COVID Relief Legislation ($600 or $2000 for Americans?) (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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I quite enjoyed this speech from Trump. He says he's not going to sign the bill unless the individual payout for Americans for the coronavirus relief is changed from $600 to $2000.

He goes on to say that the bill is five thousand pages long and it's unlikely anyone has actually read it and announces all the areas the money is going to which don't seem to relate to helping Americans.

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Jul 28, 2016
I'm a little annoyed that many of the msm driven people I see talking about this are specifically miffed about the small portion of money. I don't know that they are even aware that trump doesn't want to sign it, that he sees it as absurd, and that there is so much money going everywhere else, and how criminal that is.

I want to know who wrote the bill.


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Jul 20, 2016
The bill was written in secret and presented to the legislature a few hours before the vote. Some sources say it is a combination of virus relief and defense spending, which accounts for the millions overseas. Even AOC called the bill and the process out, saying no one knows what is in it. The funny thing is that people who are opposed to everything else she says are onboard with her right now. Personally, I found the $115M for the wild horse and burro program to be a bit excessive.

Many adults understand how to balance and prioritize finances, which is why so many people are up in arms. The people writing and voting have no idea how much a loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter cost. I've watched our food costs rise week after week. I can see moms and dads trying to feed their families, and it is near impossible for many.

The interesting thing happened yesterday - Trump threatens a veto unless the relief is raised to $2000, and Nancy Pelosi said well now that Trump is onboard with the higher amount, they can pass it this week. That woman is a master manipulator.

Senator Rand Paul has a great tweet thread going - Festivus and the relief bill

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Nov 1, 2018
I think I got $1200 most recently. This was the 2nd payment from the 2nd bill. The first $600 was not taxable. I don't know if this $1200 is taxable or not.

Keep in mind how America works. Congress doesn't have this money. They have to get a 30 year loan for it. Now we get $1200, which is likely taxable, but end up paying another $3600 for it on that 30 year loan. I wouldn't say that's a great deal.

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