the planet to their "taste" and took control of it, which they continue to maintain until today.

167. In what terms does the Higher Self communicate with the soul? Is it telepathic, is it "mental," is it only by symbols or waves? I don't understand how that communication can be done. Thank you.

It could be said that it is telepathic, but this term can lead to confusion because the soul has no mind, neither does the Higher Self, only consciousness, and telepathy is a “program” located in a part of the psyche that we call the subliminal mental sphere and that works by emitting and receiving mental forms with content of what the person "thinks," from his mind and mental body, which is decoded by this program (when in receiver mode) and passed to the conscious mind, from there to the ego program and from there to the personality so that a person “receives mentally” and decodes what another one is thinking. Therefore the communication between the Higher Self and the soul is an “energetic conscious” communication where a wave is emitted that crosses the different channels that connect the Higher Self with the soul, the golden cord or Hara line being one of them, the silver cord and thousands of energetic filaments that unite both structures of the other human being, the systems through which the “conscious forms of content and information” that are born from the Higher Self are emitted towards the soul, which receives them in the same way, as energetic forms with “information” and decodes and adapts them to their level of consciousness and evolution through certain receptors and systems present in what we call the “facets of soul,” that is, parts of the soul “programmed” to perform “automatic” functions of communication with other levels (such as the spirit body if present or the Higher Self) or how to manage the avatar's lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental and causal ) as well as interacting with the personality and awareness of the avatar itself. The communication between Higher Self and soul, then, is always present, there is a continuous flow of data and information and the Higher Self always adapts to the evolutionary level of the soul to give it what it needs or requires for the understanding of what at the avatar level it's happening in that person's life and experience.

168. When you talk about how races like the Asimoss manipulated us, why did they really do it? I know that they were looking for materials and labor, but to create a whole race, a civilization, an entire "planet," surpasses me a little not being able to understand how there are species that can reach these levels of dominance and control over others, even if they are their own creations.

To understand the Asimoss race we would have to imbue ourselves in their psychology as species and get to know them much better than they let themselves be known. The Asimoss are a race, along with Amoss and others that move freely through the Milky Way, so that, for them, going to or coming to Earth is like taking the subway to go to the neighborhood next to our city. With this great perspective, our planet is just one of many in which they have a presence and they dominate. In addition, the human race is only one of several that they have created genetically with the passage of the millions of years of existence that they have as a species. With the genetic dominion and the laws of life that they possess, their resources have expanded and increased enormously, along with their technology, to continue entering and conquering other places. Although all this sounds like fiction and Star Wars, it is basically the "day to day" for most races from a certain evolutionary level that we will one day reach, both in "positive" and "negative" polarity.

Thus, for better or worse, the Earth is a strategically special point for the Asimoss, also for the Amoss, but these occupy the second place in the hierarchy of power despite having a higher evolutionary level, since our planet has always been considered an extension of their "home" or natal planet, so that the Earth is not only considered a point of extraction of resources and minerals, something that continues to be taken continuously, but a place to settle permanently and establish a growing colony of Asimoss. This is not easy for them, as many of you think you will have read in the monograph about the creation of the human being, the Earth project was a very different one, that of being a “galactic” biosphere reserve, so there are many groups, races and species that oppose that the Asimoss take 100% control of the planet, but since they were already here before life existed, they created mankind, and they terraformed the planet to their liking increasing gravity, eliminating the dinosaurs, establishing the conditions for life that suited them, etc., they possess a lot of power and dominance that is very difficult to eradicate and counteract, even by the forces and non-physical groups that inhabit this planet since its creation and before the arrival of Asimoss and Amoss.

In general, the purpose for the Earth and for humanity is to keep the planet as a permanent base and a "home," and for humanity to remain as the "resources" for that to be possible. Considering the distances, it becomes something like the colonization of Africa by the European powers of a few centuries ago, when the areas of influence were distributed and, from the colony, native labor was used as slaves and resources to enrich Europeans from the continent (or from any part of the world where one country has colonized another and has exploited it against the greater good of the local population). In this case, the entire planet is considered by them a colony on which to do and undo as they please, being the far away "home" of the colonizers in our terms, but having technology and ability to arrive in a matter of seconds (thru vortices and portals and all that you have seen in movies) from one point to another of its vast domains.

Also considering that here they have very valuable mineral resources that continue to be extracted from their own bases inside the planet and mines and areas that we will never be able to even look at, the Earth has everything necessary to be a jewel, nursery, pantry, resting place, supply area and commercial exchange point for the position in which we are within certain “routes” that the Asimoss use, and therefore they fight against any initiative to remove them from the environment as we have tried before with all the power and the technology they have, making their expulsion and eradication very difficult, although we will not stop trying as you will see in future articles.

169. In the world, in the planet, in society, aren't there people who really knowing all this that you expose are working from within CS (control system) to reverse it? If so, why do we not see anything, we know nothing, there is almost no source that gives us details or more explanations of the "positive side"? It is difficult to understand that there is a very powerful CS but there is no equally powerful counter-system fighting against them.

Infiltrating the RIC (races in control) or CS is impossible, at least at the higher levels. There may be people trying to counteract the control system, but they do not belong to it because it cannot be worked from within the CS without being detected. Here we have to understand the CS as an organized system of hierarchical degrees that begins when you have passed from 34th grade (until 360) in the "esoteric" or "mystical" initiatory schools of our civilization. No one can belong to the CS without being “chosen” by it. Another thing is that there are people fighting against the system, in all strata of society, and I am sure that many of you also do what you can, but there is no way to be working from within the control system to reverse the system of control. If there were any errors, or someone entered and then rebelled against the same CS, he would have to end up getting out (escaping) to be able to continue his fight and his work, because, when you accept and belong to the system, the rules, "energetic" jobs that you suffer and conditioners keep you faithful to it.

Therefore, who helps from the physical plane? Who fights the CS? On one hand, there is no information from the positive side because it is very difficult to obtain details of what happens in the world if you are not within the control system, so the only way is to work with the higher planes, your Higher Self or your “guides” to know what happens. If you fight against the “earthly” system, but the energetic, metaphysical and “not visible” part of it is not even an option for you, then you are restricted and confined to a local range of action that can only have more or less influence. For example, there will be those who fight or want to make changes in the economic structure of society, a true engine of enslavement of it, and know very well the economic frameworks of the financial system, but if he does not know how the Asimoss or levels 3 and 4 do to cause economic crises, or to manipulate reality holoquantically so that we project one crisis scenario or another, they have no capacity to dismantle anything in the economic sphere that they know and dominate from a human perspective. If a person is an expert in political and geopolitical issues, and tries to counteract from his position the weavings of levels 6 to 10 of the CS on the planet, but does not know how royalty and all monarchies play a very important role from the level 5 and coordinate with the committee of people who command in each country so that one invades another, it will not be able to change or alter practically nothing no matter how much he protests against the Bilderbergs, Rockefellers or the politicians on duty.

What I want to say is that in order to fight against the CS you have to try to work on all planes of the Earth, because they do so, therefore, you have to learn how things work on a physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal level. You have to be able to see the RIC plays and how they are implemented by the CS in many strata. Like many of the things we see in the world, they are also instigated and provoked by non-corporeal entities that are at their service and that they do and undo without the majority of conspiracy and weaving experts in our society understanding how it is possible that this or the other happened, it is practically impossible to have a global vision and understand how to act from the physical plane against them.

Finally, the counter-system that exists against the RIC and CS is not human, in the sense that there is no organized group of people working against them. The counter-system is rather the groups and forces of nature, the hierarchies and beings that assist us, all the Higher Selves of all incarnated people, and the planetary logos itself. The difference is that this "counter system" is governed by other rules, sees things rather from an evolutionary and learning perspective and in its "positive" polarity does not enter into the same actions that RIC and CS execute, that is, they don’t start playing with the rules of the RIC brand and do not enter the game of fighting them directly. For us, it is complicated, as you say, more and more, and very difficult to conceptualize sometimes and schematize what is happening to make sense of it, so it is normal for us to despair and get frustrated many times, me first, when it seems that everything is falling apart and there is no way forward. Even so, they always remind us that we have help and that they are in the work of making us evolve, although the terms, times and processes for this are different from those we could wish for.

170. In the history of mankind, at what time did humans stop perceiving directly the Asimoss, Amoss and other beings? Why do they hide if they have so much power and so much capacity for manipulation over us?

image (2).png

It is always easier to manage or control something when what is being controlled does not know and does not have the ability to perceive who is behind the "game," hence, by pure strategy, they prefer to stay in their natural state of vibration that it is within the solid and material plane, but outside the frequencies naturally perceived by the human being. This was not always the case, since the creation of the lhulu and its crossing with the manu to give rise to the lhumanu, the Asimoss were working and co-existing in plane 1.1, the most dense and tangible part of the material plane of the Earth and the one we perceive, and during the first millions of years from the creation of the lhumanu to the Sumerian civilization and the beginning of the Egyptian era, they also walked openly among the population. There were, in any case, rules that prohibited their representation as they were, so that, and this appears in many codices and norms of antiquity, the "gods" could not be represented as they were but they could be "humanized" and thus reflect them on tablets and sculptures. The definitive exit from plane 1.1 to move to plane 1.2, their natural frequency habitat, occurred at the time when the Hebrew people took control of humanity's management through the covenants with Yahweh (= Enlil in Sumerian, one of the Asimoss more powerful then), because at that time they already had a management system for the few millions of humans that existed on Earth at that time and a “human” control system to act as “intermediaries” between them and the mass of the population, delegating then to the CS the "day-to-day" control of humanity and they dictating the basic guidelines necessary for it.

171. How often cycles, or years, or octaves, I don't know, is this "evolutionary leap" that allows a race or species or group to pass from one evolutionary level or one course to another?

The evolutionary step or level change that we are living, depends on cycles that have nothing to do with humanity, or in fact, with any species or race, but with the cycles of the planets in which they exist and carry out their path and process of growth. The planetary cycles also depend on the cycles that the solar system to which that planet belongs is subject, thus all the planets of the solar system "execute" a level crossing when the solar logos, the "being" that governs and uses our star as an avatar, marks the moment to move from one frequency and evolutionary state to another. In addition, for each solar system to “leap,” and with it the planets are forced to do so and with it the possibility is offered to the races that inhabit them to leap, it has to be the “regional logos” (see the glossary) who marks the moment when all the solar systems in the Milky Way area that are under the management of the “regional” logos, execute the evolutionary leap simultaneously.

This means that in “galactic” terms, when a logo indicates to all solar systems that the process of evolutionary change begins, they have a huge time frame (in “human” measurement) to double their vibration base frequency, because the evolutionary leap always implies moving from the frequency in which you find yourself to twice the same for each and every one of the particles that make up that system. Therefore, when our solar logos receive the “we pass the course” directive, it indicates it to all the planetary logos that are under its coordination, being Kumar, on Earth, one of them. The planetary logos, therefore, should initiate the frequency rise one octave, in our case, go from 7.8Hz “base” frequency to 15.6Hz over a period of almost two centuries, since the request has long been received but the work could not be carried out or completed yet. Most planetary logos of the solar system have already "passed" level and all the planets, except Earth and someone else are still in the process for different reasons.

In the case of the Earth, humanity, the RIC and CS constantly and by all means avoid this frequency increase, hence there has been no way until now for the 7.8Hz reality to raise naturally to 15.6Hz, since that would imply that all Earth conscious life was actively raising its vibration to the required 15.6Hz. Now we are at an average that goes from 7 or so Hz to 13Hz in some people and parts of the planet, still far from what is required at this stage of the process. As it became impossible to raise humanity to the required frequency, the solution of the “two Earths” was chosen, which you will have read on the blog since we started the explanations at the end of 2017. Therefore, it was decided to build a “new Earth” coupled to Earth 7.8Hz, doubling its energy structure to 15.6Hz (that is, a physical plane 15.6Hz, an etheric plane, a mental one, a causal one, etc.) and creating a system of “two planets in one,” where from reality 7.8Hz you could not perceive reality or nE 15.6Hz, but those who, by their inner work, did the whole healing process, raise vibration and climb up to 15.6Hz, could get to perceive that nE and, at the right moment, take that evolutionary leap.

By then having Kumar an “Earth” at 15.6Hz, it complies with the guidelines of the solar logos and the regional logos so as not to delay the evolutionary leap of the whole group, which has to maintain harmony and balance, whether or not there are humans in that nE, because that does not stop the whole jump process and starts the cosmic clock again for the start of the new "course." On the other hand, by keeping the Earth 7.8Hz as it is now, but putting a step ladder (the timeline 42), it is allowed that, individually, every human being who wants to complete that process and “go” to the nE can do so without problems, becoming part of the new Humanity of the future, leaving this current reality 7.8Hz that will not undergo any change, because as we have said already it only will be maintained the best and most stable possible as the board game for those who still can't complete that step.

That "humanity of the future," we will call it that; will be responsible for launching a new society, a new human "civilization" without the presence of the RIC and CS that cannot intervene or pass. This summer, within a few months, the barrier and frequency membrane that now prevents the passage of timeline 33 to timeline 42 will be removed and, in a couple of years, as we saw in the last update, the physical plane of the nE will be complete and ready to be inhabited. If someone reaches the 15.6Hz frequency level now in this current reality, they will begin to perceive the passageways, and whenever they want, they are ready for it, they can “leave” voluntarily with their family group. As that moment gets closer, I will be giving you more explanations about it, but it is not an urgent issue, because the timelines do not mark any human being ready to go in decades, since no Higher Self, according to the evolution that it is planned for the different active incarnations at this time, it is at a level close to getting the vibration required for it. As they always tell us, there is no hurry. The doors and walkways will always be open and protected, and the nE ready to welcome us when the first waves of people will move to it. The process and the times for it are in our hands, those who assist us have been in charge of preparing the structure and the paths for the jump, and everything is in perfect order for it when each of us is willing and able to give it.

172. What did you have to do to reach this level of connection with your Higher Self and your guides or those who help you and now it seems that they can explain "everything" to you? How do we get there the rest of the people to be able to verify and have access to all this information by ourselves? Thanks for all this work by the way, I would like to participate and collaborate but I do not get that cleanliness or fluidity in the connection with my Higher Self that I have been looking for a long time.

Everyone has a mission or purpose and, in my case, it has to do with what you see reflected in the blog or in the courses, books or everything I do. This purpose is accepted by the soul for each incarnation and arises from the Higher Self towards the spirit body and this towards the soul, or directly from the Higher Self to the soul if the former is not present. If the soul “accepts” and this work proposal for each life seems “good,” then the problem comes in bringing that idea, knowledge and “function” to the personality, which “wakes up” and it starts the steps to be able to carry it out. As far as I am aware, in all my incarnations I am doing this kind of “informative” and formation work in one way or another and with the tools and knowledge that exist in each historical era in which I have an active and simultaneous incarnation (with which I work consciously from this incarnation as "David" to be able to assist myself in this same work in other humanity epochs).

Once the soul and the Higher Self get the personality to “discover” that purpose and consciously accept it, the soul and the Higher Self try to provide it with the tools, opportunities and resources to carry it out, letting the personality “lead” the process, make the effort, move forward or backward in it, make its mistakes and learn from them, etc. In my case, it began with the learning of meditation techniques that led me at the beginning of 2003 to connect with those who assist me, which we call "guides," and from there to start receiving small images, phrases or very brief messages with very basic content. Since 2003, the daily use of meditation, work with the pendulum, synchronicities, "automatic" writing and learning self-healing techniques led me to be able to "clear" a part of the blockages inherent and present in the human being in the mind (the mental spheres), my sphere of consciousness and my personality, the golden cord and my psychic and energetic structure. From the "thrust" of the soul and the Higher Self as we have commented in the previous article, boosting the energy of the will and minimizing the activation of the archetypes of non-evolution, those small images or simple messages were over the years being more and more precise, clear and detailed. As I was more deprogrammed and healed, greater clarity and precision, suffering on the other hand huge psychic attacks and manipulations and all kinds of blockages by RIC and CS that seek every minute how to prevent these connections, because they are marked as “very dangerous” for them and, therefore, they assign you 24-hour surveillance and, if they can, try to prevent you from doing them.

In order to move forward, then the will must be strengthened, so as not to give up when you are fatal and on the ground, physically, emotionally and energetically speaking. I learned to go “fixed pinion,” which basically means that whatever happened, I had to keep going (but I've thrown in the towel several times) and once I was getting more clarity in the data packets I received and checked for several methods that were correct, so I could rely more and apply more thoroughly to further unlock this communication. Over time, almost 17 years later, the channel is more or less stable, very fluid communication, working with my guides and my Higher Self is a continuous 24h a day and fights with the RIC and CS to continue typing another 24h a day more. Therefore, the process for all human beings is identical: to eliminate blockages and programs that impede by their nature the connection with the Higher Self beyond a basic level that is granted to us so that we maintain some of the “illusion” to being connected to the "divine," but that does not allow to lower more than a minimum of non-dangerous information, since there are filters in the mind that detect what they are explaining to you and automatically check if you can access it by comparison with the paradigm of the preconscious mental sphere.

By removing and deprogramming, removing and healing again what they have put back after having removed it, continue insisting to learn from your Higher Self ways to get ahead, defend yourself from the RIC and all that, and have a willingness to continue learning, you can reach a level of connection and communication as direct and fluid as if you were talking with a friend about a meter away from you. On the other hand, the fact of having a public profile increases the difficulty, since those who do their process more anonymously at home, have much less restrictions because they are not so guarded (or not guarded at all) and, therefore, with a basic protection from their Higher Self and its guides can advance in their purpose or mission, connecting with their Higher Self from their personality and communicating through the internal channels that we all bring by default with fewer obstacles and more quickly. Persist, because despite everything, at some point we will all achieve it.

Remember that you can always check all this information for yourself through your Higher Self.

A hug,

David Topí

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