Article Count Your Blessings: Nine's Path Pleiadian Message, March 30 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
R 10 pentacles_402x600.jpgAll that glitters… Sitting back now, assessing what you’ve managed to accumulate over the time you’ve put in chasing down the means to a comfortable life, what do you discern? Have you been stacking coins in the closet, building up a stockpile of secret savings, or putting necessary pieces of supplies and equipment where you think they’re most needed? Perhaps you’ve been instead wondering where it’s all gone so quickly, now that the means to replenishment of what you need has all but dried up. Even if you’re no stranger to rationing your goods, now more than ever you are put square in the face of staunch conservatism within the pantry and the wallet. You are giving yourself quite a challenge, now, but as creative as ever you are, this present glitch is going to garner an outcome worthy of your own proud reflection. Take notice of what really shines, when you view the wealth that you carry within yourself. Never mind the fear that’s trying to steal the glory.

However, this creativity that’s innate to the human spirit, being divine at its core, grows restless when faced with an abrupt change that brings it to a kind of stasis. Try not to get bored, even though you might be screaming inside for something to happen to break what’s crystallized into a solid sheen of monotony. Beneath the frozen-still moment of time seethes movement unseen. The friction of release will soon enough melt the surface ice, as it were, releasing a torrent of relief. Movement will come, when the current of time has reached the maximum angle of change. History is no small thing to shift, you understand. What looks like an unforeseen, impassable blockage in movement is in truth merely a sharp turn. As such, everything is suspended in that space between, that no-time that hangs between inhale and exhale. It’s not that nothing is happening. Plenty is happening, but you have to shift your scale of perception to appreciate it. Because it seems like life itself is flatlining, it’s easy to lose interest in making the machinery of your own life, livelihood, and relationships work. Drive your senses below the surface, and you’ll gain an appreciation for the nature of the moment.

As soon as the ice melts, so to speak, the current will pick up pace. However, you already know you can’t expect things to settle back in to the same pace and flow as they once had been. Giving up right now, just because everything has changed, is not an option. However, while you’re suspended in time, you might as well take stock of what you’ve got. There’s a good reason you’re as a cell on a microscope slide, looking at your own life, inner and outer, with the eye to discerning what is working and what isn’t. Observe your own behavior, how your innate nature expresses itself, how you are being called to up your game and step into the shoes of the wise one you have it in you to be. Take a long look at your accumulated wealth, your means and the meaningfulness of your storehouse. Give yourself credit, and stretch that to the max. Your own self-worth is limitless. The creativity your heart pumps out is golden. Soon, you’ll see the return on your investment in your inward-turning attention. Some aspects of self-definition may fall away. Some may approach your mind for redefinition. In all things, the key to moving through this moment of transformation is to hold onto the core treasure you have always had: your divine self.




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Jul 28, 2016
Try not to get bored, even though you might be screaming inside for something to happen to break what’s crystallized into a solid sheen of monotony
Gag me with a spoon. Bored and tired of watching and waiting...
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