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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
If when we are children we attach ourselves to the family collective unconscious so that the projections of our environment are inserted and form our own bubble of reality, as we have commented in the previous article, what happens when we are adults? Do we have 100% control of the reality that we project or do we also imbue in our own the projections of others and the outside?

Well, the latter is the right thing to do. The mechanisms that the soul uses to accept the projections of the parents when we are still in an initial phase of our growth, remain active and do not turn off when we already begin to have control of the co-creation and projection of our reality, as we have said, but that does not mean that they are always working, unless "something" makes them work.

What does this mean?

In general, once the ego program and the programs of the mental spheres enter into automatic management mode, almost all the functioning of the body and its functions are no longer under the strict control of the soul. Something like when Michael Knight, from the "Fantastic Car" series, lets "Kit" take the controls and control the steering wheel and all the mechanisms that make the vehicle work and roll.

The soul does not precisely intends to stay "relaxed" seeing how the body does what it wants and the personality and its automatisms direct the experience of life, but it no longer has so much power of control because the ego program, which is equivalent to artificial intelligence from "Kit," has gained so much potential and energetic power that he already directs and makes all the necessary decisions so that we can move through the world and interact in it without the need for the soul, the super-soul or the Higher Self to do anything. This does not mean that our higher components do not continue to send instructions, energy pulses, codes, information, etc., it means that the Asimoss designed the human being so that, if these components "are not,” are not noticed, nothing happens, and the human being could "function" exactly as if they are thanks to the enormous, complex and powerful programming of the psyche that, in a way, they made sure they had it under control through multiple security mechanisms.

Therefore, as that child grows and his psyche takes more control of the projection and creation of his reality, the soul no longer has to intervene to accept and imbue the projections of the "family bubble reality" and lets, automatically, the ego program take care of the management of the archetypes that the "imaginative" and "projective" waves have to emit with the content of the mental body and the mental spheres, and monitors the operation of the process of manifestation of them. This consists simply of keeping track of the octaves that descend from each one's personal "mental store" along the timeline we are on to the etheric plane and then to the physical plane.

Monitoring the mechanism of projection and materialization

The ego program, for this management and monitoring, relies on programs present in the supraconscious mental sphere and in the conscious-continuous mental sphere, which are two of the spheres that manage supra-material reality, that is, beyond what the “physical” senses can grasp and perceive. With this mechanism already in "automatic pilot,” the ego program only has to manage the emission of projective waves from the pineal and ensure that the process of "lowering" and materializing these is carried out satisfactorily. It does this through the control it exerts over artificial consciousness, on the surface of the sphere of consciousness, which is the part of the mental structure of the human being that is, so to speak, coordinating the information of the "mental store" staff of each one in the strip of plane 3.1 where our "global repository" of thoughts and thought forms is located.

Sphere of Consciousness, located above the mental body, on the mental plane
Mental body, third subtle body of the human being
Mental spheres (mind)

Taking advantage of the fact that this mechanism is already working "alone" and autonomously and efficiently (all of us manifest our reality without being aware of it and without the personality intervening in the process), the Asimoss left active in our programming the mechanisms that the soul uses when the body is days and months old and relies on the external projections of the parents to be able to form its own reality and, although the soul when we are adults no longer uses them or does not have much control over them, the ego program has in its coding and instructions to continue to use them to absorb and imbue and accept external projections into the reality of the adult person when these projections arrive with the proper codes and permissions.

How is this? Do you mean that my psyche and my programming continue to accept the reality of others and imbue it in my own?

Correct. The mechanism as such is neither bad nor good, it is a program, or several of them, managed by a self-conscious artificial intelligence, our ego program, which coordinates and directs our personality, which are also self-conscious programs. Therefore, this mechanism that, as children, was tremendously useful to us and freed us from having to dedicate mental resources to creating a reality for ourselves when we did not have the capacity to do so, is still active as adults, although at a lower level, and only it is used if the instructions to do so are received.

This is used by the REC and SC to create a global base reality, the most “negative” they can, the one with a lower and dense substrate, that they imbue it in the global collective unconscious, and in regional and national ones, as appropriate; they put certain codes in them so that our preconscious mental sphere allows them to pass and accept them, and they try to instill and accept their reality as our own. We explained the mechanism through which the filters of the preconscious mental sphere lower information from the collective unconscious at the time in another article.

Collective unconscious humanity
Preconscious mental filter
Through a channel, everything that each human being thinks and mentally generates is uploaded to the collective unconscious
Through another channel, only what is necessary to program the preconscious sphere is downloaded and accepted by the intermediate filter
Brain, Cerebellum
Pre-conscious mind sphere, Contains the paradigm and archetypes of the creation of reality
Conscious mental sphere
The brain through the cerebellum sends the information received to the preconscious sphere
Send to the conscious mind everything that it considers necessary to execute and process

On the other hand, we had also previously explained why we do not have to accept the reality promulgated by the media (mainly) as the "real" reality, since we saw that through the media and the manipulation of the collective unconscious, the RIC and CS lay the foundations for a single bubble of reality to become the reference for the maximum number of possible human beings. This way, just as the baby accepted the reality emitted by the parents since it was necessary for their survival, we adults accept the reality that is emitted by multiple sources (the collective unconscious, the media, electromagnetic emissions through the mobile technology, etc.) through the same mechanism and then we assimilate it to a greater or lesser degree within our own bubble, superimposing it on the “world in which we live”.

Since there are so many billions of people who take for valid (unconsciously and subconsciously) the external reality imposed by the media ("if it says it on TV or if everyone talks about it, it has happened like this "), plus what is received from the realities of the people around us, and as almost all human beings continue to receive programming from all the collective unconscious (we have given guidelines several times to disconnect from these ) and we all continue to be programmed through our mobiles and we continue to live in electromagnetically charged environments, the individual bubble of reality is no longer so "individual,” but ends up being a mixture of our personal projections plus an assimilation of the "base" reality created by the system that we are accepting and adapting in greater or lesser degree to our own psyche, plus the assimilation of adjacent realities possessed by people with whom we share an environment, existence, coexistence, etc.

That is, we do not have a unique and isolated personal reality (this could only be the case if we were alone on the planet, and in that case our reality bubble would be based on the base reality of the planetary logos), but the realities of all are intersect with the realities of everyone else (and that is good in certain aspects because it allows us to live together in society), intermingling everyone's emissions with everyone's, coloring our own perception of things as we are influenced by the decoding of things that have those who are closest to us.

Like soap foam

It is something like if we are in the center of a huge soap bubble (your holographic projection). And there are billions of soap bubbles around us, every human being with one of them. By resonance and frequency similarity we get together with people whose realities resonate with ours, and from the interaction between the bubbles of reality and holographic projections of two people arises the holographic projection of life as a couple, for example, which is a slightly different reality to the individual reality of each of the members who have been part of its creation. Two soap bubbles joined, but not superimposed, they now form a larger soap bubble that encompasses both and that becomes the joint reality of the couple and form the dual collective unconscious of both people where everything that both live and experience together are collected and accumulated.


As more members of the family arrive, new individual realities are coupled, which, in turn, widen and change the "pomp" that unites them all (the family reality) and whose content is stored in the collective family unconscious, which is It locates in the region of plane 3.1 where the personal stores of each member of the family converge and “intersect”.

Using this same mechanism, but on a planetary level, what the Asimoss did since the creation of our species was to create a “huge soap bubble” that would envelop us all and that would ceaselessly emit codes so that all the individual bubbles would accept them as valid, inserting these macro scenarios in the collective unconscious and ensuring that each individual bubble of reality integrates them as their own.

However, the difference with a "family bubble" that encompasses a few people who share life and reality, is that this "control" reality is a huge and global "soap bubble,” much denser and much "lower” in vibration and encompasses much more frequency spectrum than our own individual “bubbles”.


In the image, the big pomp is the macro reality created by the RIC and CS that is coupled, as far as it can, to individual realities, altering them, changing them and making the reality bubbles of each person reflect the macro planetary reality chosen by the system to the greatest degree possible.

Using technological means such as mobile telephony and the media, signals and codes are imbued in our psyche so that we subconsciously "accept" that the content of the "huge soap bubble" is correct as a basic reality for all, so your small bubble begins to melt with a part of the "big" bubble and you already have both realities more or less superimposed. As the big bubble has more power, then it predominates over your reality, and the projection mechanisms prefer to accept the octaves and the content of the big bubble (the one that the RIC and CS wish to promote as the global reality) than to use their own. This is so because it is easier, requires less energy expenditure, it is less tiring and faster to use octaves and projections already manifested by others than to do the work of creating your reality continuously, so that, in almost all cases, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how much “imbued” the large bubble is over the individual, our own reality becomes the "global" reality that has been promulgated by REC and SC through multiple means.

This mechanism is then used to replicate realities from one point to another on the planet, as we had already explained when we discussed how "reality templates" are created that are then inserted into national or regional collective unconscious so that at a specific point, they materialize " something".

No associated value judgment or suitability check

In any case, the ego program does not judge if what it receives as octaves to validate so that they form part of our reality is good or bad, or if that is according to the decisions of the soul and the Higher Self for each incarnation, it is not its job, but, as it saves energy, efforts, supervision work and management of the mechanisms of co-creation of the reality of the personality it directs, and since it is programmed to use the minimum resources to obtain the maximum performance in the management of the avatar and from the earthly experience, it simply accepts in its base programming the holographic environment created by the bubble "of the system" as the reality that is already good for it to be its reference reality, simply because "it is already there,” is consistent with your schedule, it is what all the other "ego programs" through personalities indicate that "it is what happens in the world,” and so on.

And it is not possible to deny that this reality exists, that reality is "there,” my five senses confirm it to me every minute of my existence, but, as we have said, it is just one of the almost infinite realities that can be used as base to build the common reality. Since we cannot be aware of it, because our programming prevents us from perceiving it, it has always been the content of the macro "bubble" created by the RIC and CS that determines how the world and the society in which we live "is,” in general terms, and do everything possible so that the majority of humanity is coupled to that reality and takes it as the "real" reality for everyone.

The complexity of the system is infinite

As you can see, this is much more complex than what we can get to explain in an article, since realities have to be divided by areas, geographical zones, by levels within the timeline, by levels of collective unconscious, by content of paradigms of people, by the historical time that we are in, etc., but I hope that at least the general idea of how the system works is understood a little better. At this time, the "macro" bubble that surrounds the entire planet contains the "pandemic" reality as its main element, so, for that reason, it is the reality that all humanity is experiencing and manifesting, with different degrees of intensity depending on how many Individual "bubbles" are "overwritten" by the "macro reality" in each area of the globe, and how much the RIC and CS continue to promote in the national and regional collective unconscious the maintenance of it until they see all their objectives fulfilled (something that each time demands more resources and efforts from them ).

Now we have to explain, in the following article, how something "mental" can solidify to become something "tangible,” so we will use some other equation of physics so that we can understand more clearly, we hope, why that wall is solid and why your armchair is so soft when, in reality, they are nothing more than waves that your pineal is emitting and that the mechanisms of densification and materialization are turning into something that you can touch, feel and see, with total certainty that they won't fade when you think about anything else or stop paying attention to your immediate surroundings.

David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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