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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

151. Why do Asimoss and Amoss continue to collaborate with each other when they are somehow also races that compete for the possession of the resources of the Earth and of the human being? The other races that you mentioned in articles like Zuls, Alomiss and Animiss, why do they help or assist you? What do they get in return?

In general, the answer is that these races found on Earth and in the human being a huge source of resources that, since none of them could control 100% and since none of them wanted to give up their “part of the cake” they saw that it was better to cooperate and understand each other rather than to constantly fight in a kind of "war,” to see who was able to throw who and who was left with the prize. Based on the evolutionary and hierarchical levels of each race, since each of them has a different level of consciousness, and according to the implication that each species had in the creation of the human being and in the “transformation” of our planet to adapt it to their needs (remember that we had already explained how the Assimoss were those who manipulated the gravity of the planet, by changes in its nucleus, to make the great sauries disappear, which responded mainly to the Amoss and that had been brought by them), then the hierarchy of control of levels 1 and 2 that we have explained above was established, the agreements between them, who would do what and how, who would obtain what and how, etc. By these ancestral agreements, all the races currently present on Earth: Asimoss, Amoss, Alomiss, Animiss, Zuls and the "Grays,” who are their "servants,” are assured of everything they need for their existence here and on their planets of origin, because the Earth continues to be exploited for other needs that escape the knowledge we have of how we really are a supply system in many ways, physical and energy, to other planetary spheres, home of these species that have here main bases and one of its most important “resource extraction points.” In the end, it all comes down to the interests that each race has and how to get them, whether by negotiation and cooperation with your competitors or by force and conflict, and they decided the first option, cooperation, even if they fight or confront each other elsewhere for other reasons or different circumstances.

152. Hello David, if the human being is the product of a genetic manipulation carried out by Asimoss, at what time was consciousness or spirit imbued in that human being? Thank you.

It was at the moment that the troodon was chosen as the base species to provide it with greater awareness and individuality, and those groups and hierarchies that designed the Earth project as a “galactic” reserve of life made the first genetic changes to make it a "troodon+." At that time, a being or Higher Self was assigned to each individualized troodon “taken out” of the animal kingdom, so that most of us, at the level of Higher Self and soul, are already here from the moment in which the troodon ceased to be a saury "animal" and became an individual and self-conscious "saury." At that same evolutionary point, the soul link body was created and, since then, the avatar was the only thing that changed because of the genetic manipulation that you already know, keeping the soul and the Higher Self in control and management of the avatar “troodon plus,” then the avatar "manu,” then the lhulu, then the lhumanu, and then the dozens of homos models until we reach the avatar "homo sapiens" we have now.

153. Would the karmic changes of the petitions now also extend to any "common" murder, physical violence, hunting, fishing, harvesting or burning of stubble so that consequences will be seen in our ordinary life? Or to what extent would the requests in the petition come to those who go against the “greater good,” only those above, or almost anyone in the ordinary life? Thank you.

Yes, all sentient beings on Earth are affected, at all levels, in all areas and with all their consequences, but it is not the same to receive an octave back amplified 5000 times when you have only moved or launched a small “local” process, that when you have executed an action against humanity, the biosphere, other people or sentient beings, etc. But, if, in any case, from this moment on, all of us are governed by the new “karmic” parameters, and this can be confirmed with your Higher Self through signals or request for synchronicities, simply most people will not understand why what happens to them when they see events coming to their reality that are the result of the planetary order of "now you have to restore the damage or imbalance you have caused" and will blame it for bad luck or things like that, because almost no one on the planet will understand that they are the result and effect of their own actions that now arrive almost immediately and with great force.

154. In a last article you say that every action generates an energy imbalance for having altered the environment, for better or worse, and this produces a contrary wave in order to recover the balance. The request is to restore the imbalance caused by damage. If we do a good deed, will a wave occur to return to the previous state? e.g. If we heal a plant, would it get sick again?

No, because there are parameters within the "karmic waves" that check what "type" of imbalance has occurred, and if it is against or in favor of the greater good, codified by the planetary consciousness itself in all aspects of life in Earth. That is, if the “wave,” action or process implemented is “recessive” or contrary to the greater good of something, someone, another being, another life, etc., the karmic octave requests the restoration of the lost balance to reestablish the balance in what was "evolutionarily pushed back,” when it suffered damage from a "negative" action, while, if the octave set in motion was in favor of the greater good of who received it, the "karmic” wave marks the new state reached as the "new level of equilibrium" to maintain, therefore, octaves, actions and "positive" processes help move forward and grow and do not receive the order to "restore damage" but are like changes that are taken with the parameters of “receive this wave that I have set in motion and go up to the new level of balance and balance that marks my positive action.

As you can see, down to a very basic level and explained in a very simple way, here we have the concepts of “negative karma” and “positive karma,” because there is a global consciousness (the planetary one) that evaluates each process started within its domains and “decides” (the process is automatic) what kind of situation should occur, either “lost balance restoration wave” or “assistance wave to establish new higher order balance point if it is in accordance with the greater good of the receiver of it.”

155. Hi David. You say that a spiritual Guide is always someone outside of us and instead the Higher Self is a portion of us that exists on other levels or levels of evolution and frequency. But in the answer to question 112 you say that the Higher Self can be removed / replaced by hierarchies far superior to our own Higher Self. If it can be replaced, then it would no longer be a part of us?

The concept of "spiritual guidance" is simply a very generic way of calling other beings independent of us who have their own life, existence, reality and evolutionary path and who offer and lend help when they have our permission to do so, such as when you ask a friend or someone you trust for advice and he offers his help. But your Higher Self, your soul, your spirit, your subtle bodies, your physical avatar, all that are parts of you, and even if they had to be changed, in some extremely extreme cases for some tremendously important reason, they would remain part of you. If you had to receive a physical organ for a transplant that is necessary, even if the physical organ came from an external donor, once in your body, it is already part of you, if for some reason you had to change the emotional body of a person; the new emotional body would remain part of the person. This type of change is simply not done because there are no evolutionary situations in us that may require them, but, if they did, it does not mean that we stop having a part of us or that something that is part of the whole structure of the human being is lost.

156. Hi David, one of the open processes still in a very primary phase with the possibility of materializing is the total dissolution of Collective Unconscious 33, how is this process executed or carried out? What would be noticed or not noticed in both timelines and what consequences would it have on people?

Yes, although the dissolution of the Collective Unconscious33 began months ago, it is going very slowly and it is run by Kumar himself, as ultimately responsible for the different morphic and energetic fields on the planet. The reason why this dissolution is not accelerated more is because it is tried first to move to the maximum number of people to the Collective Unconscious 42, and it is tried to eliminate from the Collective Unconscious 33 the most negative possible future scenarios that, being simultaneously already “formed,” our "elites" want to manifest by lowering them to the physical plane, and those who assist us want to prevent. Thus there is rather a tug of war for the control of Collective Unconscious 33 in which forces of nature and planetary hierarchies try to clean the most chaotic and negative of it while the control system tries to implement events and situations that suit their interests

Once the total control of Collective Unconscious 33 is achieved by planetary forces and hierarchies, its dissolution will be accelerated, and what will be noticed will be a lower energy load on the shoulders of all human beings, less “weight” and less ballast that pulls downwards the vibration of all of us, although, then, as there are continental Collective Unconscious, national Collective Unconscious, regional Collective Unconscious, local Collective Unconscious and family Collective Unconscious, we will continue to have many levels and blocks “above” that will continue to slow down the frequency increase towards superior energy levels. Even so, it is the first step to take, disconnect from Collective Unconscious 33 and the rest of Collective Unconscious and wait for those who attend the planet to take control of it and continue working on its cleaning and dissolution.

157. It is about time. There are therapies such as akashic records, past lives etc., at the same time on a physical level we have archeology, on the other hand you mention how we are creating the future etc. however you say that the other "I" are coexisting all at once and that time does not exist, why do we have only remains (physical and energetic) of the past? Does linearity (temporal) affect matter?

Time does exist, but it is not linear, but simultaneous, and what produces the illusion of linearity is the sphere of consciousness of the human being jumping from one static moment of time to another and leaving his linear "energy trail" in doing so. Let's see if we can explain it.

Your whole life is like a huge three-dimensional comic, all the vignettes of each temporary micro instant exist as a static frame in it of infinitesimal duration, and only your sphere of consciousness, which is located in the upper part of the mental body, is the one that jumps from one frame to another, connecting to the "avatar" that at the moment is "static" by lifting a pencil and then connecting to the next "static" moment where the other temporary avatar is putting it back on the table, and all the static frames that represent all the body movements that you had to do to take those steps.

Graph’s English translation: Sphere or torus of consciousness, located in the mental body of the planet, about one meter above the head of the person.​

Mental spheres, "software" of the psyche, which analyzes and processes the data that comes through the brain collected by the senses and facilitates their understanding based on their processing by our "conscious part"

Therefore, each temporary moment is simultaneous with the rest of the temporary instants of your life and all coexist at the same time in a huge “fabric” for the physical, etheric and mental levels of our planet, and in fact, for these three levels of the entire universe. The concept of linear time is the perception you have when you go from being connected to the “now” frame and jump with your awareness to the frame that comes just after. Taking into account that there are almost infinite static frames for each possible combination of actions that you put in place, and that you can alter the content of your comic with your decisions and changes, the set of what is called the “sacred plot,” that is what we have explained, it is of enormous complexity and difficult to conceptualize in many cases for most people.

Now, and for humanity? As you say, we have archaeological remains that tell us that time erodes the ruins and that over the years things change and age. How is it possible if everything happens at once? If it is my consciousness that goes through the static moments of each moment that are already encoded in my sacred plot, why is there wear on my body? Why doesn't the frame within 20 years look the same as the frame to which I am now connected with my consciousness?

The answer is that it depends on the “energy expenditure” that consciousness needs to move from frame to frame, that is, so that your sphere of consciousness, which is a toroidal orb that works in five dimensions, can connect to a static moment of your life, release it, jump to the next, release it, jump to the next, and all that so fast that you from your personality (which is on the surface of that same sphere of consciousness) only perceive a temporary continuity without ups and downs and without jumps, has to use energy.

And that energy, where does it come from? From the same frames, so, with the passage of consciousness through the static events of the person's life, each frame consumes a part of its energy to literally allow the passage of time for that moment, and that energy wear moves from "static" moment to "static" moment, so, in each temporal moment, to our understanding, we have "aged" a little, because consciousness consumes part of the energy present in each "vignette" of our comic to go ahead. As, in addition, within the parameters that form the system of life on our planet, each static moment is subject to multiple restrictions, limitations and blockages, that “three-dimensional static” frame that represents what you are “now,” does not have much energy either to allow the passage of your consciousness from your moment "now" towards your moment "after" to not take a part of what you have as an energy resource at the physical-etheric-mental level, causing that, according to the event codified in the frame, in a while you are more tired than three hours earlier, or, on the contrary, if static frames have been recharged with energy, when consciousness passes through them then it has a “plus” of vitality to move on.

Finally, at the level of "humanity,” what consciousness goes through the static events that form the history of mankind? Nothing more nor less than the collective unconscious, so that it draws us all to frames marked on the timeline 33 on the one hand, or on the timeline 42 on the other, and this causes that, by dragging the consciousness of humanity through every moment of time, the "material" human reality, such as ancient buildings, constructions, the environment, etc., will "wear out" with the passing of collective consciousness, giving us the impression of temporary erosion, or that "time" has been responsible for erasing or disintegrating everything that once existed.

Now, if with some kind of mental projection technique you move your consciousness to the first frame of your existence, or you could connect with the initial frame of humanity, you would see what are now ruins in your "present" moment exists in their full splendor, because that first comic strip of humanity has not been erased, it has simply been “worn out” when passing from temporary moment to temporary moment and, therefore, there comes a time that, when exhausting the energy load of what is encoded in each frame, its content disappears from the timeline and, for us, "that" no longer exists, even if it did so in the "past" and remains "simultaneously" active in another static moment of time in which our consciousness has already gone through, either individually or globally.

A hug,

David Topí

(Laron: For previous articles of answers to the questions many have been sending in, just check out David’s author profile on transients here for archive posts. Otherwise search his profile here on The Roundtable for current articles. For information on how to ask David a question, see this article here, and note that David is accepting questions from me over email so feel free to ask a question in the comments of this article, or just contact me directly with it.)

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