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This is part 3 of the occasional conversations I have with Julian my Sirius B contact. I began receiving it in automatic writing one night about one month ago may be more. During my trip to Orlando FL, I was on another mission and I just asked him to delay the rest of the information he had to give me for when I will be back in France. So much has been going on actually on an energetic level, so many synchronicities with people I was in contact with during my trip, three Quantum Reconnections to the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace, a QHHT I had with Tracy Moore, a soul sister, and finally putting some healing energy in the land in each place and town I visited with my fiends.

All this was an amazing adventure and consequently I needed all my energy to do this work as it had to be done. Those I helped there are shifting now, as I am too experiencing a new shift in consciousness.

I also believe that when the universe has something in store for you, doors open and synchronicities become really more than obvious. I will talk more about this trip in another article and my experience with Tracy Moore who did QHHT on me. The session lasted for nearly 4 hours and so much has been going on with amazing information about my Blue Six Pointed Stars Planet.

But for now, let’s come back to an amazing conversation about the human cells. Some of what I received here, came through my QHHT too. I think Julian was preparing me to receive more later. And it happened.

Let’s talk about human cells ! he said one night, while I was having hard time to sleep. Sometimes he keeps me awake because he has something to say or information to deliver for me. This new conversation with Julian was preceded by a conscious astral projection. So here we go first !

The Chambers of Human cells’ Manufactory : An Astral Projection

First he took me on astral and we travelled to Sirius. He guided me to a huge blue sphere like a big bubble, and then into a long corridor with doors on both sides. It reminded me of the hospitals in the Spirit Realms, that I have already saw many times during my astral travels.

When we arrived at the end of the corridor, we opened a door on the left side. The room was large, filled with many computers all made of glass like holograms, reminding me of those we see in the Marvels’ movies… all around there were many pods with a blue liquid inside and it was alive, I could see it moving doing little bubbles and making white waves floating over at the top of each pod.

« The pods are containers of human cells, he said. Each cell is both positive and negative in a balanced way. We work with the computers’ screens to maintain this harmony inside each cell. The human vessel works with gender and sexuality, to become able to create life on earth. Some are more feminine than masculin and vice versa, even though we try to keep the balance. When the souls come within they adjust according to their earth experiences and contracts.»
I asked « Why aren’t they visible to my eyes, or are they just liquid ? »
He said « Those that humans see as circular cells, are originally what they become once in a physical human vessel. At their beginnings cell are like blue water as you see in those pods in front of you.

Let me explain more.

Originally, there was no physical shape to the human cells, they are part of this holographic computer programs. It is better to have them this way, as they flow in cords, and channels in the quantum field. It is from there that all soul families connect.

They are programmed to act and behave according to the souls’ contracts and what they are meant to experience for their evolution. Cells are the main matter of the physical body humans choose to come to life on earth. Harmony between masculin and feminine seems to be very important but most of the human cells tend to become disharmonious, because they carry on creating karma while navigating in a human vessel. Some of them are ancient imprints of memories from past lives. When the soul leaves the physical world and body, the cells that were part of that imprint are downloaded here in our holographic computers and then in the pods.

In The Computers A Specific Process of Cells’ Recollection

When they come back to the computers to be downloaded, the cells are classified and recollected. They become energy which unable them to mix with the quantum field. They flow within the field to be filtered and cleared. They are also holders of many ancient other cells which has been already cleared and healed many times.

Do you manipulate the cells ?

we don’t manipulate in another way than adjusting and upgrading them. The cells you had when you had a mission as a mother earth dragon are different from those you have today, and even from those you had in other lives, and in each planet you have been in. There are always upgrades when it comes to end up an incarnation for humans.

The computers have the ability to save the ancient cells like a data base. Each human incarnation has a data base when it comes from star beings who originate from Sirius, and even those who originate from other star systems and who came to settle down on Sirius for a soul experience.
The computers are holographic beings, with capability to think, to communicate and heal. They are sophisticated and always upgrading too as the souls demand it.

Do they smile ?
A funny question ! Well they are not humans ! They smile in a different way to appreciate their work when it is well done. It is like a note to self ! (big smile)

Do cells have a specific gender ?

Yes they are feminine in their core because they create life. But this doesn’t mean that masculine doesn’t do this. Masculine and feminine in one, positive and negative in harmony. Feminine cells create life, masculine cells co-create it. It happens when the soul had life experiences in other planets, to become a double gender in one. Some beings in other star systems are both feminine and masculine and they don’t need to relay on another being to create life.

What are the human cells made of ?

They are first made of energy. In Sirius’ laboratories we create their energy.
What humans see is only a tiny part of it : the physical imprint. Humans see them as circles, but they are not circles, they don’t have a specific shape, they hold all sacred geometry shapes, as they are part of a larger field. From a being to another when the vessel is ready to be released, it’s like when you build a ship to travel on. It has to be able to integrate the soul. Each soul chooses specific cells though they may look the same.

Actually they hold the memories of the places they have been in at a multidimensional level. In the pods of Sirius we collect the old cells from intergalactic vortexes. Those are a channels connected to inter and multidimensional lines in all the universes.

When the soul leaves the body to go to the spirit world, DNA is transferred to huge channels crossing the star systems. And from there it is sent to where they belong. Some are from many stars at the same time. This is when the cells divide by themselves to go to the multiple stars they belong to.

Do the cells when divided loose their memories and connections with each other ?

No, they carry on communicating with each other from each star system. They have different blueprints but they are as one even though divided for healing in their first and specific space. Some of them may carry old memories on the ways they have been healed in many stars.

It is given to them with the main purpose to bring back the healing they received in their human vessel as part of the soul’s spiritual growth.

The soul, when incarnating in different human vessels, holds all its cellular memories including the different timelines, space lines, soul family members, twin souls who come from the same star systems. They have their own way to connect in a field made of highly vibrational waves. When the connection is activated there is an electric shock that is felt by the two souls.

What about Love in the human cells ?
Love is what all human cells are made of. Love is an energy of creation and communication. When it is balanced in masculine/feminine side it can do miracles and co-create more healthy cells. Love is an energy, this means that it is part of the greatest purposes of life in the universe. All is made of it. It is Source. Call it Love or Source, both are the same, but different names.
When the human vessel engages as a ship for a soul, it has to learn that souls are made of love. The ego is very challenging because it is related to matter and dust. It likes the touchable and the visual matter. It needs it to become more powerful. But this is negative power, and the human vessel ends up with more pain and struggle. More karma too, as the cells reproduce it in a very subtle way.
In the cells’ pods, regeneration carries on working like a water falls. The blue liquid is a smart energy that clears up the negativity that no more serves the soul. The soul has to be pure to enter again in a new life or in the spirit world. Love/ Source is a sacred space where the souls gather again to work in healing and connecting to their inner substances.

What do you mean ? By « Inner substances » ?

The divine light they hold.

When souls incarnate in physical they at first tend to stay deeply connected to their divine light which makes it very hard for the physical vessel. And vice versa, the physical vessel will face challenges to find again the inner substances it is made of.

Why do souls have to face multiple incarnations and challenges ?

SOUL : Self Organized Unified Light is the information coming from the english word defining it. For the light has its own unity and organization, the soul acts this way : it is always searching for energetic upgrades. Most souls are happy to integrate a vessel which unable them to navigate in specific areas of the universe. If you want to navigate earth, then you have to chose a human or another earth body. The trapped souls are those who carry on incarnating in same situations and bodies many times. When DNA upgrades take place in the physical vessel, it transforms the way the soul and body communicate. The more the upgrade reaches a high quality (frequency), the more the soul becomes able to navigate without a physical vessel.

You understand now why souls incarnate in physical ? It is more than having challenges with human life…

Light is part of each soul. originally souls are made of light but with the secret manipulations you already know about on earth now, there has been a lot of dark cells added to the human flesh to make them weak, fearful, violent and egoistic.

This part has been injected in their souls to bring them back to a barbarism the souls as pure light wouldn’t even think about.

Some beings from planets where they are incarnating on physical are the most to do this harmful work to the souls. They capture them and then send them back to earth so that the planet never rises over the old version of it.

Once the soul begins shifting with the help of many light beings who are awakening to their missions as light workers, in the universe, the dark imprint of the cells starts fading away, like dust in the wind.
The Soul as self organized unified light is now walking its true path. Challenges are also coming in the minimal portions to help more souls reunite and work together, which was clearly impossible few years ago on Gaia.

Trust this process and have faith in your inner light. It’s your way to keep on moving forward.

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Apr 28, 2017
I really enjoyed that read Henda. I too have seen this large blue energy ball on Sirius B, in a regression I've had. Thanks for sharing


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I really enjoyed that read Henda. I too have seen this large blue energy ball on Sirius B, in a regression I've had. Thanks for sharing
Happy to hear another confirmation today. Sounds like More information is coming my way. I will let you know.
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Jul 19, 2016
Thanks Henda. That is wonderful information.
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