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Cosmic Ray Gun

Hailstones Melt

Realized Sentience
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This short video from NASA explains how cosmic rays coming on interstellar winds and arriving at Earth are emanating from a binary star system within the Carina Constellation, about 7,500 light years away. They have used X-Ray technology called NuStar to view this humbling process.

This binary star system is within this hourglass dust nebula around the constellation.

ETA Carinae_Carina Constellation_hourglass dust nebula.jpg


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I love seeing the gradual output of stories and information in relation to the energy from space, which was so well researched and portrayed in Paul LaViolette's book, Earth Under Fire. All this deeply connects into the shift in consciousness and why we are all changing on many levels.


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It is a 2 minute video well worth your time. That is a whole lot of something shooting off into the cosmos.

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