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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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158. When you said in a previous article that "slowdowns" were being eliminated that prevent octaves from the mental reality from falling more rapidly to the etheric and then to the physical, how do these slowdowns work? What are they? Who has put them? Is there a way to overcome them so that they cannot limit or slow down what we emit and that it reaches our physical reality faster?

The "slowdowns" are small energy permeable membranes that are located mainly in the separation between the different planes and structures of the Earth, in all their realities and between all their different dimensions and frequency planes. They separate, to understand ourselves, the physical plane of the etheric plane, and the etheric plane of the mental plane, and so on, but not because one is “on top” of another and is like an insulating layer, since a plane is always contained within the upper plane, so it is more like a "cellophane wrapper" that covers the entire physical structure and "slightly" isolates it from the etheric, and another "wrapper" that isolates the etheric from the mental, etc. This configuration is natural on Earth, that is, the planet has these "separators" by design and by nature, to facilitate energy stability in each of its planes and levels. However, taking advantage of this, and taking advantage of the fact that for the functioning of human reality at the "physical" level, the energy of mental events must be transferred to the etheric plane and from this to the "solid" plane, Asimoss, Amoss and the rest of races technologically built amplifiers of "speed reduction" of all octaves, processes and energies that went down, at the beginning of our history as a race, for the different timelines, from the mental to the physical.

So, to understand it, imagine that if from the top of a tower you drop something and nothing stops it, it will fall according to the speed dictated by the energy and physical norms, but, if you are putting permeable braking “nets” that let go of what it has been launched, but they reduce the rate of fall, something that can originally manifest from a mental stage to a physical reality in 24 hours now takes 24 weeks, to say something, because the speed of manifestation of the octaves that generate reality slowed down at unimaginable levels. Why? To give the human being the illusion of immutability, that the physical world is "static," that almost never changes, and that the changes are very slow and progressive. Nothing is further from reality, if we manage to remove all the unnatural slowdowns that exist on the planet, and it has been possible to remove something less than 20% of the total already between all the planes and levels, we will see how the world accelerates the changes in the reality at a huge level, because everything that is "emitted" and consolidated at the mental level, will not find delays at the etheric and physical level to appear in our reality.

For now, we can only wait for the forces and hierarchies assigned to the cleaning work to complete their work, but, over time, everything will go much faster because the physical world is nothing more than a huge quantum hologram that can keep up with the "mental" world if it is not stopped, that changes constantly and without stopping, what happens is that the human being, in general, is not adapted or mentally prepared so that his reality changes constantly and so quickly, and that is why you cannot remove all the slowdowns at once, because it would sow a little chaos in the stability that society needs to be able to move forward, but, little by little, the speed will increase when less membranes exist and we will see how everything begins to change at a higher rate according to the projection of the reality that each one does individually and the joint projection from the different collective unconscious to which we are connected.

159. I have read your 1st Dynamic Book of the Invisible. In chapter 17 you talk about the creation of the human. My question: where do Lemuria, Atlantis fit in, and the other races like the blue ... etc.? Why does the High Self agree that souls be kidnapped by other races? In this experiment Earth have we always been the same?

Correct, all the epochs you mention, and all historical epochs since the beginning of mankind have been marked by the Asimoss control over our species. In all the legends that we know and that have reached us the truth is distorted about those periods of our evolution, because, for example, during the Atlantean era, the vast majority of the inhabitants and components of society were lhumanus with little or no evolutionary development, some learning to light fire and others being slaves and resources as always of the races in control, and only a tiny part of them, the "elite" and the ancestors of our current "lineages in control" were those who possessed and gave us all the imagery and fantasies about the "golden age" of humanity at that time. This means that everything we believe or has reached us, or perceive from the collective unconscious, from connections with those other times, is only the life of the "elites" of that time, being less than 1% of the total human population that lived in Lemuria, Atlantis and others. Humanity as a whole has never enjoyed any golden age as such, nor has it ever been free, nor has it ever had the technology or power that the control system always had and made us believe that we had, in fact, always the lineages that put themselves in a position of power over the rest have been manipulating the telling of the story to distort the knowledge of it, both on an energetic and mental level, inserting in the different collective unconscious all kinds of scenarios and mental forms to be recovered by those with psychic abilities, such as misrepresenting ancestral tales and myths to achieve confusion and total concealment of the existence of the control system, slavery and the position of humanity with respect to them and the races that created us at the avatar level. Finally, the Higher Self does not consent or cease to consent, since there is no such perception from that vision of consciousness, simply, since the beginning of the troodon manipulation the avatars available have been subject to many restrictions and limitations and those avatars had to be linked to be able to experiment in this "game" of life on Earth.

165. Hi David, I am confused with the numbers 33 and 42, why is 33 the one with low vibration and in numerology is a master number? To give an example, 33 is the age when Jesus died or the greater degree of the Masons (degree 33). On the other hand I always see repeated numbers, the 11 almost daily and several times, but lately I see the 33....... THANK YOU

The number 33 has always been a number associated with a vibration that did not exceed 11Hz, but it is correct that, in all numerology studies, which are very old, it is considered a "master" number, and that is, at the time of development of these studies, treaties or knowledge, 11Hz was a very high vibration, therefore, the digits "double" as 11, 22, 33 or 44, which correspond to vibrations determined at the mental and causal level and specific positions of these planes, are numbers that, in their beginnings, if you were vibrating at 6Hz or 7Hz for example five thousand years ago, it was a "master" or "magic" number from your point of view.

With the passage of time and the energy changes in the structure of the planet, the number 33 became assigned to the timeline that we already know, but no numerological study has updated, adapted or known where these changes came from, why they occurred or if it was necessary to update the concept of “master number,” so we continued doing numerological studies with the knowledge of thousands of years ago where the vibration of the numbers and their interpretation were done from another position and frequency (that of the humanity of that moment). If we were to adapt numerological knowledge to current reality, the "master" numbers would be 42 and other derivatives thereof.

On the other hand, the concept of Jesus' age of 33 is a manipulation of the control system. Knowing that the timeline of humanity most likely to maintain the control system was the 33rd timeline, many centuries after the life of the historical character of Jesus symbol changes in the Catholic religion began to "fix" and "anchor" the Christian egregor to timeline 33, subjecting the masses to this timeline by connection with the egregor of religious beliefs, and, the easiest way to "nail" this egregor to timeline 33 was, among other things, to assign 33 as the age of Jesus, without really having anything to do with it and it is completely false that this number represents his real physiological age, the number of years he lived, etc., etc. Finally, for Freemasonry and other esoteric schools, grade 33 is not the highest, the highest is degree 360, which completes the degrees of a circle, with grade 33 being only the final grade of the “public” and visible part from this organization, and beginning in grade 34, the lowest level of the control system that governs our society, so that, as you move up within these organizations (grade 35, grade 40, grade 70 ...), the higher you move up in the hierarchical positions within this same management and control system that we have already commented several times and is explained in detail in the books of Dynamics of the Invisible II and the Orion Yoke.

166. How does the blood type influence the character and choice of the most appropriate type of food? Why there are different blood types in humans?

There are different blood types because in the different experiments that were carried out for the transformation of troodon into manu, manu in lhulu, and lhumanu in different homos models, they searched and tested many types of genetic combinations to find the avatar that would adapt better to their needs, to their requirements and to the "designs" of the Asimoss leading classes that "requested" different characteristics for different functions or occupations. Therefore, according to the type of antigen present in the red blood cells and according to the presence of RH (RH+) or not (RH-), they were combining and creating small differences in the physiological and organic avatars that we have that, at the energy level have many more differences than what is perceived on a purely physical level. In this way, some blood combinations give the avatar more capacity to sustain higher energy levels, other combinations give more potential to the soul connection to manage the physical body, other combinations allowed the Asimoss to more easily attach to the lhumanus, etc. In addition, since the human avatar had to be nourished by organic foods, some of these foods have more favorable characteristics for the development of that avatar according to the blood type that it possessed, and, although today all human beings regardless of their blood type are eating more or less the same, there are small differences in food that make some foods more recommended for a certain blood type than for another, not being indispensable for our survival or health status, but to optimize the physical-energy potential of the avatar observing the rules and studies that have been published (without distortion by the medical-scientific system) on what type of food is more suitable for each blood type.

At the level of character or personality, the difference depends on the physiological combination that the avatar has, since the psyche programs, the ego program and the sphere of consciousness on whose surface our personality is located also depend on the energy state of the body that governs, and this energetic state depends on its chemical composition, which depends in part on the type of blood it has, which makes it semi-correct to explain different types of personalities according to the different blood types that exist in the human race, because each type differs slightly in frequency and vibration and the different patterns and "I's" that we have adapt more or less easily to one or another frequency, some more consistent with a vibration in a type of person A, others in a type of person AB, others in a type O, and so on.

167. When a consciousness comes to incarnate here on Earth for the first time, where does the energy to create the soul comes from? Where is it made? In the sun...?

There are two possible origins for the soul body we possess. The first, the creation of it by the Higher Self at the moment in which it wishes to connect and tie with a human avatar, that is, if a being, a Higher Self, an orb of consciousness is required to guide and monitor a human being, let's imagine it thousands of years ago in the first appearances of our species, this being or Higher Self could not do it without an intermediate link body between the physical vehicle and himself, therefore, the soul link body, in this circumstance is created by the Higher Self itself using the conscious energy of the internal planes of the Earth, endowing it with consciousness using its own energy, and placing the soul body in a position of management and control of the rest of the human structure. Therefore, in many cases, the human soul that we possess has been created by our own Higher Self with certain characteristics and with qualities and potentials appropriate to the work to be done.

On the other hand, a soul can end up animating a human body from the animal kingdom. That is, the equivalent to the portion of energy that makes the soul for some of the most advanced species of the animal kingdom can be individualized and gain enough potential to, then, become the soul of a human physical body and start with this a whole new evolutionary journey, guided and governed by a Higher Self that links with both to make connection with the Source, hierarchies and higher planes of Creation. And how does the theme of souls work in the kingdoms of nature? As many of you know, minerals, plants and animals do not possess individualized souls as in the case of the human kingdom, since they are formed by somewhat simpler energy structures and whose evolutionary needs are governed and guided from a group mind, which monitors and provides each species and class of mineral, plant or animal, an equivalent to the human soul, but at the group level. Where does a human soul come from then if there is no individual soul in any species of the other kingdoms of nature? It comes out of the species that are evolutionarily speaking more advanced on Earth, which are cats, dogs, monkeys, horses and elephants in the "terrestrial" kingdom, and cetaceans, dolphins, whales, in the "aquatic" kingdom. These animal species, have an equivalent to the human mental body with a much higher degree of development than, for example, penguins, squirrels or deer, and a coating that comes from the group soul that gives them a certain individuality, doing something similar to the function of the causal body for the human being, which they do not have.

Therefore, this semi-causal or quasi-causal body is what can be separated from one of these species when one of its members dies, and a Higher Self can use the quasi-causal animal body to wrap a physical body and its basic energy system and link it with the whole, giving rise to a human being whose soul body comes from one of the most advanced animal species on the planet.

168. The difference between births and daily deaths on the planet, according to statistics, is about 250,000 new human beings every day that join the whole of humanity. Taking into account the simultaneity of time as you explained, many questions come as, where do so many souls come from? Are there new Higher Selves “newly arrived” connecting with newborn avatars?

This question must be divided into several parts. First, approximately 375,000 human beings are born every day on the entire planet, and approximately 155,000 die, therefore, there are about 220,000 avatars, as you say, that add to the whole of the human species daily. Population growth, then, is due solely to humanity's free will to procreate and continue to expand the species to which we belong on a physical level. However there are nuances to explain. Many of these "new" avatars do not possess a Higher Self, but all possess soul, because the soul is granted by right of life, and this soul is created and assigned directly by the hierarchies and forces of nature, when there is no Higher Self present or linked, that using the quasi-causal bodies of some more evolved animal species (see the previous question), grant this soul body to the new biological and organic avatars that we generate. Therefore, many people who, in recent decades have been part of humanity, are not linked to a Higher Self, but they do possess the whole set of soul-subtle bodies-physical body.

So, if they don't have an individual Higher Self, what or who makes them "move forward", helps them, assists them and supports them? This is the most complex part to explain. It is the same planetary consciousness, Kumar, and various hierarchies of nature assigned to it, who are responsible for the process of "replacing" the function of the Higher Self for all new human beings to which one of them is not linked, well because all those higher Selves that are on the planet already "covered" the quota of incarnations and lives, all simultaneous, that they wanted, needed and could link, or because from our galactic logos no "new" Higher Selves were assigned for the end phase of the evolutionary process on the planet, so that, even when new physical avatars were born, they were not endowed with a Higher Self for the 7.8Hz reality, but all "non-active" Higher Selves already on Earth were reassigned to the humanity of the 15.6Hz reality.

This means that all human beings, the majority, who have been here for millennia, at the Higher Self level and since time is simultaneous, we already have all our active and “complete” incarnations, without the possibility that our Higher Self can generate or link with any other avatar on Earth 7.8Hz, and all new physical vehicles that are born now and that are not a projection of some Higher Self that has been active on our planet since long ago, and whose birth parameters have been programmed for this time, they will receive a connection to a kind of "generic Higher Self" formed by part of the planetary consciousness and several of the groups that assist in the development of life on Earth. In any case, at the "earthly" level there is no way to differentiate whether a person is linked to an individual Higher Self or to the "generic" and "planetary" Higher Self, since the basic functions are fulfilled in all cases and the soul always receives all the assistance required for the entire incarnation.

169. Hello David, it remains to consult you, your point of view, in relation to what would be reincarnation, other lives lived, multidimensional, given that the last laws of quantum physics unfolding time, etc., where they say that time is an eternal present, then where these other lives would be located, even I have memories of them ...

We had already explained in question 157 how time is simultaneous and works like a huge "comic" on a physical, etheric and mental level, so that all your incarnations happen at the same time, and your sphere of consciousness that is located on the mental plane of the Earth, for all human beings, is the one that is jumping from “static moment” to “static moment,” giving us the illusion of the passage of time. The information that each “static moment” possesses is constantly collected by the soul and by the Higher Self, and this, through a constant feedback mechanism, “downloads” the information of each of its incarnations in all others, in the layers and levels of the mental body that belong to the subconscious stratum of the psyche. In this way, all incarnations have the information of all other incarnations simultaneously in themselves, and this information is constantly updated. Imagine that you have 20 lives each distributed in a different historical period, all happening at the same time. Everything that happens and is experienced in each life is “uploaded” to the Higher Self that collects it and re-downloads in the mental body of each avatar all the information collected from all the others. So if you enter your subconscious through meditation, hypnosis or any other technique, you could perfectly recover the information of any other simultaneous life because that information has been “downloaded” daily to you by your Higher Self from everything that is happening now in all your other lives.

A hug,

David Topí

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