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Jul 27, 2016
It has become apparent to me that these times we are in living with covid, has become a catalyst to remain asleep or wake up from the dream. I am observing it in family and friends where some are choosing the old 3D timeline and some are ascending into a new reality. Many are choosing fear, because we have been programmed that way for a long time. However, this is also a choice point to face our fears, release our karma and grow in light and love.

I’ve realised that you can’t force enlightenment on anyone; everyone has to do the inner work when they are ready. In my personal life, I feel a sense of pulling back and detaching from people who are no longer in alignment with this new reality and person I am becoming. This can be a sad time where long term relationships and friendships may come to a conclusion. But with every ending there is also the opportunity for a new beginning.

I call the title of this article: Covid – The Consciousness Divider because that is what is happening on the planet. We are all being given the opportunity to wake up from the matrix and see the truth or lack of, we are being told. We are all at different stages of awakening and awareness, those that go within will make more progress, than those that don’t. I don’t say this in judgment of anyone, because we are all at a different place in our journey.

While these times are quite chaotic, they are also a golden opportunity to allow this pressure to transform us into a beautiful diamond. With everything speeding up on the world stage, it is important to remain detached, meditate and go within. These times will indeed pass.

There are some things that will help you during these times, and allow a smoother ride. Work on yourself and forgive yourself and others from your past. Work on raising your vibration and releasing heavy emotions of fear, sorrow and despair. Meditation in particular can help with this process. Eat more foods that can contain light, such as organic fruit and vegetables and limit or cease eating meat. Try to be present in the moment, and try not to focus on the past or future excessively.

You may find that past memories are resurfacing during this time; this is a part of the ascension energies at work. In a way, it’s a bit like a life review while you are still alive. Essentially, we are moving into a new lifetime without needing to die and come back. There will of course still be people leaving when they are feeling ready to move on. Many souls will also decide to come back to Earth to experience the consciousness shift that is occurring.

I feel it is important to develop a very strong and loving relationship with yourself at this time. Many people will be triggered and try to blame others, rather than take personal responsibility. We don’t have to be perfect, just take personal responsibility for our creations. It’s completely fine to make mistakes, after all it is how we grow and evolve.

There is much division in our world and with covid it is amplified. I personally prefer to keep my beliefs to myself, unless someone asks me for my thoughts or opinion. The trouble is that unless the person asking has that same awareness, they are likely to dismiss your beliefs as a conspiracy theory. This can make it difficult if you’re in a relationship or live with someone that doesn’t share your views or perspective. In this case, the relationship may run its natural course.

I feel the antidote to covid is unity. While the powers that be want to segregate and divide, we are stronger if we unify as a collective. Unity starts with us, making peace of our past and healing our traumas. We can’t successfully come together in harmony if we are out of balance. Having a consciousness of oneness is part of the ascension process that we all should strive for.

Realise as well that all viruses have a low vibration that thrives off fear and low vibrations. If we raise our vibration, most viruses can’t get in, unless we are stressed or run down. Most people will recover if they get covid, unfortunately the mainstream media aren’t helping with all the hysteria.

In closing, I can only stress how important it is to look after you during this time. Realise that everyone else has his or her own journey and you may not be a part of it forever. Express gratitude and try to focus on and be grateful for all that you have. While there are those that are better off, there are always those much worse off than yourself. Try not to overreact and be gentle with yourself and others. Realise that you have a special role to play during these times that no one else can fulfill. No one is more important or less than, just all at different points of evolution.

Copyright Brad Austen 2022

Brad is an intuitive writer, channel, spiritual and meditation teacher and recording artist. He is passionate about writing and producing guided meditations to aid relaxation, healing and spiritual growth.

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