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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

142. In your articles you say that KUMAR is the logos of the Earth. I would like to know if there is a logo called KAIMAT. Thank you.

It is very possible that this name is a distortion of some of the names that the different “planetary logos” use in the coding of the “Irdim” language, which we have commented in other articles that is a kind of “galactic Esperanto,” that is, the language that, for the more than two million species and conscious races in the Milky Way, was "created" as a means of communication and understanding between them. Thus, all the names that I put on the blog are names in Irdim, therefore, Kumar is the name in Irdim that the planetary logos gives itself, but it is not even its “original” name, since Kumar means “young,” and is a name that was “assigned” by our solar logos “Rawak” when Kumar was incorporated as the being who was going to manage this planet in its origins and at the time of its creation. Being the “youngest” logos of all the other planetary logos of our solar system, Rawak called him “Kumar” and “Kumar” accepted this name, something like if we affectionately called our son “little” and then everyone will call him "little." It is not exactly the same analogy because Kumar is not “son” of Rawak, in any sense, because they are two logos of enormous evolutionary differences, so much that one uses a planet for its growth and evolution, and the other uses a star, something that is only available for higher hierarchies. Therefore, that name you have is not the real name of any logos of any planet in our solar system, but it may be an approximation to the name of any of them in any other part of the Milky Way. It is also possible that you have received a name that resembles in vibration the real name of some logos but not its coding "in words" or written name.

143. Hi David. As we make direct requests to our Higher Self, can we also make requests directly to Kumar, Rawak, the Umar regional logos, the Eur galactic logos and the Source? Or would it be more appropriate to ask our Higher Self to make the request, in our name, to these higher hierarchies? Thank you very much for everything David.

No, we cannot, or rather, we can do it, but we do not have the evolutionary "codes" necessary for them to be executed or be taken into account. Let's explain it. If we look at the structure of a company, for example, the intern or the person who holds a position in the lower levels of the company does not have a direct line with the CEO or the CEO, but has to ask what he needs to his manager, who asks to his, who asks for it at his highest hierarchical level, etc. The same for example in military structures, the soldier cannot make requests to the captain general, he can shout it out or he can send a request in writing, but the captain general or the CEO does not answer them. In the universe, in Creation, it works the same way, by hierarchies. But there is a huge difference with the analogies that I have given you, while on Earth these examples, like a company, are control and management structures for people to keep the system running, in the universe hierarchies work by level of consciousness, energy, vibrational and evolutionary, and, therefore, for our planetary logos to "accept" to execute a request, it is necessary that it comes from the level of consciousness and energy appropriate for it, and that is "measured" by the energy "codes" that all of us have according to the evolution or the state of consciousness that we have. Therefore, from the personality, we can hardly address Kumar, Rawak, Umar, Eur or Uan (the name in Irdim of the “cosmic” logos of this universe), but, if we do it through our Higher Self, where the personality or the soul asks the Higher Self to "transfer it to those above," that yes since it has a "direct line" with Kumar, because it has the appropriate "hierarchical" codes to interact directly with the planetary logos. Then, for Rawak to accept “something,” Kumar has to ask for it, which is the next evolutionary degree that we would have between us, our Higher Self and the solar logos. To ask something of the “regional” logos, Umar, the same, only those beings, groups, logos or hierarchies with the appropriate “codes” that are nothing more than an identification of the consciousness, vibration and evolutionary level of something or someone, you can send a request to those levels so high within the hierarchy of beings that govern everything that happens in this universe. In many cases, when someone asks “something” to the evolutionary levels perceived as higher (according to the belief system of each person) it is usually the Higher Self of the person who tries to respond in the most appropriate way to what each person believes it is their concept of the "Source," external deities, etc., to be able to help their part of "personality" without, on the other hand, violating the rules of nonintervention and free will under which aid is governed from the Higher Self to the physical avatar and the soul.

144. You said in some article that our level of consciousness as humanity is very low, how is that measured? What or who measures it? What level of consciousness or what level will we have as a race when we are on the new Earth? Thank you.

Have we ever commented, in different explanations over these years, that our Milky Way, in fact all galaxies, are divided into "frequency bands" or "frequency planes." In total, there are approximately 350 “bands” or “energy levels” from the densest and “solid” to the least. In any of these 350 levels available, somewhat less because some are reserved for functions of "maintenance" and "organization" of life in the galaxy, the collective unconscious of any of the races that exist in our Milky Way can be located. Therefore, the evolutionary level of a group or species is indicated by the “location” of its collective unconscious, so if a species whose collective unconscious is in the band 100 it has an evolutionary level of degree “100” within all possible evolutionary levels that exist in the domains of Eur.

The human race has its collective unconscious in the “3” band of these 350 levels, since the physical and solid and material plane of our planet is located in the 1 band, being the densest of all energy bands or divisions. The etheric plane of the Earth is located in band 2, and the mental plane of the Earth is located in band 3, which is where we have our collective unconscious. Other races, such as the Amoss, inhabit planets that are, for example, at their densest and strongest level above level 50, their etheric level in bands 60 to 69 and their mental level in band 70 and above (for example). If the collective unconscious of this breed is in the 70 of the 350 frequency band, that species has an evolutionary level "70" of 350 possible.

This organization and way of measuring what level of development a conscious species has on any planet then marks the rules of intervention, the rules of intergalactic contact, the rules of communication and cooperation between species, we being still far from being able to access these aspects of the "neighborhood relationship" with other races because it is the equivalent of being in the nursery of the galaxy, yet without access to information, knowledge and understanding of most things that are necessary to be able to be "accepted" and interact with other species openly. This, however, is not a negative concept for anyone, that is, being at the level that we are is as respectable and as adequate as being 80 levels above, since it is understood that each conscious species advances at the rate it can or gets to advance, and therefore, nobody is in a "hurry" for a race or species at any point in the galaxy to jump in consciousness without being fully prepared for it. There have been cases of species such as grays whose collective unconscious moves technologically from one band to another each time that Asimoss decide so, so that race, the "low grays," does not advance "evolutionarily" because their species grows in consciousness or vibration, but because by technological means it is being raised “from class” without having done, let’s say, the “homework” for it, something that will have consequences for this group in the future and in its processes of “karma” (cause-effect, action-reaction).

Then, in the next evolutionary level, the "new Earth,” the thing changes, because the most "solid" plane of all, the physical plane 15.6Hz is in band 6, the etheric plane 15.6Hz is in band 8 and the mental plane is in band 12, which does not directly correspond to an increase of twice the current bands, since from being in planes 1, 2 and 3, physical, etheric and mental of the Earth 7.8Hz we move on to have our new Earth in planes 6, 8 and 12, physical, etheric and mental 15.6Hz.

This is because the physical plane of the new Earth is located in bands 6 and 7 of the Eur structure, the etheric plane of the new Earth covers bands 8 to 11, and the mental plane covers bands 12 to 14 of the structure of Eur, while the causal and superior planes are located in even higher bands. In fact, the so-called “atmic” plane of Earth 7.8Hz is almost at the same level as the physical plane of Earth 15.6Hz.

Humanity, then, makes a huge leap of consciousness, but only those who have the appropriate frequency and vibration for it, because our current molecules and particles of our physical, etheric, mental, etc. bodies cannot resonate or resist the vibration of the energy bands 6, 8 and 12 where the planes and structures of the new Earth settle, hence the enormous preparation that we have to do during these years to reach the minimum frequency necessary to touch the band 6 (15.6Hz) and be able to transfer to the new school.

145. Is any type of action “external” to the physical plane 1.1 (which we can “see”) planned to be certain that we are being helped “from the outside”?

To answer this question, it is best to copy a piece of one of the chapters of the Dynamics of the Invisible Volume II where I have tried to explain it in depth:

"The difficulty in addressing a topic like this lies in the amount of fantasy present in the collective unconscious about the concept of "extraterrestrial races," not in vain we have written a couple of issues that a thousand Pleiadian ships are not going to come to save us or elevate the human being to an idyllic place to continue with his evolutionary path, nor will any other external salvation come. And yet, we have "outside" help. There is a lot of other conscious life that is millions of years of evolution ahead of us, Amoss, Asimoss and other groups in control that have remained on Earth since our creation, and, to those groups, it is to which the planet itself asked for help many decades ago, if not centuries ago, to be able to counteract, to some extent, the chaotic evolutionary situation that was occurring on Earth in its physical, etheric and mental planes.

This means that different races and groups, some that had taken part in the project of creation of the Earth itself as a multi-species reserve and others that were collaborating over time, accepted and offered to help keep in the best possible "state" the evolutionary structure of the planet without interfering, or as little as possible, in the evolution of humanity.

In this way, there has always been interference on the structures of the Earth by other races that have had permission to help when necessary, for example, when the human being launched several atomic bombs in the last century during the arms escalation of World War II and the “cold war” when we explored the potential of nuclear bombs, when we did underground experiments with all kinds of explosives that damaged both physical life and the etheric life of the planet, etc.

And, since on all these occasions, the elementals and forces of nature were not enough to keep control of the harmful and destructive effects of humanity's actions on the structure of the Earth, other outside groups, "extraterrestrials" to our conception, had to intervene, and they have continued to do so, ensuring that the Earth did not "break into pieces" by our unconscious action. This led, over time, to the formation of different "work" groups that different races were forming to be able to assist Kumar, again, not humanity, and, hence, to ensure that the rest of non-physical life could maintain a habitable place to some extent in order to continue with its evolutionary paths.

When the action of Asimoss, Amoss and other races from outside endangered the integrity of some of the structures of the planet, these forces and races also intervened against them, trying to keep them at bay as much as possible without violating the rules of no intervention and free will.

And the latter is very important. Why do not all these groups intervene to get rid once and for all of Asimos and Amoss by force? Because one of the “galactic” guidelines that all “positive” groups respect is the non-interference on any planet where consciously there has not been given an invitation and a joint permit from the species that inhabits it to be assisted.

That is, if there is no total or global permission from mankind requesting that help, help cannot be granted, and none of the groups that assist us have the least desire to start a war against other races such as the Asimos when those that could benefit from it, in this case humans, are not even aware that they have been created by other beings from beyond and that they are subject to a control system that keeps them “asleep” and as resources to them.

Due to this type of galactic "rules of the game", the different groups of other planets that came to assist Kumar, have remained on the sidelines for millennia to the action of Asimoss, Amoss and others except when the planet itself requested it, gave permission and authorized some action to contain an excess of actions against its integrity and that of the rest of natural life.

Therefore, we have help from outside, but it is not helping us directly, so to speak, but it is here to help the planet. However, and for the same reason, we human beings are benefiting from this help because, without it, we could not now be talking about a change of evolutionary level.

What does this mean? That those who have installed the structures of the new Earth are not the elementals or the forces of nature, they are external forces that have come to help Kumar create the "new reality." Those who are protecting the timeline 42 and its bridges, are not the hierarchies that take care of the flora or fauna, but are external forces that are putting “hours of work” so that there are structures of passage to allow humanity to go upstream. But are they doing something to get us on course? No. It is the equivalent of someone who puts a bridge between two points and then leaves the bridge "there" to be crossed by anyone who needs it or can cross, so that humanity is not being "pushed" to raise level, or it is slowing down one part that goes up and another that does not, or it is preventing the members of the circles of power from trying to stop those who wish to move on to the new reality.

But, if a person does all the interior work that he has to do, he will find a step structure, a 15.6Hz physical plane, an etheric and mental framework ready to be inhabited, protective barriers and everything necessary for him to take the evolutionary leap and have the "paths" necessary for it. And all that is done by more than 50 groups and races that now assist the planet in this change.

These more than 50 groups are members of different “associations” or “councils” that collaborate where they are required within the Eur domains, since their service orientation and their capacity, technology and knowledge allows them to execute this type of assistance. But it is not that a whole race comes to lend a hand, but if Kumar “shouts” for help to assist him with this or that, they simply send a “specialized” team that can do that work and then, if necessary can stay to monitor it for a season or else, return to their place or planet of origin.

Therefore, of everything that the human being has known or believed to always know about the topic "UFOs” and about the "extraterrestrial" subject, one part has certain basis and another part has a distorted basis. The majority of “UFO” sightings correspond to the ships of Asimoss, Amoss and other forces that have managed humanity. The second “great majority” of sightings is due to the prototypes of state-of-the-art military devices obtained by military elites in cooperation with races such as the “low grays” or the Asimoss, and a very small part of the sightings of ships and “UFOs" it is due to reconnaissance missions on the physical level by those who assist us or other races and groups that have passed as observers and that, either have been seen due to careless, or were intended to check the reactions of those humans observing them.

This brings us to the next question. Why don't those who assist us not let themselves be seen, known or interact more with us? Because they are not interested in it, because they do not seek publicity and do not need it, and it is counterproductive to the help and service they want to do. Due to the amount of misinformation that has been poured into the collective unconscious of humanity on the extraterrestrial issue, right now no race that really intends to lend us a hand would be seen or be known. First because of the chaos, fear and suspicion that would raise, and second because there is no permission to do so, since humanity has not asked them to make themselves known or to interact with us more openly. It would be rejected flat by all those groups that are and continue to try to help the planet, since half of the human race would treat them as saviors, taking on the role of gods and “Christs” who come to rescue them, and the other half humanity would be suspicious, it would suspect, it would panic and have an existential crisis.

As you can intuit, all this has been very well planned by the control system that avoids that humanity on the one hand creates in all the framework of “intergalactic” help that exists in Eur, and, on the other hand, that if there were some kind of visible intervention, we could come to accept it, believe in it, take it as something positive for us, etc.

We are in a level 3 of consciousness of 350 evolutionary degrees, and that makes a difference when deciding on the part of other groups if it is really necessary to make their presence known or not. So that, in any case, it could not be taken as leaving us in the air and that nobody came to help us, they have always tried to give the vision and some knowledge to people who could try to explain what these groups and races that assist us really are, without entering the game of the control system about whether they want to conquer, eat or dominate us, or if they come to save us and do the work for us.

The balance is very precarious between these two positions, because neither of them is correct, and yet it is correct, there are beings from “out there” helping this process that we are explaining to come to fruition, but they do it behind the scenes, from anonymity to the “average” human being because, among other things, all the Higher Selves know who they are, all the beings that live on Earth, know their projects, assistance and work, and only humanity remains in the dark regarding the origin, position, and help that is being received.

That is why, personally, I got used to talking about “those who assist us,” and no matter how much I know names, hierarchies, projects or plans of various groups and races through my Higher Self, it makes no sense to make it known all over, because it would be very counterproductive for everyone. That is what the control system already handles with thousands of books that talk about dozens of extraterrestrial species that come and go, that do this and that, that are considered our “galactic brothers” or “older cousins,” who talk about a lot love and a lot of light, but, then, there is no real basis on it, they are not knowledge that has a true substrate because only seeing what is published about these races and “savior” groups, we see that if they do not meet the minimum rules of non-violation of free will and non-intervention on a developing species is that they are not part of those who are to attend the planet, but, probably, they are those that, in the collective imaginary, have been "placed" to reinforce belief systems that contribute to its manipulation.”

A hug,

David Topí

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The extract from Dynamics of the Invisible Volume II is what I really needed to understand the bigger picture of what is happening. Thanks David, you are just full of answers. I appreciate it.
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