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Jul 19, 2016
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Here's something I posted earlier on social media which relates to the situation surrounding the rollout of the vaccines for COVID-19. It was posted using Candace Owen's twitter statement in the included screen capture.

Feel free to use this this thread to express your own understandings, truths, and thoughts.

Note that this is a safe space (this thread) to share, not to debate, put others down or argue about someone's point. If you want to discuss someone's point, be gentle, respond from the heart space, respect and honor their views.

My post:

It’s been a challenging time for me as I see through to the real truth on many issues which are often portrayed quite differently via various mediums like main stream media. I’ve done a lot of spiritual development and work on self over the years, which has included a great deal of money invested in education, research and direct experiences including global travel, within health, holistic healing and naturopathy. I’ve also come to understand I’m likely a volunteer.​
When you do this work and progress through to the other side — beyond just waking up — naturally your intuition grows, including claircognizance which is a knowing of the truth. As a spiritual guide/teacher, this has helped me see the most effective methods to help others after helping myself.​
Nine years ago in Peru while on a spiritual journey for 5 weeks, I had a number of despacho ceremonies ran by two native/traditional Q’ero shamans, as well as a number of plant medicine ceremonies with huachuma and ayahuasca separate to that. The senior shaman told me I was also a shaman, but I never felt comfortable until very recently when I was in direct contact with my divine feminine. I was told I am now a shaman, whatever that means to me and you, as labels are funny things and not always helpful.​
I’ve had the choice to keep quiet and just let things play out this year. That is one technique, as then that keeps people together, without division. I could have focused purely on how to help them reach the stages of where the truth comes naturally, from spiritual development. But I decided not to only take that direction. I decided to share the truth with regards to some very important topics, like this global absurdity going on, which has quite the dark foundation in terms of its purpose and who concocted it.​
As you can imagine, I know a lot of people. Here on Facebook I have about 27,000 followers and friends. I also continue to run my site transients which also has thousands of visitors, and includes a metaphysical forum moderated by friends. This site has got over three hundred thousand views a month in the past. In connection to that site and community, I’ve met many people globally through travel and online contact.​
I’ve lost close friends, not so close friends, followers, etc, simply because I’m trying to help people through sharing the truth. I have no desire to debate, as I “know” what’s going on, I’m simply here help others, not get pulled down energetically and drained. At the same time I’ve gained more friends and more followers because of that truth.​
But we humans tend to focus on the negative a lot, rather than the positive, especially when you are a highly sensitive person (look up “elaine aron HSP”). It’s not easy to keep doing this forever.​
Clearing energetic blocks in this life, and others, is what helps expand consciousness, increase the immune system and heal, gain clarity, allow guidance from the other side to be better understood and accessed, develop psychic faculties, help step beyond aspects of ego (really important for higher levels of spiritual development), manifest, get out of body, etc.​

But this vaccine, and most vaccines, are basically designed to do the opposite. While they may address a version of a virus for a period of time (yes, a good thing), they do a lot more including far too much harm. They create blocks to lower the immune system and connection to the other side so you become reliant on the pharmaceutical companies from getting sick, which goes far beyond the short term negative side effects that we may hear about in mainstream or alternative media.​
The whole reason the virus was created and released was to roll out these vaccines. This is a new level of evil. This has been in planning for years. Some of these vaccines are designed to also alter our DNA, which includes nanotechnology. The reasons sit back with those who created it, which is a sensitive topic as it’s just one that most people are not going to want to hear since it sounds so preposterous.​
And that is why I’ve had to be so vocal about this situation, as what is taking place with the vaccines, lockdowns, masks (which are very bad for people’s health alongside the mental factor of conditioning everyone into being submissive and fearful), is not to help people at all, it’s to control, manipulate, harvest our energy via the lower astral realms, and further modify the human body for reptilians to inhabit and control.​
Yes, it sounds completely insane. I now understand how David Icke must feel while trying to get his version of the truth out there. What can you do? Just say nothing? I’ve felt guided to help, to join the frontlines of whatever label you want to use, light workers, new age warriors, etc. I prefer not to have any labels, as it makes me uncomfortable, I prefer just to “be”.​

So for those of you who resonate with my situation and are doing something similar, whatever you feel and think is going on, I honor your effort, will, and sacrifice, as you all know what this is like.​
Blessings to you all.​

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