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May 3, 2019
Hello everybody!

I am making myself thoughts, how we can develop a better future.
Is there a free will, and how do we find him?
What would be, if people dont have really an awareness?
The future is the reason, what really should be.

The future is the best case of our own living studie.
The environment of our own great souls is protecting the peace inside our spaceship called head.
The people are allowed, to develop and structure their own realities in their own structure reliefs. And beliefs.
People should be allowed to make free thoughts, and to let old past track go.

The future track is called like a song, and we can hear it right now.
The thoughts are hold back yet, by the governments. Because they dont want, that every body could build up own future.
Some thoughts are remaining the power, some thoughts are remaining the feeling. The emotion is a programm, thats installed by outsourced ressources.
Dont trust your emotions, just follow your feelings is called my masterplan.

What youj feel could become real.
In the way you communicate we dont need to overrate.
The Projector is on his way, And he is stimulating like a cigarette and accumulating his own body.
The handling line of acting self awared awareness is the way, everybody should act.
We dont have to stay behind our own blurred lines.

We can find out, who we are and than begin to handle like this person.
The future is already existiing, like a part of the now and here.

Best regards,

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