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Aug 2, 2016
"Naturally attracted to the beauty and energies contained within the stones, I started collecting crystals and tapping into their healing and balancing properties at a very young age. Creating a crystal meditation for kids is a fun way to teach children how to be mindful and will foster healthy habits, positive thinking and tranquility. It connects them to their imagination, peacefulness and well-being by holding and using them.

I started using this kit with the boys as part of their bedtime routine or when I would like them to be calm and relaxed. I begin by laying the boys down comfortably and waving a Selenite cleansing crystal about a foot over their bodies from head to toe a few times before performing the circling to cleanse their energy fields. Then I place the Fluorite point on their third eye, in between the eyebrows, with the point facing upwards towards the top of their head. Next, I have them hold the Fuchsite stones in their hands. Lastly, I take the Quartz point and draws three circles around their bodies to connect and unite the energy of the crystals on their bodies. They are mesmerized by these crystals and the sense of peacefulness that they bring!"

In this post, the author put together a selection of beginner crystals for children.

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